Home Sale - August 1986

Mom found it difficult to carry on with the cafe and with house upkeep when Dad died in August 1983, so she sold the business and the house and retired, and moved to her hometown of Berlin, New Hampshire.

You can see how thick those cypress trees became, and Dad's electric blue porch paint.

The amazing thing is that with all of the unfortunate, ill-constructed home improvements we inflicted on that house in the 21 1/2 years we lived there, Mom was still able to realize a major profit. We bought the place with a 4% G.I. loan in February 1965 for $18,950. (Our house payments were always less than $200 a month.) She sold the house in August 1986 for $139,000 - and a contract was signed before it ever got into the multiple listings! As somebody said: "No one ever went broke underestimating the taste of the American public."

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