2018 E-mails

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Hey Wes,

I love your blog. I was born in 57 and grew up in West LA. Your life and stories align with mine almost seamlessly. Great stuff!



I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy Avocado Memories! I check in often and have read and re-read the essays countless times... please don't ever take the site down!!!! Thank you for many hours of enjoyment. I even occasionally quote Captain Russian! ("Can't win now, not when I'm losing!!!!")

Hahahaha! Captain Russian is a BAD motivational speaker... Thanks! I have no plans to take AM down. I do hope to turn it into a published book someday, however... I am finishing up book #3 about Burbank, CA (my hometown) this year. After that I market AM to publishers. We'll see what happens then! - Wes

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