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Do you know Susie Hodgson? She and her husband work at the Burbank Historical Society; she's a lovely person with a winning personality and an unquenchable desire to know all about Burbank history. In the past she has written articles for various Historical Society publications and now she's allowed us to reprint some of these for your reading pleasure. She tells us, however, that her role here HAS to promote the Historical Society, and we are happy to accommodate this. The Burbank Historical Society/Gordon R. Howard Museum is open Saturdays and Sundays, 1 to 4 pm - FREE Admission! It's located in George Izay Park, right next to the Creative Arts Center. Phone: (818) 841-6333. Web site: Email:

Susie's Articles

Bobbin' for Burgers
The Beautiful Magnolia Theater
Oh Mickey, you're so fine... Hey Mickey!
Gee, Your Cherry-Almond Lotion Smells Terrific!
Sunrise, Sunset
LOL: Ladies of Burbank
Fourteen Karat Gold
1945 - Survey Says!
Mother, May I?
Who the Heck was John Burroughs, Anyway?
Wiley Who?
All About Dick Clark
Do YOU Live in Beautiful Downtown Burbank?
We're in the Money - or are we?
On the Street (or is it Lane?) Where You Live
A Rose by any other Name...
Can't Touch This - Nellie May Madison
A Typical Teenager?
Columbia Ranch
The Great Hope of Burbank
She fought the Law - and she won!
A Little About a Gross
Burbank's Tasmanian Devil
But what does the "F" stand for?
Angie, Angie - We can't say we never tried...
Can You Imagine: The Burbank Bruins?
Thank you, Jazz Singer!
You Give Me Fever
David Starr Jordan: It's Complicated
Are You a Square?
Take Me Out to the Ball Game!
A Star Was Born... Right Here in Burbank!
Feeling Congested?
So You Wanna Be a Rock and Roll Star: The Randy Rhoads Story
A Commune in Burbank?
Heeeeeeeeeere's Johnny!
It's a Wonderful Life..?
It Happened on Grismer
Burbank Leader article about her cookbook

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