Jimmy Rutherford's E-mails

I made contact with my long-lost childhood friend Jimmy Rutherford in 2001, when his wife stumbled across a "note in a bottle" (a text file) I had posted to Avocado Memories. (It was a link on the AM front page that said, "Are you Jimmy Rutherford? Click here," and what turned up were some questions and my contact information.) It was a long shot, I knew, but it worked!

What's here are the series of e-mails we exchanged with each other - two old childhood friends making up for lost time. There's a lot of my childhood in these.

Jimmy and I met in person in 2004 at UCLA, where he worked as a projectionist. It was great to see him again! But, sad to say, he died in June 2018.

There are more e-mails, but I'm not sure where they are saved in my enormous electronic file collection.

5/26/2001 (Making contact again, Jimmy's info.)

5/29/2001 - 1(Captain Russian, Ratman, Jimmy's sister Kathy)

5/26/2001 - 2 (Hullaballoo, Jimmy's dog, Jimmy's family, Indio)

6/1/2001 - 1 (Injuries, Travel Town, my father in the hospital)

6/1/2001 - 2 (Santa Claus Lane Parade, our houses)

6/1/2001 - 3 (Griffith Observatory, beer signs, favorite colors)

6/1/2001 - 4 (The Addams Family, playing in the dirt)

6/1/2001 - 5 (Hercules films, Batman and his gloves)

6/1/2001 - 6 (Micheltorena school, Little Rascals, skateboarding)

6/1/2001 - 7 (Chuck Jones the Magic Man, astronomy, air freshener battles)

6/1/2001 - 8 (Pool memories)

6/1/2001 - 9 (Puff the Magic Dragon, Commander Cody)

6/4/2001 - 1 (King Zor, Showboat, Super Car, Major Matt Mason, slot car racing)

6/4/2001 - 2 (Wiener Blut at the Greek Theatre)

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