The Back Yard - November 1972

Winter was always an annoyance. The paradisiacal look of the back yard was replaced with a filthy, green swimming pool, a lawn full of dead eucalyptus leaves from the neighbor's trees and the necessary removal of the junk from the back house onto the patio table when the back house roof leaked. Here Mom is dressed in her "Josephine, the Lady Plumber" coveralls (they belonged to Dad - Mom was of identical size so they were often able to trade clothes). She is moving the dead eucalyptus leaves in the pool around with a blast of water from the garden hose.

See that hanging net filled with glass globes? The sun slowly rotted it away and every now and then we'd find a few broken globes on the deck and glass fragments in the pool. As bothersome as that was, we didn't get rid of it until there were only one or two globes left. The whole process sort of typified our carefree attitude about home maintenance.

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