On the wall in my bedroom - 1971

One Sunday, while eating my usual cherry vanilla ice cream cone with Dad at the Sav-On drugstore on the Burbank Golden Mall, I happened upon a paperback explaining the mystic lore of tarot cards. Occultism and what we might now call alternative wisdom were in vogue back then - I think this was in 1969 - and I became interested in tarot cards. (The interest was increased when I learned they were used in episodes of Dark Shadows.)

This photo documents that interest as well as my newfound interest in do-it-yourself, in this case do-it-yourself framing. I had to have something on the walls of my bedroom, and an unused deck of tarot cards (I had about twelve of 'em) seemed as decorative as anything else. Being utterly clueless I chose a high gloss finish for the frame, and scarlet felt for backing the cards. In retrospect, it looked pretty tacky but I was proud of it at the time.

My interest in tarot cards wasn't long-lived, by the way. Try as I might, I never got anything meaningful out of them, other than the ability to shuffle. There was a party across the street one night, though, when I was able to impress the daughter of the house with my skill at the interpretation of the cards (I had forgotten the real meanings and was mostly making it up) - but nothing ever came of that.

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