The Back Yard (the second tiki god) - 1969

Another stucco canvas for Dad to cover!

Dad had a family friend, Angela DeTolla, paint it when Mom was away for the day. There was a real row when she got home and saw this! It was bad enough that all these Hawaiian things were next to the pool, but the fact that Angela - who at the time was persona non grata with Mom because of her fear of my growing awareness of girls - painted it behind her back was even more aggravating.

The guy to the right of the door is a surfer, and the guy to the left of the door is an islander casting a net. The fish net draped from the roof is cleverly placed so as to become part of the painting!

The door - is this getting repetitive? - is antiqued avocado.

The one thing we didn't have, to our credit, was the tacky (but popular) poolside sign which read, "We don't swim in your toilet - please don't pee in our pool."

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