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23 January 2017

The ID Channel program "A Crime to Remember" is airing this season's final episode on January 31 about the Cheryl Perveler murder in Burbank. The program uses archived film about the time and place of each show, and although the recreations are filmed in the Northeast (probably New York), it stills conveys an excellent depiction of the era they are filming. I live in Tucson, Arizona and the program they did last year about a Tucson murder was obviously not filmed in the Southwest, but was nonetheless interesting. I was born in Burbank in 1959 (Robert Avery lived two houses down), and except for my college years and a brief time (less than 1 year) in North Hollywood, lived in Burbank continuously until I moved to Tucson in 1990. I have enjoyed "Avocado Memories" and "Burbankia" for years - keep up the great work!

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