(Unsolicited comments from readers)

“Warmest congratulations on your web site. In my opinion, this is the most satisfying site on the web. You have captured the relish of youth in words and pictures.”

“Your pages are written with such gentle humour and obvious fondness for the people that you talk about that it's impossible not to become part of it. Not only did I enjoy your subject matter, I found your style of writing terrific.”

“I have not laughed that much in weeks!!!!!!!!!”

“My children are forever asking about what things were like when I was a kid, what were my parents (both deceased) like, etc. Your ‘Avocado Memories’ in many ways could have been a tour of my childhood. My 12-year-old daughter laughed ‘til she nearly cried.”

“[At 4 a.m.] I thought I'd surf on over to Geocities to see what was on their pages. I figured it would take me oh - ten or fifteen minutes and then off to bed. Somewhere along the lines, I stumbled upon a link to your page, and here I am, at 8 a.m. I just finished reading it.”

“I hated finishing your site!”

“...you made me cry today. Shame on you! Haven't been home in 15 years. Living in Michigan now. But you took me home this morning, and I enjoyed the trip.Walking into your home was like walking into mine. Right down to the red sofa.”

“If you ever decide to put all this in a book I'll be one of many in line to buy it.”

“I stumbled upon your site as a result of it being one of Yahoo's ‘Surfer's Pics’ -- how apropos! Boy, did I relish everything you put into it.”

“I must admit I read the whole page in one sitting.”

“I'm not the greatest of writers and I haven't finished any of my fiction that I'd love to see published, but I know great writing - and that's what you have. Keep up the great work!!”

“I hope your "Avocado Memories" are published in book form, or filmed as a documentary. I think that there are so many of us out here that remember that time of our lives with warmth and love that it would be a best seller!”

“The main reason I'm writing you is to urge you to get this thing published. I'm not kidding. You have a concise yet detail-oriented and humorous writing style, and it's clear by your archives that your material produces strong reactions in your readers. There is definitely room for this on the bookshelf. I have a number of things at home in a similar vein that your work would fit right in with, yet yours is from a much more personal angle than most of these "celebrating retro" books. That's what makes it so compelling! The timing is perfect right now. Lots of publishers are doing more "niche" genres, and if you pitch it as retro, you should be able to get it across. I really hope you will seriously consider any offers that come along. There is a lot of interest in this type of thing now, and a personal, guided tour is the perfect concept. I for one would be happy to buy a full-color, coffee-table-book version of your website.”

“I found your site quite by chance… but your wonderfully detailed memories held me captivated for hours ... I have 'escaped' back to your pages a number of times to enjoy them again ...a delightful and enriching experience...Thank you for sharing your memories with the world.....you must get them published!”

“I hope you're going to get published because your writing style & photos would make for a great coffee table book. I can think of at least four people who'd BUY such a book, too. So if you're looking for a publisher & if they would take into account my sentiment, I hereby grant my permission to excerpt this e-mail for use as a 'letter of reference' in the market research you might present.”

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