Happy New Year!

by Susie Hodgson


If there was ever the right time of year to really take stock of things, appreciate what youíve got and vow to make things even better, itís at the beginning of a new year.

We who live in Burbank have a LOT to contemplate and smile about.

We live in a community that is truly that ó a community. Burbankers take special pride in our town. Not every L.A. suburbanite can say that. The rivalry between Burbank High and Burroughs lasts forever. People here still talk about Donís Place with affection. And many folks live their entire lives in Burbank ó often in the same house ó and canít imagine living anywhere else.

In many ways, the history of Burbank is like the history of America. We have our police stories complete with good guys and bad guys. We have our rags-to-riches stories such as Jim Jeffries. We have our homegrown celebrities including Debbie Reynolds and Ron Howard. (Yes, and Tim Burton and Blake Lively!). And where would we be without our own local political hijinks?! No comment about any recent spankings!

Burbank is about Lockheed, which in large part is the story of World War II. Burbank is about studios, which is the history of movies and television. Burbank is America.

We live in a beautiful, caring, tree-lined city that exudes love. Corny as that sounds, itís true.

The Burbank Historical Society/Gordon R. Howard museum were founded by a feisty little Burbanker named Mary Jane Strickland who noticed that people and even agencies were starting to throw out relics of Burbankís past. Well, that didnít sit well with long-time Burbanker Mary Jane. In fact, Mary Janeís own father was the first police chief of Burbank, so letís just say she had some skin in the game! So she collected photos, she gathered clothing, she put together people who scrounged for things just as much as she did, and here we are now.

Why not resolve to come by one weekend? Weíd love to meet you and weíll relish your stories as much as youíll enjoy our museum! You can volunteer here too and make friends for life...

...and be happy you live in Burbank!

The Burbank Historical Society/Gordon R. Howard Museum
Open 1 to 4 pm, Sats and Sundays
FREE admission & FREE parking at 1100 Clark Street
Ph: 818-841-6333

And remember,

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