Help me identify this toy!


It came out in about 1962/1963, and I had one. I do not know manufactured it. And I don't recall any ads on TV for it.

It was a sort of instrument panel that either hung from or attached to (via suction cups) a car's side window. You would crack the window a little, and a part (like a tube) emerged from the car. The passing air as the car moved went into this tube or part and made a little red ball float in a tube, indicating speed. (Or "airspeed" if it was supposed to be an airplane instrument panel.)

I do not recall any other features, but I would love to know what this thing was called or who made it.

Further help from Ron O'Connor:

"I have vague memories of playing with one of these things.

Besides the airspeed indicator, there was a substantially vertical metal rod outside of the window that was pivotally mounted where the device fit through the window. On the rod was movably mounted some sort of wing device that could translate with respect to the pivot point. Said device would be urged upward or downward by the force of the air acting on it as a handle inside of the car caused the rod to tilt past vertical in one direction or the other.

As I recall, the wing device tended to go all the way up or all the way down since it was difficult to keep it in any intermediate position. I suppose this was a substitute for sticking your arm out the window and "flying" your hand. Unfortunately, I don't remember what it was called."

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Wes Clark