Web Cam

KABC Web Cam (atop the Disney Building on Alameda).

Burbank Videos

Burbank youtube videos playlist
Toluca Lake video, 1958


North Panorama, Holiday Inn Tower (4/29/12)
South Panorama, Holiday Inn Tower (4/29/12)

The Country Club

Old Country Club cabins
Old Country Club cabins, 2
Old Country Club pool
Old Country Club pool, 2
1924 Country Club postcard
Doris Vick's photos of Sunset Canyon Country Club Grounds
SCCC Letterhead Logo, 1929
The Old Country Club
Country club golf course
Country Club Then and Now
Old Country Club traces
Country Club pool view
Aerial shot of new Country Club (Mormon Church), 1951
Mormon church, side view
DeBell Golf Course Clubhouse, 1960's
Debell Golf Course postcard
Mudslide on Country Club Dr., 1962 or 1963 - 1
Mudslide on Country Club Dr., 1962 or 1963 - 2
Country Club Drive (date unknown)
Country Club Drive, facing down Olive (1963)
Old Country Club Drive (date unknown) - 1
Old Country Club Drive (date unknown) - 2
The Sylvan Falls (up Country Club Dr.)
Sylvan cabin, 1920s
Sylvan Falls visitors, 1920s
Road to Sylvan Falls/Sylvan Crest
Sylvan Crest zone
View from Sylvan Crest trail
Country Club Pool (Johnny Weismuller's)
New Country Club (now LDS church)
New Sunset Country Club postcard
New Country Club, more recent shot
Scouts raise new 50 star flag in Burbank, 1960
View from top of new Country Club Drive, 1964
New Country Club in color. Taken circa 1950.
Mormon Church Renovates Historical Building (1986)

The Five Points/The Dip

The Dip
The back of The Dip
The Five Points
The Dip, 1970s
The Dip, April 1972
The Five Corners, 1973
The Dip: Paul Rosen and Gail Ptack

"Beautiful Downtown Burbank"

"Beautiful Downtown Burbank" postcard #1
"Beautiful Downtown Burbank" postcard #2
"Beautiful Downtown Burbank" postcard #3
"Beautiful Downtown Burbank" postcard #4

"Welcome to Burbank" signs

Welcome to Burbank: Victory and Elm
Welcome to Burbank: Glenoaks and Alameda
Welcome to Burbank: Barham Blvd.
Burbank: Barham Blvd. (color)
Welcome to Burbank: Riverside Drive
Welcome to Burbank: Victory and Clybourne
Welcome to Burbank: Magnolia Blvd., 1968
Welcome to Burbank: San Fernando Road and Alameda, 1950's
Welcome to Burbank: San Fernando Road, 1950's
Welcome to Burbank: San Fernando Road and Alameda, 1960's

The Empire China Company

Inside the Empire China Company
Empire China Company, 1920's - 1
Empire China Company, 1920's - 2
Empire China Co., 1922

Lockheed/Burbank Airport

Lockheed front office, 1928
Original Lockheed Plant in 1928 in old Empire China Factory
Lockheed, aerial, 1928 (Detail - What is this building? A church?).
Lockheed aerial showing Turkey Crossing, 1928
Lockheed aerial from 1928
Pacific Ave. from Keystone to Orchard showing Monterey Ave. 1928
Pilot's eye view of the Lockheed Airport, 1929
Military aircraft at United Airport dedication, May 1930
United Airport birdseye view
Union Airport, 1930's, from a book
Union Airport, 4/12/1930, recently built
Union Airport, 1930's, aerial shot 1
Union Airport, 1930's, hangar
Union Airport, 1930's, at night
Union Airport, 1930's, aerial shot 2
Union Airport, 1930's, aerial shot 3
Union Airport, 1930's, hangar groundbreaking
Lockheed employees, 1930's (front), Lockheed employees, 1930's (back)
1930 Lockheed Chicago Air Race Team in Burbank
Opening of Union Airport, 1930
1930 Army Air Corps Show at the airport
Army Air Corps flight, 1930, United Airport opening
Allan Loughead, 1931
Union Airport from the sky, 1930's - Verdugos in background
Old Union Terminal postcard
1930's United airport postcard
Santa at the United Airport, 1935 - 1, 2, 3 and 4
1938 Union Terminal postcard
Sky Room View 1 (1930's), 2, 3, 4
Ticket counter (1930's)
1931 Red Cross Air Show envelope
Lockheed in 1934
Union Airport from the sky, mid-1930's
Union Air Terminal
Union Air Terminal postcard
Union Air Terminal, with Lockheed plane, 1930's
United Airport boarding, 1930's
United Airport from the air, mid-1930's
Union Air Terminal, 1930's
Burbank airport, 1934
Lockheed Airport, 1930's
United Air Lines plane, 1934-1936
Five Amelia Earhart images: One, Two, Three, Four, Five. These were taken at Lockheed when she was having her custom Model 10E Electra built. Note that the windows are blanked out.
Amelia Earhart and her Lockheed plane
Tractor on an airplane wing
RAF bombers on Lockheed finishing line, 1939
Airport, 1939
United Airport, 1939
Hudson bombers buzz Burbank, 1940
Flying Tiger sticker
Lockheed auxiliary guard patch
Lockheed employee badge
World War II Lockheed plant protection patch
Lockheed security officer patch
Lockheed visitors badge
Skyroom Cafe neon sign
Lockheed Starfighter patch
World War II era Vega badge
Hudson bombers, 1939
Vega aircraft patch
Lockheed 1940/1941 (video)
WWII Cammo cover: fake trees
WWII Cammo cover: Making fake trees
WWII Cammo cover: Over Lockheed, San Val visable
WWII Cammo cover: Airport passenger boarding area
Victory Place pedestrian tunnel opens, 1941
Lockheed's tallest and shortest, 1941
"Wings for the Eagle" coverage from the Lockheed-Vega Star, July 10, 1942 - 1. 2
Wartime visit of Lord Halifax to Lockheed
Airport building, 1930s
Lockheed Constellation assembly line
Flying Tiger strike
Western Airlines, 1941
Empire and Hollywood Way, Sept 1941
Lot 7 (now COSTCO) from Jun 1941
Lockheed traffic jam
Lockheed under cammo, WWII
Snow "V" in Verdugo Hills (3/20/42 Lockheed and Vega Star)
Crowded Lockheed parking lot 1942
Lockheed shift change, Hollywood Way, 2/3/1943
1944 Lockheed Map
Disney art on Lockheed planes
Adams Airport location
Ansel Adams in Burbank
Terminal Drive-In (near the airport)
Tomlin's Lockheed Noon Shift (1943)
Lockheed during wartime, 1
Lockheed at wartime, 2
Lockheed Aircraftsman magazine 1943, and Lodestar diagram and P-38 diagram from same.
Captured Zero, 1940s
Hudson bombers
P-38 nighttime assembly
P-38 production (1944)
P-38s being assembled
P-38 production, interior
P-38 production, near Buena Vista Blvd.
Female Lockheed employee working on a P-38, 1944
Flying Tiger at Burbank Airport
TWA Skyliner
P-38 Assembly Line at Lockheed, 1940's
Lockheed disguised during World War II
Lockheed Aircraft Factory School (WWII)
Bombers at Lockheed plant (Fortune magazine, 1941)
Gold Star P-38
P-38 at hangar
Lockheed workers
Lockheed blackout, 1941
Lockheed Plant B-1 changes
Maj. Bong killed, 1945
Wartime camo cover over Lockheed
Lockheed at War! (From "Of Men and Stars," 1957): Photo one, Photo two, Photo three, Photo four, Photo five
Hudson Bomber destined for England, 1940
Night assembly of P-38's, July, 1941
Joe and Flora Foss at Lockheed
Lockheed, 1940's, Hollywood Way
1948 Airport map
1948 Air Force Day at the airport
1949 Lockheed Air Terminal postcard
1950 Lockheed Employee Handbook
1950's Lockheed Pistol and Rifle Club Patch
Airport, Feb 9 1951
Lockheed Super Constellation over Burbank, early 1950s
Aerial shot of Airport, Aug 21 1950 (wide)
Aerial shot of Airport, Aug 21 1950 (detail)
1951 Electronics Assemblers (Maybe Lockheed, maybe not)
Adlai Stevenson visits Lockheed
Airport, late 1950s
Lockheed Employees Recreation Club (LERC) "Taggin Wagons" patch
Lockheed Water Wings (caption)
1956 24 Hour rally - 1, 2
1966 Lockheed Fire 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
L-1011 Building
L-1011 Needs Engineers
Lockheed Air Terminal playing card
Hollywood Way and Empire
Airport commissioners, 1978
PSA Grinning Bird
Burbank Airport 1980s
The SR-71 takes off, 19 December 1989
July 1985 "Lockheed Life" article about the B-17, page 1, page 2, page 3
SST Schedule
Lockheed Plant Map 1, Lockheed Plant Map 2 and Lockheed Plant Map 3
Lockheed demolition, 1995
Various Lockheed badges
Various Lockheed ID cards
Lockheed B-1 from 1992 to 1993

Burbank Boulevard

Burbank Junction Tower - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Burbank Junction on Burbank Blvd.
Train at Burbank Junction, July 1958
Burbank Blvd. (before the overpass)
Burbank Blvd., 1953
Burbank Blvd., 1953, 2
Burbank Blvd., Sept., 1954
Electronic City
Burbank Blvd. overpass opened (L.A. Times, 5/4/1961)
Train wreck at Burbank Junction (12/15/1966) - one, Two, Three, Newspaper article
Burbank Blvd., 1970's (Home Savings)
Burbank Blvd., Nov. 1972
Burbank Blvd., 1973

Olive Avenue

Olive Ave. as seen from about Kenneth Rd. (note trolley tracks)
Horse drawn fire pumper on the run down Olive Avenue
Burbank Hospital, 1907
The Burbank Hospital
Olive Avenue c. 1910
C.B. Fischer sign
Olive Ave. "Back in the Day"
Burbank Lumber card(35 N. now E. Olive)
Burbank Lumber, late 1930s
Burbank Lumber article in Burbank Review, 3/5/1920
Burbank Lumber c. 1910
Burbank State Bank (Olive and San Fernando)
Burbank Women's Club(Olive and Seventh)
Olive Avenue, September 1911 Boosters banner (the day the first Pacific Electric car arrived from Los Angeles)
The Photographic Legacy of DeLos D. Wilbur
Olive Ave. and San Fernando Road, c. 1915-1920
Olive Ave. 1920's
Sunset Canyon Dr. and Olive, 1927
Burbank Brick Block building, 1920s
Burbank's Mushrooms Eatery, c. 1928
Olive Ave., 1954
Fermer Kellogg and grandfather at Arrow Sash on Lake and Love, 1940's - 1
Fermer Kellogg and grandfather at Arrow Sash on Lake and Love, 1940's - 2
Olive Rec Center built
Olive Stadium construction, 1
Olive Stadium construction, 2
Olive Stadium, 1946 - 1
Olive Stadium, 1946 - 2
First pitch at Olive Stadium
Navy officer speaks at the Olive Stadium dedication
Veteran speaks at the Olive Stadium dedication
St. Louis Browns sign at Olive Stadium
Olive Recreational Center aerial shot
Olive Rec Center construction
Corner of Olive and Verdugo, 1947 - 1
Corner of Olive and Verdugo, 1947 - 2
Women's Club building (Olive and Seventh - 1947)
Smiley Burnett entertains the kids at Olive Rec Center, 12/47
Olive Rec Center, 1940's
Olive Rec Patio Area - 1
Olive Rec Patio Area - 2
Olive Rec Center with Navy flag
Memorial Stadium wide angle
Youth boxing at Olive Rec
Red Skelton in Burbank, 1948
Jiggers, 1948 ("Jiggers" is old slang for "Watch out!")
Burbank as Baseball training city, 1947
Sox Spring Training
California Centennial Float (parked at old Public Library on Olive Ave.)
Old Public Library display for California Centennial
St. Louis Browns at the Olive Rec Memorial Stadium - 1
St. Louis Browns at the Olive Rec Memorial Stadium - 2
St. Louis Browns Spring Training at Olive Stadium, 1949-1952
St. Louis Browns vs. Cleveland Indians at the Olive Rec Memorial Stadium
Olive Rec Center Memorial Stadium wide angle - 1
Olive Rec Center Memorial Stadium wide angle - 2
Outdoor boxing event at the Olive Rec Memorial Stadium, late 40's/early 50's - 1
Outdoor boxing event at the Olive Rec Memorial Stadium late 40's/early 50's - 2
Crafts at Olive Rec Center, 1950s
Olive Rec Witch Burning, 1, 2, 3
The Studio Motel on Olive
Christmas at Olive Rec, 1, 2
Olive Rec Center in the Snow
Olive Avenue Bridge being built
Olive Avenue Bridge complete
Olive Rec Center baseball stadium
Olive Rec Center stadium and diamond
Olive Ave. at night
Little Theatre Construction (undated)
Public Service Department, 1950's
Trash trucks on Olive, 1950s
Burbank Lumber on Olive Ave.
Drawing of Old Olive Ave. Library, 1954
Burbank Hospital trowel (22 Feb 1955)
Little Theatre, 1957
Rec Center postcard
Police Headquarters construction, 1960
Studio Drugs (Olive near Warners)
A series of photos showing 1960's or 1950's Burbank kids negiotiating a tricky bicycle safety course at the Olive Rec Center back parking lot: One (the girl in the foreground looks like she just blew it - in front of all those boys, yet), Two (she's on her way), Three and Four. I don't see any Schwinn Sting-Rays, so I'm guessing this was before 1964, possibly the 1950's.
1963 Olive Rec Center Bicycle Safety
Olive Avenue bridge, 1960
Olive and Barham, 1960's
Safari Motor Hotel (postcard)
Safari Inn Map (1960s) - 1, 2, 3
Olive Avenue looking West
Flying A station on Olive and 3rd
Fireballs Softball Team, Old Fire Station on 3rd and Olive
Olive Ave. storm drain: 1, 2, 3, 4
Lockheed F104 dedication at the Olive Rec Center
Hughes Brothers Gas station, 1940s
Sailee's Coffee Shop
Sailees postcard #2
Wanamaker Rents and Burbank Ford, 1960's
Bellarmine-Jefferson High School, June 1962
Bel Air Palms Motel postcard, 1950's
Corner of Warner and Olive, 1950s
Main Fire Headquarters 353 Olive Ave., 1970's
Waddell Records
80 E. Olive (Community Chevrolet), 1973
Aerial shot of Olive Rec Center, 1985
Joslyn Adult Center

Borrmann Steels (Olive Ave.)

Borrmann Steels (1950s) - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11

San Fernando Road

Burbank Block building 1898
San Fernando Road, 1905
1906 San Fernando Rd. postcard
Gas line installation along San Fernando Road, 1910
Brick Block building, 1911
Brick Block building, 1911, detail of man and wagon
Brick Block building, 1911, detail of another man and wagon
Brick Block building, 1911, detail of Grocery
Brick Block building, 1911, another detail of Grocery
Brick Block building, 1911, detail of Post Office
Burbank Bakery and Lunch Room, 1911 (in the Burbank Block Building)
San Fernando Road, c. 1912
A.O. Kendall Department Store (prob. on San Fernando Rd.
Bored Young Men blocking San Fernando Road (for lack of a better title)
The old "Temperance" Fountain at Olive and San Fernando
The Photographic Legacy of DeLos D. Wilbur
Olive and San Fernando
The Elizabeth Building
Postcard: San Fernando West of Olive
205 S. San Fernando Rd.
Plaque on the old Story Hardware site
Burbank Auto Wrecking (517 E. San Fernando Rd.)
Burbank Paint (corner of San Fernando and Tujunga)
Parked at the Post Office
San Fernando Road, 1920's
Cornucopia Ice Cream on 1934 San Fernando, 1920's
Collins Radio
San Fernando Road, 1927
San Fernando at Angelino looking north, c. 1927
Flood on San Fernando, 1928
1928 Flood: Angeleno below Sunset Canyon Dr.
The Victory Theatre, 1928 (205 E. San Fernando Rd.)
Major Theater, 1938
Caro's Motel and Cafe, 1940s
Lowman's Motor Lodge, 1940s
Tom Brown leather Chevy dealer key fob
San Fernando Road, 1940's
Burbank Bowl
1943 USO Valentine's Day Dance
San Fernando Road, 1946
Scooters in 1946
San Fernando Road, 1947
Corradi Music (San Fernando Road) during the May 1948 Parade
Geo. F. Patterson Cushman Float before the May 1948 Parade
Geo. F. Patterson Cushman Float during the May 1948 Parade (Could that be Debbie Reynolds?)
July 5th, 1948 fire (A stray firecracker from the day before, do you suppose?)
Hoot Gibson, Burbank on Parade, 1950s
Cornell Theatre, 1949
Cornell Theatre, 1959
"Mom's Night Out" at the Cornell Theater
Valley Ford Center ad (c. 1956)
Cornell Theater, 8/11/61 - 1, 2
The Fun Jump near Cornell Theater
The Fun Jump near Cornell Theater, 8/11/61
Mustang at night
San Fernando Rd. in the 1950's
San Jose and San Fernando, 1952 or 1953
San Fernando Road (aerial 1950s)
San Fernando and Verdugo looking north, early 1950s
Nash Dealership
Andrews and Evans, 1950's
Corradi music on San Fernando Rd.
Sav On, San Fernando Road, 1950's
Burbank on Parade (San Fernando Rd.), 1950's
San Fernando Road, 1951
Palm Avenue, 1950's
San Fernando Road near McCambridge Park, 1950's
San Fernando Road near McCambridge Park, 1950's - 2
1954 Willys-Overland Accident
San Fernando at Providencia looking toward Alameda (March 1956) - Street level shot
San Fernando at Providencia looking toward Alameda (March 1956) - Aerial shot
San Fernando Rd. (Olive Ave. at right - 1959/1960)
Burbank bus at the corner of Olive and San Fernando
San Fernando Rd. (Orange Grove at left - 1959/1960)
San Fernando Road, 1959 (Same shot as above - detail)
Postcard of the Thrifty Drug Store on San Fernando Road
Sid's Tailoring (613 San Fernando Rd.)
Valley Ford, San Fernando Blvd., early 1960's
Mr. Big Burgers (1960's)
San Fernando Road, 1960's - 1
San Fernando Road, 1960's - 2
Shakey's Pizza (near Cornell Theater)
San Fernando Road at Orange Grove, 1960's
San Fernando Road looking towards Olive, 1960's
Back of the Heidelberg Haus
Back of Lyon's Men's Shop
Behind the Loma Theater
Behind Perren's Deli
Store back behind San Fernando Rd. between Orange Grove and Palm
San Fernando Road, 1963
Golden Mall Parade, 1967, San Fernando Rd.
San Fernando Road, 1970's
Navy and Marines Cine-Globe Theater on San Fernando Rd. and Angelino, 1969 or 1970
Savoy Hotel and the Bottoms Up bar
Savoy Hotel (corner of San Fernando and Verdugo)
Michel's Music on the Golden Mall (bag)
Alameda and San Fernando, 1970s
San Fernando Road at night, 1973
Don Ray's photos of the Media Center Mall Site (taken c. 1984): Media Mall Map, Board of Education building, Community Bank, Looking east on Magnolia Blvd., Ed's Towne Shop, Ed's Towne Shop Out of Business, Harrolds carpets, Harrolds wide shot, Records Haus, Uptown Motel. Thanks Don!
Xanadu Platinum Palace/Ralph's
Firestone store on San Fernando Rd. and San Jose, 1985 - 1
Firestone store on San Fernando Rd. and San Jose, 1985 - 2
Firestone store on San Fernando Rd. and San Jose, 1985 - 3
Vintage San Fernando Road postcard

The San-Val Drive-In Theater, 1972

One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight.
San-Val with streets San-Val (1975)

Magnolia Boulevard

Magnolia Drug in 1920 (note Pumpkin Building at right)
Magnolia Park map, 1925
Magnolia Park, 1927
Magnolia and Screenland, 1927
Magnolia Park promotional, 1928 - Betty Baker 1, Magnolia Park promotional, 1928 - Betty Baker 2, Magnolia Park promotional, 1928 - Betty Baker 3, Magnolia Park promotional, 1928 - Earl White, Betty Garry, Magnolia Park promotional, 1928 - Betty Garry 1, Magnolia Park promotional, 1928 - Betty Garry 2, Magnolia Park promotional, 1927 - Dorothy Gull, KLEW, Magnolia Park promotional, 1927 - Near Hollywood Way, Magnolia Park promotional, 1928 - Ann Carter, Magnolia Park promotional, 1927 - Billie Barnes 1, Magnolia Park promotional, 1927 - Billie Barnes 2 and Magnolia Park promotional, 1927 - Billie Barnes 3
The Shadowlawn Cafe
The 3G Distillery on Magnolia
3G Distillery "Old Guide Brand" label
Magnolia Theater, 1944
Old Martino's store on Magnolia
Magnolia Theater from "Pushover" (1954) - 1
Magnolia Theater from "Pushover" (1954) - 2
Magnolia Ave. bridge, 1959
Magnolia Theater from "Night Moves" (1973)
Magnolia Theater mention, 1964
Magnolia Theater construction card
California Theater, 1950's
Public Service Department building, 1951
Victory and Magnolia
Bonnywood and Magnolia
Bonnywood and Magnolia - 2
Magnolia and 1st, 1954
Historic Wedding Chapel
Stores on Magnolia, 1960's
Albin's Drugs, 1960's
Train wreck, 15 Dec 1966 (Magnolia bridge in background)
1967 parade on Magnolia with Mickey Mouse and Goofy
Bar's TV at Magnolia and Hollywood Way, 1970's
Sir George's Smorgasbord House
Magnolia Theater at night, 1973
Magnolia and Hollywood Way, 1970's
Hollywood Way and Magnolia, c. 1971
Magnolia and 1st, 1985
99 East Magnolia, 1985
1st St. and Magnolia looking North
Burbank's Pumpkin Building!

Glenoaks Boulevard

Leonard's Station, Providencia and Glenoaks, 1920's
Frank Hawkins Orchestra at the Moose Hall, 1939
Pacific Electric Red Car on Glenoaks, 1939
Glenoaks Baptist Church construction, late 1930's
Pacific Electric Line at Glenoaks and Alameda
Pacific Electric Red Car on Glenoaks, 1952
Glenoaks Red Line station between Palm and Orange Grove
Glenoaks and Orange Grove looking north, 1950s
Red Line Car, Orange Grove and Glenoaks, c. 1954
Glenoaks widening 1
Glenoaks widening 2
1942 Cabrini postcard (Mother Superior wants cork and linoleum)
Future Villa Cabrini area, 1960's
Glenoaks and Grismer
Alameda and Glenoaks, 1958
Curries Ice Cream, 1960 - 1
Curries Ice Cream, 1960 - 2
Glenoaks and Cohasset, 1960's
Corner of Glenoaks and Orange Grove, 1960s
Owl Drugs
Glenoaks and Orange Grove, 1970s
Pup and Taco on Glenoaks and Angeleno
Pomeroys at Lincoln Bust (Central Library)
Rock guitarist Randy Rhoads' memorial

Riverside Drive

Riverside Dr. and Pass Ave. 1
Riverside Dr. and Pass Ave. 2
Riverside Dr. and Pass Ave. 3

Verdugo Avenue

Verdugo Ave. Train incident, 1950's - 1
Verdugo Ave. Train incident, 1950's - 2
Verdugo Pool Dedication, 1948 (Debbie Reynolds?)
A series of photos of the Big Tree Trailer Park (1950's), which was located at 141 W. Verdugo Blvd., where the Public Works yard now is. 1, 2, 3, 4.
Unknown gas station on Glenoaks
Pacific Red Car, Glenoaks and Cypress, 1948
Red Car Burbank Station, 1955
Chopper Chick on Glenoaks

Victory Boulevard

Intersection of Victory and Providencia, 1932: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
Victory Drive-In
Big 5 and Standard Brands on Victory Blvd.
Northwest Park 1, 2
The Jeffries Barn
Elks Club rodeo held at the Jeffries Ranch in 1930: One and Two
House on Victory (Jeffries Barn), 1943.
James Jeffries funeral, 1953
Trailer park close to Victory Blvd. (undated)
Portal of the Folded Wings Shrine to Aviation (Valhalla Park)
Valhalla Dome of the Aviator (4/14/1925)
Valhalla Memorial Portal, undated
Arthur's (1001 S. Victory Blvd.)40's/50's and Arthur's at night, 40's/50's
Ralph's on Victory and Buena Vista, 1960's

Roberts Drive-In/Van de Kamp (Victory and Olive)

Roberts Drive-In, 1940s
Roberts Drive-In, 1940s - detail 1
Roberts Drive-In, 1940s - detail 2
Roberts Drive-In, 1940s - detail 3
Roberts Drive-In, 1940s - bag
Roberts Drive-In, 1940s - menu, front
Roberts Drive-In, 1940s - menu, back
Roberts Drive-In, 1940s - menu, inside 1
Roberts Drive-In, 1940s - menu, inside 2
Roberts Menu
Roberts restaurant, daytime
Roberts Drive in and Brown Stadium
Roberts Drive In
The Van de Kamp's Windmill Restaurant Also, here.

Buena Vista Boulevard

Casting Pool, 1952 Dedication
Casting Pool, 1950's
Casting Pool, 1954 Sailboat Regatta
Casting Pool, Sailboat Regatta
Casting Pool, 1950's
Knapp's arrowhead collection (Ancient murder!)
Burbank Creamery ad
IAM Union Hall groundbreaking, May 23 1959
IAM Union Hall groundbreaking, LA Times, 17 May 1959
Burgers and hot dogs stand on Victory (now Steve's)
Aerial shot of Buena Vista and Victory, c. 1968/1969. Detail shots derived from it: Vickroy Park, 1968/1969, Spectors, 1968/1969, 1631 N. Lincoln St., 1968/1969
Pages Restaurant, 1969
Rosewood Wedding Chapel
Victory Place at Burbank Blvd., 1970's

Alameda Avenue

Alameda Ave. in 1932, one
Alameda Ave. in 1932, two
High water at Alameda and Pass
Alameda Ave./I-5 Freeway Construction (c. 1956)

City Hall

Burbank Fire Squad, early 1900's, in front of old brick City Hall
BPD in front of old brick City Hall, 1920's
1923 City Hall postcard
Clerks in the Old City Hall building
Police and Fire departments, 1930's
A 1907 Franklin at City Hall, 1932
City Hall plans, 1940
City Hall construction, 1942: Photo #1, Photo #2, Photo #3, Photo #4, Photo #5, Photo #6, Photo #7.
City Hall Eagle Blueprint
Main lobby, 1942 - 1, 2
West wing from lobby, 1942
Council chambers, 1940's - 1, 2
Entrance to council office, 1942
Court room interior, 1942
Council office foyer, 1942
City Manager's office, 1942
City Manager's conference room, 1942
City Hall rear police parking
Police Department emergency hospital in basement, 1943 - 1, 2, 3
Original courtroom entrance, 1942
Judges' law library, 1942
Judge's office, 1942
Circa 1950's Paul E. Wolfe photos of City Hall: Daytime, Nighttime, Council Chamber
The Police Chief's Office
1949 Snow on Old City Hall
Burbank City Hall, 1950's
City Hall at Christmas, 1950's/1960s - 1, 2, 3
Aerial shot: City Hall, 1950's
Richard Nixon at City Hall, 1950s
Nixon in Burbank, 1956 - 1, Nixon in Burbank, 1956 - 2
1958 Rambler Metropolitan for BPD
Police Radar Van, c. 1959
Richard Nixon at City Hall, 1959(?)
Last Gasp for Old City Hall (1959), 1, 2, 3
Burbank Safety Council Keeps Score
Burbank City Hall, Christmas, 1960's
Aerial City Hall, c. 1960
Old City Hall in 1960, just before demolition
City councilman scratches head
Burbank City Hall, New Year, 1965
A Rare Visit Up the Tower of the Burbank City Hall
City Hall mural
Civic Beauty 1 (City hall), Civic Beauty 2 (City Hall)
Burbank 75th Anniversary 1986
City Hall lobby floor

Destruction of Old City Hall

One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven

Warner Brothers

First National Studios truck
Warner Brothers, 1928
The New Deal Inn, c. 1933 - 1, 2, 3, First National soundstage
Warner Brothers, 1937
The Battle of Burbank - 1
The Battle of Burbank - 2
Warner Brothers Studios, 1940s?
Incident at Warner Brothers (part of the "Battle of Burbank,"
Warners' New York City Street, 1941
Warners postcard, aerial
Warner Bros. postcard, 1930's
Warners starlet Juanita Stark being shown around Disney Studios, 1942
Warner Brothers, wide shot, 1950s
Warner Brothers, 1950s, detail of back lot
Warner Brothers fire, May 1952
Warner Brothers fire, July 1952
Warner Brothers, 1958
Warners Sign, late 1950's
Warner Brothers, 1961

Tournament of Roses

1915 Rose Parade float
Tournament of Roses 1921 float
Rose Parade Float (unknown year)
1937 Talleyrand Float
1937 Tournament of Roses award - Burbank cities schools
Burbank's 1938 Tournament of Roses float
Burbank's 1939 Tournament of Roses float
Lockheed Rose Parade Float Entry, c. 1945
Burbank's 1956 Tournament of Roses float
Burbank's 1965 Tournament of Roses float
The Burbank Centennial 2011 Tournament of Roses Float: Photo one, Photo two, Photo three, Photo four
Burbank's 2013 float entry

Grocery stores

Gelson's - Then and Now
Luttge General Store, 1905
1937 newspaper article about Burbank in 1905 (Luttge)
People in front of Luttge Store, 1905
Luttge Store, 1905
Luttge Store, 1905 - Detail
Luttge Store, 1905 - Another detail
Luttge Store front
Luttge deliveries
Mr. Luttge
Luttge calendar
Shopping Bag
Unidentified Burbank market

The Golden Mall

Bank of America, 401 Golden Mall, 1985
The Burbank Golden Mall
Barbara Eden at the Golden Mall
Lazzara's Custom Tailoring (Golden Mall)
1974 Golden Mall postcard

Stough Park, Starlight Bowl, Debell Golf Course, Castaways

Stough Park Inspiration Point, 1936
Easter service at Stough Park, 1938
Starlight Bowl, 1946
Starlight Bowl from stage - center
Starlight Bowl from stage - left
Starlight Bowl from stage - right
The Burbank Police Range then and now
Burbank from Stough Park, 1940's
(Details: Borrmann Steels, Burbank High, Browns Stadium, City Hall, Light and Power Bldg. and Old Muir School)
Starlight Bowl concert, 1940
Stough Parking Lot construction
Summer Concert at Stough Park, 1945
Starlight Bowl dressy occasion
Starlight Theatre entrance
The Burbank Symphony Orchestra in concert, 1946
Burbank at Night (from Burbank's Inspiration Point)
Debell, Castaway, Starlight Parking construction
Debell construction
Starlight Bowl construction
Stough Park in 1954
Starlight Bowl parking lot, 1955
Stough Park BBQ, 1950s
Stough Park pool (1947)
Paul E. Wolfe Starlight Theatre
Starlighters! (L.A. Times, 7/21/1958)
Stough Park wading pool
Stough Park picnic area
Landfill View
Don Iwerks' photo of the Starlight Hills, early 1960's
Starlight Bowl postcard
Starlight Bowl postcard sign
DeBell Golf Course, early 1960's
Debell Golf Course postcard
"Oklahoma" at the Starlight Bowl, Sept. 20/21, 1965
Tennessee Ernie Ford at the new DeBell Golf Course, 1959

NBC Studios

A series of postcards depicting the construction of the NBC studios back in 1954: 6/10/54, 6/29/54, 7/2/54, 7/21/54, 8/10/54, 10/6/54 (first), 10/6/54 (second), 10/6/54 (third), 10/6/54 (fourth) and 10/6/54 (last).
KNBC postcard, 1970's
NBC postcard
NBC Color TV Studios postcard
NBC Studios night postcard
NBC Studios orange postcard
Aerial shot of NBC studios, 1950's
"Color City" (NBC Studios), 1955
Nixon in Burbank, 1971
NBC Studios, aerial shot, 1 (1960's?)
NBC Studios, aerial shot, 2 (1950's, after 1954)
NBC sign
NBC Studios, 1950s
NBC Studios
Tonight Show (c. 1980)

Columbia Ranch

Columbia Ranch, 1950's
Fire at Columbia Ranch, 26 May 1950

McCambridge Park

McCambridge basketball, 1940's(?)
McCambridge putting green
Original McCambridge park building, 1940's - 1
Original McCambridge park building, 1940's - 2
Burbank High Dance at McCambridge Rec Center, 1943: 1, 2, 3, 4
McCambridge Park, late 1950s
McCambridge Park Rec Center Opening 1957
Aerial view of new McCambridge Park shortly after being built (1959?)
McCambridge Park Range, 1959 (Caption reads: "October 14, 1959, Mark Berg, kneeling left, and Jack Stern hold new DCM .22 rifles as Morris Fox, standing, runs cleaning rod through bore of unpacked rifle. Alan Mason, rear, Burbank Junior Rifle Club team member hands rifle to instructor Charles Crocker. Rifles are loaned to team. Burbank shooters received 10 Remington M13 rifles for their use at the McCambridge Park range")
Old Timer's Picnic, 1961

Vickroy Park

Vickroy Park construction, 1920s
Safety Week 1948 at Vickroy Park
Youngsters Get Thrill (Vickroy Park, 1948)
Safety week ends
Vickroy Park in 1948
Vickroy Park tetherball, 1950s
Vickroy Park, 1955/1956
Horseshoes (at Vickroy Park, not Glenoaks)
Vickroy Park wading pool
Grampa Dutch Cronkite's poem
Vickroy Park, 1950's

1944 and 1945 "6-16" (ages six to sixteen) Model Building Contest

The second annual (1944) contest: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight.
The third annual (1945) contest: One, Two, Three, Four.

Paul E. Wolfe postcards

Burbank on Parade
Shot from the Verdugo Hills
Donkey baseball
Olive Rec
Burbank High graduation
Aerial view of Burbank
Main post office
Post office, 1950s
Main library
Lockheed Constitution
Lockheed Shooting Star
Burbank Symphony Orchestra
City Hall at night
Hollywood Way Bungalows

Big Boy Bob Hamburgers

Big Boy Bob hamburgers, 1, Big Boy Bob hamburgers, 2, Big Boy Bob hamburgers, 3, Big Boy Bob hamburgers, 4, Big Boy Bob hamburgers, 5. These are all from the book "The Leisure Architecture of Wayne Mc Allister" By Chris Nichols
Bob's at San Fernando and Cedar
Bob's Big Boy on San Fernando, 1948
Bob's Big Boy on San Fernando, interior, 1948

Old Burbank Postcards site

Cardcow.com old Burbank postcards.

Burbank High School

BHS c. 1920
Burbank High, 1920s
Graduation, 1929
Library, 1929
Lawn, 1930
Bridge of Sighs, 1930
Front entrance, 1930
Shaded archway, 1930
Theatre, 1929
Old Burbank High School
October pumpkin atop Burbank High School building
Theatre, 1937
Theatre 1937 #2
Dedication, 1937
Aerial shot of Burbank High School, 1922
Burbank High School from San Fernando Road, 1920's
Burbank High School entrance
Rachael Jones' (BHS senior) various Burbank athletic tickets
Giant soldier bayonets Burbank High students (from 1943 yearbook)
Vintage Burbank High School (1940s/1950s)
1951 Remington ad mentioning Burbank High
BHS Arcade, 1954
BHS Field and Gym, 1954
Remodel drawing, 1956
Rifle Club, 1955
Ceralbus cover showing front, 1955
Blueprint, 1941
South arch
Arcade/Bridge of Sighs
Arcade from 1947 Ceralbus cover
Old Burbank High building from side
1968 Nixon Rally in front of Burbank High
1968 Nixon Rally - Rowan and Martin
Burbank High Pride, 1968
Burbank High, "School's Out" - 1974
1995 BHS feline odor story
2002 demolition of Burbank High School

Various City buildings and sites

Old Burbank train station
Burbank post office employees, 5 March 1947
McCambridge Park from the air, c. 1958
Mountain View Park, 1936, 1, 2, 3
Central Library 1, 2 and 3
BPD Target Practice
City Dump scene
Aerial shot of Mingay School/Luther Burbank JHS being built, 1940s
Benmar Hills development when new
Aerial shot looking south, Jan 20, 1960
The old Burbank Animal Shelter
Alternate name for I-5
Magnolia Park radio station KELW antenna
1947 Mingay School article, 1, 1947 Mingay School article, 2, 1947 Mingay School article, 3
Prefab School House (Central School), 1947
New Burbank Police and Fire Headquarters card
New Burbank Police and Fire Headquarters coin and cartoon
The Patsy Award Pawprints at the Burbank Animal Shelter
Burbank Symphony Orchestra, c. 1940's
Burbank Main Library room in ad, 1964
1920s/1930s Aerial Shot of Burbank
Burbank in the 1920's
Movies at Providencia School
Train wreck
Fire Department Station #1, 1950
Burbank Police Motor Officers, 1950's (front), Burbank Police Motor Officers, 1950's (back)
Burbank Police Detectives, 1950's (front), Burbank Police Detectives, 1950's (back)
Western City Disposal Area
Western Disposal Area, Feb. 1950
Western Disposal Area, Feb. 1950, 2
Burbank from the dump, 1949
Burbank from the dump, 1955
Old Police and Fire Station
Original Elks Lodge on Palm, 1985
Burbank Hospital, 1929
Andrew Jergens Co., 1960s
Asphalt Plant on Clybourne
Burbank's original train depot, 1970's

DeLos Wilbur Photos

The Photographic Legacy of DeLos D. Wilbur

Nuclear Blast
Nuclear Blast as seen from Burbank, Feb. 1955

21 May 1952 Burbank on Parade

BHS Historical Hopscotch float, Cabrini float, City Employees Union float, Dick Layland's 40 Girl Batonettes, Girls in Gowns float, Glendale Junior Chamber float, Toyworld (Marv's) float and Homer Garrett's Y Knot Twirlers

Southern Pacific RR crossings, 1927
Verdugo, Western Ave. - 1 , 2 , 3, 4

The Whitnall Highway
1951 Photos 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Burbank Business Matchbooks

Matchbook assortment - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Archers Motor Lodge
Good Eat's Cafe
Cal Paint Company
The Red Snapper
Alamar Coffee Shop
Veterans of Foreign Wars
Twilight Room
Channel One
Bottoms Up Bar
Foodlane Market
Vern's Restaurant
The Falcoln
DeHater Paper Company
The Yacht Club
The Blarney Stone Restaurant
Old Cask Whiskey
Union Air Terminal
Burbank Blue Print and Supply Co.
Surety Savings
Lakeside Apartments
Bowler's Supply
Don Diego's
King Swede
El Chiquito Inn
Stardust Tavern
Dan Remy
Wanamaker Rents

Various 1985 images

J.C. Penney's, 1985
Golden Mall looking north from Magnolia, 1985
Golden Mall looking south from Palm, 1985
Golden Mall looking up Palm, 1985
Former Killeen Music building, Palm and First, 1985
Newberry's between Magnolia and Palm, 1985
Old John Muir School site across from BHS, 1985
Old school district office building, Magnolia and Third, 1985
Pep Boys (now Fuddruckers), 1985
Story Plumbing, Angelino and Third, 1985

Water Pumping locations

Palm Park underground resevoir interior
Palm Park underground resevoir interior, fill 'er up
Water pumping plant at Bel Aire and Grinnell (Friedrick Trainot, manager)
Pumping plant at Hollywood Way
Pumping plant at Olive and Buena Vista (Jim Johnson, manager)

Other images

Burbank baked beans
Palm Ave. postcard
Zodys (Dec 1962)
"Happy Days" postcard (1920s?)
Police dog
Residential view
Native Americans erect a teepee
Remains of old adobe home behind the Dr. Burbank ranch house
Emerson School, 1930's
The 1966 Morgan-Browder residence on 1600 Chandler (corner of Sparks and Chandler)
Wooden pig cutting board Burbank Lumber gave to new Burbank residents, c. 1921
Sandy Robison's watering wagon, 1913
At the Hobo Jungle, 9/1/1938 - 1, 2, 3, 4
Burbank as seen beyond the "Hollywoodland" sign (before 1949)
The Chief Diner, 1980
Undated Burbank photo (location unknown)
Women's Club building, undated
The Cooper Underwear Company, 1920's
Edmunds Grocery, c. 1898
Pacific Electric Red Car #960
Manhole Debris on Lincoln St. near railroad tracks, early 1960's - 1, 2, 3, 4
1943 alarm clock shortage
Old Drewry Photocolor logo on wall
Pickwick Swim School postcard
1938-1948 Burbank Rifle Club medals
Burbank Symphony Orchestra program, 1950s - 1, 2, 3
1914 alfalfa ranch postcard
Chief Diner(s), 1980
Alameda St. RR crossing, 1928 - 1, 2
67th Anniversary cake, 1954
Everett Sterling Gas Station and Tire Shop, 1939
Unknown chicken restaurant
Cinda's Vintage Pix of Burbank
Ansel Adams photos (many of which are of Burbank)
1945 bank robbery
Library of Congress - Burbank
Burbank citrus pennant
BPD Officer Andonie in his prowl car, 1969
Prewar Japanese gardens, 1 (Lockheed in background)
Prewar Japanese gardens, 2
1916 First Presbyterian Church dish
Blarney Stone card
San Fernando Valley hand
Roland and Reid Dance Studio
"Useless Husbands" booklet
Jack McAfee VW dealership
The Lido Venice (postcard)
Pickwick Swim School (postcard)
Smokehouse menu c. 1959 - 1, 2, 3
Pacific Manor (senior apartments), 1971
Pacific Bell Central Offices (scroll down for Burbank)
Samuels Florist, 1930s
Samuels Florest, 1970s
Comptons Shoe Repair (corner of Third and Orange Grove)
Moreland Truck Co. endurance drive
Moreland Truck factory, 1929
Postwar Japanese repatriation trailer park on Hollywood Way
The Corn-Eating Taylors, 1918
1940's/1950's Bell-Jeff patch
London Butcher Shoppe, corner of Palm and Third
Burbank Peepshow products
Ben Franklin School, 1964
The Fageol Supersonic
City of Burbank racer - 1, 2, 3, 4
Burbank Home Roofing Co. sign
Southern 4-4-0 train in Burbank, 2/8/1940
The San Val (cammo)
The San Val (nighttime)
the San Val from a viewer's perspective
Grangetto Winery sign (at Story Tavern)
Pickwick Riding Academy (1930's)
Burbank, 1939/1940
1926 Business Directory
Kindergarten room in Burbank (2/1925)
The Fillbach funeral home hearse
The Holiday Lodge Motel (1960s)
Pokers car club
TV Guide cover, Laugh-In
Laugh-In bumper sticker
Quonset Hut on Chandler
Quonset Hut on Chandler, other side
Dr. David Burbank sign
Backyard airplane 1, 2, 3, 4
Jayne Mansfield and two Burbank firemen, 1955
1949 Hot Dog Show menu
Aerial shot, late 40s or early 50s
Movie discount card, 1965
Bob's in Toluca Lake at night
Toluca Lake postcard (1970's)
Papoo's Hot Dog Show
Unimart entrance (1960s)
The Blarney Stone
Blarney Stone ashtray
Burbank Police Department moonshine bust
Laura Ingalls shakes Lockheed President's hand in Lindburg plane
Inspiration Point Burbank postcard
Villa Cabrini entrance
Fawkes Folly (captioned 1907)
Vern Sion's Burbank beard (1951)
BPD Police Surgeon badge
Burbank Junction train tower
Parallel park like a boss
Electronic City (shut its doors on 31 December 2013)
Nixon in Burbank, 1959
Closing of Marlindo lanes (1984)
Map of Channel Island off California (note Burbank and Glendale streets)
City of Burbank racer on Salt Flats (?)
Al's book bag (1960's?)
Pickwick Drive-In Theatre then and now
Pickwick Entrance
Pickwick Pool
First Presbyterian church, 1910, 3rd and Angeleno
Cornell Theater lobby
Cornell Theater interior
Three G Distillery's Rock and Rye
BPD Parking Control Volkswagen
Burbank pennant, 1920's
Debbie Reynolds (8/21/1948)
Panorama from Forest Lawn area (c. 1960)
Now and Then: 1213 West Verdugo
"The Plagues of Burbank" (Dead End Kids)
William Holden with sons Scott and Wes at the Burbank Rifle Club
Ray Family Photos (Lamer St., 1940's) - 1, 2, 3
The "Owl" train, 1930's, in Burbank, 2
the Florence Cafe
Chain Beverages
Horse Crossing
The China Trader
Ota, Japan pin
Old Trapper's Lodge statues
Old Trappers Lodge sign
Old Trappers Lodge statues
Old Trappers Lodge sculpture, one, two
Andrew Jergens Co. employees, 1953
Burbank Rifle and Revolver Club patch
Eagle-Picher comms systems
Valley Vista Pottery ghost image on Empire - 1, 2
The Pago Pago on Alameda
Boles-Aero Trailers
Menasco, 1941
"The Burbank Wash" (1952), mentioning "Burbank: The Story of a City" short. (Which can be viewed here.)
Burbank Choppers
Train at Burbank Tower
2013 Car Classic
Barnes Circus in Town, 1925
Burbank house: Fermer Kellogg's mother on porch holding flowers, turn of the last century
Union Ice Co., 1930s
Andrew Jergens Co., 1920s
Paramount Dairy (801 Main St.)
Burbank Nite at Disneyland, 1976
Larry's Chili Dog sign
Burbank as seen over the Hollywood Hills
Smoke House receipt (June 1958 - check out the beer and garlic bread prices)
Warner Bros. Fire Dept. 1936
St. Joseph Hospital 1951
Early postcard of St. Joseph Hospital
The Big Game 1957
Pacific Electric Redline Train
La Ciudad de Burbank
Pacific Evangelical United Brethren Home (old and new)
1933 or 34 Huth Muffler Deuce Coupe at Bonneville Salt Flats
Bela's VW Repair
1909 Burbank Ladies and 1909 Burbank Ladies (photo location)
Night shot from LDS church porch, January 2013
Walt Disney, 1943 ground breaking with the Sisters of Providence St. Joseph's Hospital
Thrifty McDaniel
Ye Olde Town Pump ashtray (430 S. San Fernando Rd.)
Jack McAfee Key Fob
Burbankers on Porch, 1909
1966 Equestrians
Castaway postcard
Burbank's fault line
Verdugo Fault at Churchs Ct. - 1 and 2
1934 drawing of the Burbank (Verdugo) Fault line
First Methodist Church before remodel
Front Street, 1940s
C and P Hudson dealership, 1953
Monroe and Frankson Hudson
Space Shuttle Endeavour over Burbank
the new Burbank Police Department patch design
Atherton Villa apartments, 1921
Retired Burbank Mayor's badge
Neighborhood Radio Watch patch
Zinc block
Covic Diesel Engines
Burbank Gold Star Mothers portrait
Disney Studios, 1940s
Lincoln Elementary School, before 1946
Hillside beyond Bell-Jeff tower
Burbank helps keep cats sturdy
Dump truck number 203
Burbank's Police Fleet, January 1950
Aerial shot looking south, 1970's
Aerial shot of Sunset Canyon Dr., 1951
Benmar Homes under construction, May 4, 1951
Roosevelt School, 1940s
Weber Aircraft, undated
I-5 looking north from the Burbank Blvd. bridge, 1970s
John Burroughs High, pre-1946
Burroughs High cheer, 1950s
McKinley School, 1940s
Burbank's Hillside "B"
1932 Adohr Milk Truck
Burbank Gear Lords tee shirt
Bicentennial fireplugs (from the 1976 BHS yearbook)
Bicentennial fireplug
P-80 crash (1945)
Pacific Electric Car, 1955
100th anniversary celebration image from the City's Economic Development Team's Christmas card
The Wonder Years House
"Skull Rock" in the Verdugo Mountains above Burbank, c. 1991
Burbank pennant (1970's?)
PAL (Police Athletic League) Swim Party at Pickwick Pool, 1950's
1961 Pickwick Pool Dance Party
Tim Burton Summer Reading library (1969)
Wahlstrom Pools, Burbank, 1958 ad
Wahlstrom Pools, Burbank, plaque
Burbank train wreck, July, 1924 (no mention in the L.A. Times)
The U.S.S. Burbank
Bear feeding (1935)
General Patton and other Famous Folk (from the 1977 city calendar)
1977 City Calendar cover
Tom Snyder's Key to the City (1993)
BPD Marksman award
1935 American Legion medal
Burbank Pioneers (1947)
Push button wonder of 1948
BPD Pogs (mid 1990's)
Mathilda Beall Morphy, Burbank's First Woman Letter Carrier
Debbie Reynolds and her baton, c. 1948
John Boylan's Burbank
Burbank on Parade (early 1950's)
Burbank Patrolman Badge
Mike McDaniel's scenic Burbank Sunset, as photographed from the roof of his house on Elmwood Avenue!
Cathy Coyle's Burbank Sunset atop the Burbank Blvd. overpass, 12/09
Burbank Junior Badminton League Boys (1950's?)
Burbank Junior Badminton League Girls (1950's?)
Little Hollywood Way homes
I-5 South (1960's)
Boeing Airport plans
Accordion performance, 1950s/1960s
First Flight, 1955
The Ben Mar Development
Benmar brochure 1 (1950's), 2, 3 and 4
Benmar Hills tract, 1927
Benmar Hills tract office, 1927
Throttle Queens, 1950's
Helen Addison Howard in 1966
James Jeffries, Debbie Reynolds and possibly Shirley Temple, late 1940's
Artillery fire base in Vietnam with Burbank sign, c. 1968
Greg Alaimo's sign seen in Vietnam during the war
Pacific Electric Railway map
Cleaned Up Hillside "B" (April 2010)
Hillside "B" as it appeared for a few days in August 2005 after vandalization
Then and now: the Providencia Motel
The Providencia Motel: One, Two, Three. (Cathy Nicholls Coyle supplied these. She lived there for seven years with her parents, who owned the business.)
Burbank LDS (Latter-Day Saint, "Mormon") Scout Patch
Disney Studios
First Church of Christ Scientist, 1940s
Villa Cabrini
St. Robert Bellarmine, 1940s
General Eaton speaks, 1962
Burbank Golden Anniversary, 1961
Empire Avenue Castle, 1974
Trailer park view, 1974
Daily Review office on Orange Grove, 1970's
Hancock Gas Station on Orange Grove and Third, 1960's
Bus line 29 and Bus line 29-2
Burbank Nite at Disneyland 1975
The Burbank Police Department used to drive Nash Metropolitans
Burbank Villa
Burbank Villa Hotel, 1887
Villa Hotel (long view)
Santa Rosa Hotel, 1924
KFWB radio concert, late 1940's
1943 Girls Softball Champions
1944 Girls Softball
Boys baseball, 1944-1945
Ravens Car Club plaque
Helpful Cop on State Route 99 - Feb., 1950 (Front St.).
Golden State Motel postcard
Women's softball 1950's (back of photo)
Aerial view of Burbank, 1983
Bonnywood Place, circa 1956
Train incident, 1950's - 1
Train incident, 1950's - 2
Burbank Creamery milk bottle
Burbank Line Bus Tokens
Marty's Meals
Bill's Ranch Market from the air, closer
Moreland Truck Company factory, overhead shot
Aerial shot of Mensaco
Gibraltar Savings, 1985
BHS tennis courts, 3rd and Delaware
The Public Works Yard
Puzzling Muir pin
Burbank Police Boys Band, 1955
Burbank Police Boys Band, unknown date
Dwarf cottage
Burbank wildcat
Burbank at Night, 1950's
Burbank/Los Angeles annexation stand (The sign suggests that this is probably J.W. Fawkes of "Fawkes Folly.")
1953 Plane Crash!
Foreman and Clark
War veteran trailers
1963 Burbank Nazi Party Rally
The construction of I-5 in 1957
Burbank in 1916
Grape Pickers, c. 1928
Grape Picker, c. 1928
The Burbank Prowlers
Tsuki Teru car club
1968 Jet Crash in Burbank!
Jerry Colonna and some Burbank baseball players
Looking up Walnut, 1950
Bank of America's main branch, 1963

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