1960’s Memories of the Thrifty Drug Store on San Fernando Road from the “Burbank in the 1960’s” Facebook group.

By various Burbankers



Don Eisele yes it had black light posters. I spent a lot of Saturday afternoons in there just checking out the posters

Patricia Kohnhorst I remember Thrifty's. I shopped there often!

Anita Page I remember that Thrifty's so well. Takes me back to the teenage years.  I remember Michele's Record store too. Awesome place to buy the latest.

Ozzie Gerro My paper route was on that very corner in front of Thrifty, I sat on the sidewalk there.

Sheldon Stiel @don. The only ones I remember are Killeen's for musical instruments, or Michel's for records

Don Eisele always loved those scoops of ice cream in Thrifty's

Don Eisele I remember Killeen's also

Ozzie Gerro I also worked at Killeen's Music a few doors down. Hi Sheldon!

Don Eisele I got my trumpet from Killeen's

Wesley H. Clark Mom bought me a spinet piano there in 1973.

Renee DiGregorio Hmm, in the 60's I thought San Fernando was still open to traffic. Can't remember when they changed to the park-like median.

Cheryl Hamilton Long Yes, Renee, San Fernando was still open to traffic up until at least 1966 when our family moved to Pasadena. They had already started tearing up San Fernando Road when we went back to visit Burbank the following year!

Linda-Melton Damarjian In 1960 it was still San Fernando Rd. Golden Mall went in later.

Linda-Melton Damarjian JC Penny's was on the right. Remember fries and Green rivers at Thrifty's and small juke boxes at the counter and in the booths. 5 cents a play. JJ Newberry's was next door to Thrifty. Sees Candy.

Judith L. Smith Wiggins Great Memories... too bad things have to change.

Rhonda Orne my friend worked at Thrifty store there I used to go to the food counter in the back and play the counter juke boxes

Laura Arthur Loved the counter at Thrifty's....and the wall boxes!

Rhonda Orne anyone know Edith Marks ???

Debey Dick November, 1967 - Dedication of The Golden Mall. JBHS Marching Band played for the dedication. My very first non-football game performance.

Wesley H. Clark Golden Mall groundbreaking was 6 May 1967.

Sherry Hubbard Scott Ed's Towne Shoppe on the Golden Mall. . . . bought my Levi 501's there for $4.50. Promptly took them home, cut the legs off and threw them in the washer with bleach. Perfect shorts and a mother having a fit!

Sue Haack Pomocnik HAHAHA I bought all my at Burbank Surplus on the mall at the begging end-I think the start of the mall was Cypress St.? Burbank Surplus was the place to buy Levi's and I think we were paying about $12-$14

John Richard De Simio Burbank Surplus also had the Navy Surplus four pocket denim bell bottoms for about five bucks.

John Richard De Simio Other highlights to view on the stroll down the Golden Mall memory lane include Al's Bike Shop, where my parents purchased my purple Schwinn Sting Ray with tuck and roll banana seat caddy corner from Burbank Surplus. Crossing Magnolia heading east was of course Thrifty, JJ Newberry, with the pet shop on the mezzanine, FW Woolworth, JC Penny's the best place for boxers and t shirts, Sav-On, Burcals, The Book Mark, where I purchased a volume of poetry by Leonard Cohen in '67, Johnny Weismuller's health food juice shop, Micheles with the listening booth, Corradis for appliances and a good record selection, Bishops photos, who shot all the Bell Jeff yearbook portraits, and Kelly's pool hall, which my minor status prohibited my entrance, much though I wanted to check it out.

Sue Haack Pomocnik don't forget the instant photo booth in Newberry’s - a definite stop if spending the day wandering the mall... on to Sav-On’s where my mom worked for free candy bars... then on to the corner of Olive and San Fernando to the shop on the northeast corner that had great jeans... Oh yeah and Orange Julius... just don't get trapped by the L. Ron Hubbard crowd..

Sheldon Stiel My grandparents bought me my first Schwinn 10 speed from Al's. Green. Man it was a blast! How about Pep Boys? They sold Royce Union bikes...

Sheldon Stiel Bought all of my Pendletons from Burcal

John Richard De Simio Sue -- Did you mom know, or work with, the lady with the green eye shadow who sold ice cream at Sav on? Their scoops were twice as expensive as Thrifty, which were cylindrical and cost 5 cents for one cylinder, a dime for two and 15 cents for a triple.

John Richard De Simio Does anyone remember Curries which later became Jolly Jacks next to Jay Scott's Drugs across from the Shopping Bag and down the street from Arnolds? Other Glenoaks spots include the Y-knot bar, Shotz TV repair, Lucille's swimming academy and Tome's deli, and of course, Dr's Penix Penix and Penix at Scott and Glenoaks. But wait, how about Gil's Community market, Beeps, Vern's and Don's. Or the Knights of Columbus Hall. Or Fred Flinders Insurance? Oh, the memories come roaring back.

Cheryl Hamilton Long Yes, I do remember Curries - we did buy some ice cream there (although we usually went to Sav-on after church because their ice cream was less expensive AND just as tasty!). Mom used to go shopping all the time at Shopping Bag (which became Vons which became Shopping Bag again - which became ??). I used to buy paper dolls and Whitman’s chocolates at Arnolds (there was an Akron along there, wasn't there?). Our family moved from Burbank in 1966 so I probably wouldn't even recognize the area anymore!

Sue Haack Pomocnik All of my family worked at Sav-on's at one time or another. My Aunt Tib, cat eye glasses, wild eye shadow colors, way to much blush sounds like who you are talking about. Always had too much bauble jewelry on...you have to talking about Aunt Tib

John Richard De Simio Sue--You have solved the mystery! That is exactly who I was thinking of! She was so very nice to us young whippersnappers with our fistful of pennies and nickels, eager to slurp the tasty treats she would scoop from deep inside the cardboard barrels. She had style, enough to last nearly five decades!

John Richard De Simio Cheryl--Yes, things have changed a bit since '66, and it is getting harder to remember just what was where and what it was then versus now. Other Glenoaks landmarks include Tony's Market near Keystone, and the Pizza Pantry at Glenoaks and Lamer, or thereabouts, a little shack run by an old Italian guy who made delicious thin crust pizzas with canned button mushrooms. I haven't found a better pizza in fifty years.

John Richard De Simio Debby--I went to St. Francis and only heard about the pigs from other adventurous students or from the veiled threats of the nuns, who were addressed as Mother as opposed to sister at other orders. Turns out my dear departed mother was the school nurse at F Cabrini in the mid sixties through early 1970. Were you by any chance there during that time?

John Richard De Simio I moved, with my family, to Burbank from Slum Valley, leaving behind such landmarks as the Sun Val Market, Buds's donuts and Crazys, where Sunland gangs used to rumble in the parking lot, for Hughes and Curries, etc. I grew up on Jolley Drive, which was the place to be during the Christmas season, where it crosses Kenneth before meeting Scott. I recall walking to Bell Jeff in 66 through 70 past several acres of vineyards immediately north of Kenneth between Brown and Irving. Our house was right on the hill and only a chain link fence kept the coyotes from eating our German Shepherd, Prince. There was a fire in the hills in the mid sixties during which the firemen accessed the hills from our back yard!

John Richard De Simio cheryl--I used to treat my little pals to ice cream sodas at Curries n Saturdays with the five dollars I would earn mowing a neighbor's lawn. I would then take the surplus and pour through the two stacks of albums on sale at Shopping Bag, trying to decide if I should buy the Rolling Stones Between the Buttons LP in mono for $2.97 or blow the rest of my dough on the stereo version for $3.29. After much agonizing, I went for the stereo more often than not, but later learned that mono albums were much more desirable by collectors. Who knew?

Jan Mcquaide I remember this scene before San Fernando Road was closed off then opened and then the new theater built then replaced with the present theater. I moved here in 1960 from Nebraska. I have lots of memories… :)

Jan Mcquaide My first job was at JJ Newberry's located on the right side of this pic middle of the block! In those days my weekly pay was given in a little brown envelope. Then I made a big move across the street to work at JC Penney's ‘til I went to Nursing School at Hollywood Pres Hospital.

Paul Watson Who remembers Jerry the Italian waiter who worked at Thrifty's? I let him read a paper everyday so he could check the horses. He taught me how to eat spaghetti (with a fork and spoon).

Jani Lewis wow...I remember that scene but than I remember it before it became the Golden Mall and behind was The Burbank Board of Education...now sits the Burbank Media Center

Sue Haack Pomocnik @John-Aunt Tib (Elizabeth) was my mom’s great aunt and she was a gas! She loved kids and loved to make them happy and would give you $1.00 worth of ice cream for a nickel! She was a riot at Thanksgiving and Christmas and we used to make bets on what color her eye shadow would be!

Debey Dick John - I was a resident student at the Villa from 1960 to 1967. Then I was finally successful at convincing my mom I should go to JBHS. Man, what a culture shock that was! I have all my yearbooks from Cabrini for those years. I've been thinking of tossing them out or donating them to the museum at St. Francis. I'll let you know if I find any pix of your mom. Many times I went to the school nurse for the usual wear and tear items. By the way, there's only one Missionary Sister of the Sacred Heart left in California. She lives in Burbank and is a good friend of mine. They haven't been called "Mother" since 1968 or '69. But I STILL have to fight the urge to call her that. Bugs her to no end!

John Richard De Simio Debby--What a treasure trove your yearbooks must be! I'm pretty sure my dearest mot her was there during your stat. I graduated from St. Francis in 66 and went to Bell Jeff until 70, at which time my folks moved to Dayton, Ohio, and I stayed h ere an went to Valley and later UCLA. Thanks for verifying the Cabrini pig story. I thought it was an urban legend for a long time. Those early nuns must have been quite the skilled farm hands when you look at the way the grounds were laid out. A villa indeed!