The Back Yard - June 1970

Look, Dad! Hey! Up here! It's your idiotic son, precariously standing on top on the chimney with the Instamatic to get an aerial shot! Wave "Hi!" for posterity, will'ya?

See that square, white bit of stone at the corner of the concrete deck, where it meets the grass and where the hose loops? That's a leftover piece of concrete trim; the stuff that went around the pool just above the blue tiles. I placed it there because I had no better place for it. We don't want to throw it away - oh, no. It might come in handy someday. And I suppose we could store it somewhere out of sight, but that would remove its decorative potential. Years later I will remove it, attempt to grow grass there, and fail.

The tiki torches near the back house are domant now, because it's day. But at night the Islanders will arrive, chanting their hymns to Tahitian Deities, and the torches will be lit, casting garish shadows all about. Primitiva!

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