The Patio - July 1969

This picture shows a further refinement of the fish pond concept: plastic plants and a water-spitting baroque dolphin placed near a pink flamingo. Notice that while Dad antiqued the dolphin, he never got around to doing the shell on which the dolphin is perched. No, I don't know why the dolphin isn't avocado or turquoise.

By this time the patio was a sturdy wooden structure and was almost part of the house. It was also screened, which reflected the latest California leisure trend. Inside you can see a modern plastic chair of the type made in the fifties and early sixties. We obtained a bunch of them in coral and turquoise from the restaurant that had also provided Mom with the Kodak Instamatic camera used for these photos. (The restaurant was Toppy's, on the corner of Hollywood Boulevard and Western Avenue, in East Hollywood.) The chairs didn't last long - they were kind of cheap and I was pretty hard on 'em.


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