(as of 11/22/20)

No. 9 Victor Milton Lloyd


10/03/20 05:45

Actually, I like this better than Aventus, which never impressed me.

It starts with a strong fruity accord, and dries down to a musky-rose accord, more rose than musk. I detect no smoke at all, however. (Isn't that the main thing to get right about an Aventus clone, a pineapple-smoke accord?) Also, there isn't any oakmoss within miles of this stuff. It's not listed on the box and I don't smell any.

It lasted about five hours on my skin before it turned into a very faint skin scent. Not a bad piece of work at all, especially considering the money.

My wife hates it - but she had a head cold.



04/26/20 10:01

Very retro - and not in an especially good way. It's not that I am opposed to the way this stuff smells - it smells okay - it's just I am completely underwhelmed by it. I sprayed some on my wrist and it was gone pretty quickly. No projection or longevity. Instead skin scent. So.... I pass.

Also, I recall that in the early 1970s musk scents smelled very new and exciting. Now they remind me more of laundry than anything else. The thrill is gone.



12/25/19 06:29

I stumbled across this one in a kitchenwares store in Boise. My expectations were not high but I was pleasantly surprised to discover in this one a fine boozy aromatic cedar wood. Very nice. So I bought a bottle as it wasn’t expensive at all.

I detect no smoke and only a hint of vanilla.


After a month of use I have discovered that this stuff has tragic performance. It doesn't last. On me it's gone from skin and clothing after a couple of hours. Essentially, I smell it when I spray it on and that's it. I won't be replacing my bottle...



12/24/19 14:13

Basically a creamy coffee with a hint of chocolate. No WOW factor here, but a nice, inoffensive light scent that becomes a very close skin scent on me after about an hour. I don't think I'd bother getting a bottle; it just doesn't last.

The King Polo for me is Green.



12/18/19 07:51

Great stuff! Mmmmmm... cork. I used to have a cork board in my bedroom as a teen and Akro Smoke smells just like it. A very appealing scent! Even my wife likes it... she normally hates the "Grandma's ashtray" note she detects in smoky scents. She detects a boozy note that I only faintly get. For me, this is all about the smoke and cork.

Problem, though: This stuff doesn't last on my skin. After a couple of hours it's almost entirely gone - which is a problem I have with almost all modern scents.



12/18/19 07:15

I bought a small bottle of this for myself for Christmas. I haven't opened it yet. It's a total blind buy since The Scent Bar in LA didn't have a tester. But I loved the New York original and so I think I shall like this, too.


After a wearing: Yep, it's great! But I can't tell how it differs from the original New York; it's been too long since I had a bottle. I suppose that if I compared them side-by-side I could tell. The Intense flanker has a bit more of a pepper note, perhaps? I'm not sure. But it smells great - an old school chypre - and it lasts!

I see comparisons to Bois du Portugal (what I think is Creed's best scent)... it's of the same genre but not at all the same. Frankly, I think this stuff is better.



12/18/19 07:09

After reading the news about this house in a Fragrantica article I had so wanted to reward Manuel Cross for sticking up a big middle finger at IFRA by buying a bottle of this, and traveled to The Scent Bar in West Hollywood to try it. Real oakmoss is back! Oh, boy!

But... sad to say, on my skin this struck me as being strongly feminine. That white floral is all to the fore here, and it's just not for me. I was very disappointed.

Don't get me wrong - it's an excellent perfume of obviously high quality and with a real retro/classic vibe. But not for a male seeking out a perfume that is masculine in character. I bet it would be gangbusters on my wife...



12/18/19 07:04

I actually bought and owned this one - for about an hour. I liked the opening tobacco-chypre notes and based on that, made a purchase. About an hour later, however, in the car, I noticed that it had turned to a sickening, overpowering soapiness on my skin. No, no, no. So back it went to The Scent Bar in West Hollywood, to be exchanged for Parfums de Nicolai New York Extreme.



12/16/19 04:47

I just noted that it was sweet with a very slight poopy note, but both my wife and a friend sniffed it, put thoughtful looks on their faces, and independently said the same thing, "Twizzlers!" So I guess it smells like Twizzlers. (I kind of get that.)

It doesn't seem to last especially long on me - but then, almost nothing does.



10/15/19 07:54

Sweet and warm, one of the better honey fragrances I have ever smelled. Perhaps the best! The price, however, is in the OUCH category.



07/20/19 14:07

This appears the be the replacement for Prada Infusion d'Homme, which I really liked. It smells the same. I'm glad it's still with us, even with a different name. This stuff was just too good to go away. But, GEEZ: $160/bottle at Bloomingdales? Yikes.

It is unique in one good way: it lasts.



07/20/19 14:01

" licorice with voluptuous white amber..." Huh? Blue licorice? What's that? This is not bad, but not significantly different from the original green Mugler Cologne to my nose. Very similar.

I know what the twisted "E" note is! (1) Marketing, and (2) the original Mugler Cologne.



07/20/19 13:56

I love the original, wear it and know its characteristics very well. How does this flanker differ? Well, the first thing I detected for a second or two after spraying on my skin was an intense lacquer note which resolved very quickly into a pronounced skank note. This has a very brief dirty smell that the original TL doesn't own. And then... green. After five minutes or so on my skin it dried down into pretty much the original Tuscan Leather. Perhaps a bit greener. After a half hour it became a skin scent, so I'm not sure this lasts as long as the original scent.

On a card I detect what my wife calls the "Grandma's ashtray" note. I don't find it objectionable as she does, but I do not believe it's in the original.

I like it - but I prefer the original



06/16/19 10:10

Very nice. It's clean but interesting and avoids the usual boring "freshie" (I hate that term) and sporty vibe. A simple but effective mix of citrus and pine. A good summer scent and a nice thing to wear with a crisply-ironed shirt.

Does it last? Not especially - but rarely does anything last on me.

Hey, I'd try a bottle.

Actually, I sort of did already. It reminds me very much of the bottle of Penhaligon Blenheim Bouquet I used to have. Same notes, same vibe.



06/15/19 20:40

I like this, but I read it as a fougere. Like Paco Rabanne DNA. And I don't smell any mint. BUT - I had my sinuses operated on last week and my sense of smell is all messed up and comes and goes! I wonder if I'll like this in a few months when I heal up? I bet I'll smell the mint then, and won't like it. Generally, mint-based frags remind me too much of toothpaste and dentistry.



05/31/19 04:36

Well, I liked the top-most citrus notes. They fairly sparkled. And then... it transitioned into the familiar stench of a blue scent on me. I do not have good luck with blue scents. One reviewer here called the drydown "rotten egg," and that's about as close as I can get to describing it. A lot of scents smell this way; it's a very common smell and it never works for me.

"This perfume reminds me of..." ...just about every other blue perfume.



05/29/19 05:22

I actually like the fruity top notes, which are well-wrought. Usually I don't like perfumes with an apple note, but this one works and actually does smell like an apple. For a short while. Sadly, as the lighter components evaporate (and I'm talking about five minutes or so), what happens on my skin is that the whole thing becomes sour and nasty. Ugh. From nice apple to scrubber in mere minutes.

Spicebomb Extreme (aka Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille) is the one to get.



05/27/19 12:24

Okay. Yet another variation of a vanilla scent. I wouldn't buy a bottle of this but then I wouldn't scrub it off if some made its way onto my flesh. I'm pretty sure I like the drydown better than the initial blast.

Interesting bottle.



05/27/19 12:22

Not bad. Probably the best of the Diesels I have smelled. A bit too fruity for my taste, but, again, not bad.



05/27/19 12:19

Interesting bottle, uninteresting fragrance. A total Meh of a scent. It smells like your typical "masculine" scent. I pass.



05/23/19 16:08

Ugh! Sours on my skin almost immediately. Pungent and chemical. Scrubber...



05/05/19 09:03

Lemony-solventy with a hint of skank. Long lasting... days later it's still on my paper strip.




04/02/19 03:42

Tom Ford Tuscan Leather is my signature scent, so based on the rave reviews and the ridiculously low price, I bought a little roller bottle of this stuff. It arrived in the mail yesterday. However, I presently have a bad case of sinusitis and can't smell a thing!

So I got my wife and two other women to do a smell test, Macho Man on my left wrist and Tuscan Leather on my right. They all agreed that the two scents are indeed similar. My wife still prefers the Tuscan Leather, but says this stuff is good, too.

I'm now on antibiotics. When I get over this sinusitis I'll be able to judge for myself!


(Sense of smell returned)

Yep! Very close to TL. There are differences but they're pretty subtle.



03/06/19 19:29

Tried this at the Guerlain Boutique in the Bellagio in Las Vegas. A wonderful, fresh citrus scent - that actually lasts! Elegant, zesty and classy. Great stuff!



01/31/19 10:48

This is the same as Elsha 1776. Go there.



01/29/19 10:26

I like the EdP better than the parfum flanker. This is strongly woodsy, which I like, with honey notes. It's a bit odd and unusual - but I like it. I'd wear it.



01/10/19 17:28

"It smelled too sweet for me like an orange Popsicle."

Exactly. Too cloying, too sweet, too feminine, too soft. Not at all for me.



01/06/19 07:35

My very first impression of this scent was not good; it smelled like a dusty citrus fruit. That is, a citrus fruit set aside in a room that has not been dusted or cleaned in a long time and takes on a dirty/musty smell.

But then I tried again with another skin spray and got a better sense of the subdued (not fresh or zingy) grapefruit note mixed with that seems like a juniper or cypress (green) note, a camphorous note and the musk. It now makes more sense.

I like it better than I did at my first whiff, but, overall, I think Atelier does a much better job with citrus and, especially, grapefruit. In no way does this grapefruit "sparkle."

But yes, I'd wear this, despite the undeniable fact that it does smell a bit institutional (like a cleanser).

Secret "C": note - oh, please. It's really an "M" note for Marketing.



11/28/18 04:16

Like Creed Aventus? Not at all. People, this is far better.

But it's not really musk; the name is deceptive. It's a figgy-woody-blackcurrant thing with hints of leather. It's interesting, that's for sure. I like it - but as with nearly everything else I try, it doesn't last.



11/27/18 10:08

Atelier makes some great-smelling citrus scents, to be sure, and this is another one of them. The orange in this is very accurate, fresh and cheering. So much better than Clinique Happy, which is what I think they were going for. But, alas!, as is the case with just about all citrus scents based on light molecules, this one doesn't last, either.

I give them credit for coming up with a great orange scent, however...



11/24/18 16:05

I'm glad I'm not the only one who detected the likeness to Guerlain Vetiver (one of my favorite scents, btw).

A very nice scent and it smells good on me. I do detect some pepper... but it's a nice pepper and there are some orangy notes as well. It seems to last better than average, which I attribute to its EDP concentration.

Is it soapy? Perhaps a bit - but it's a good soapy.

Would I buy a bottle of this instead of Guerlain Vetiver? Possibly...



11/15/18 09:46

Fucking mediocre.



10/31/18 13:11

Not bad but not especially good, either. The top notes pack a strong citrus punch but the drydown is nothing special. It stays fresh throughout - which isn’t exactly my thing...



10/31/18 13:07

Ugh! NOT wanted! That apple note is always a deal-killer for me!

I like the bottle, however....



10/29/18 14:01

Another in the "yummy" category of scents, gourmands. Very vanilla. It's like vanilla was spilled on a ladies' glove. A very nice scent but... very weak. It doesn't last and it doesn't project - and for the money they're asking, it should.



09/02/18 17:37

The top notes are strongly citrus; these are quite nice. The drydown moves into Ambroxan territory which isn't bad but hardly original. I found it... okay. "Safe for work" (the perfumery equivalent of damning with faint praise). It's also somewhat soapy.

"Ice?" Nah.

My wife is completely unimpressed. She thinks it smells too much like the cleaning agents she uses. In other words, functional perfumery instead of fine perfumery.



08/18/18 16:02


I liked the opening and could detect a sort of Tom Ford DNA in it, but, wow, when the basenotes came on it smelled like rancid Play-Doh on my arm. No, no, no.



08/15/18 04:40

My wife glommed onto this one at a local Sephora and said she liked it. Always anxious to please, I got a sample. Yes, it's dry cocoa powder and some undefined woody notes. It's not bad - cuddly and likable, in fact - but as other reviewers here state, projection and longevity are tragic. I sprayed it on my shirt and an hour or so later I can barely smell it.

I don't detect any ginger at all.

Pretty, unique bottle.



05/18/18 04:41

Wow - a Tom Ford scent with poor longevity and projection (at least on me). That's unusual.

The name had me hoping for a good agarwood scent, but this is really a somewhat wifty marine scent. It's a bit like smelling a piece of driftwood that washed up on the beach. It's not bad, but it's not really successful, either. It's too subtle to have any "wow factor," and it's not different enough from the usual collection of marine scents to convince me.

Oceanics aren't a big deal for me, and I really haven't found one I like better than Outremer Oceane.

I pass.



05/17/18 12:52

greyhoundmom has it right: "...was surprised to find that it smells almost exactly like TF Tobacco Vanille!" Yes, I think so, too. A tamer version of TF TV but very much in the same vibe. Very strongly tobacco and vanilla - not so much spice. (The pepper note is very downplayed.) I like it. I like it better than Spicebomb, in fact.

It's also a cousin to CK Shock, I think.

My wife's comment was, "It's okay. At least it's not soapy like a lot of the others."



05/08/18 07:12

This is one of the hands-down all time best tobacco scents I have ever smelled. "It's more like a fresh sack of blonde rolling tobacco that has just been opened." Yes - raw-umber has nailed it!

Great longevity. A pity it is discontinued.



05/01/18 09:42

Here I thought I was done with fragrances, and I get this one as a blind buy/gift. I put it on my amazon wish list based almost wholly upon people thinking that this reminds them of Creed Bois du Portugal - the only Creed I really like. Does it remind me of Bois du Portugal? No.

It opens weird - strongly citrus but also somewhat skanky. It's somewhat off-putting. But that soon dries down into a nice, traditional and classy men's scent with lavender and vanilla in the lead. (I don't really get the woodsy notes.)

I think my daughter paid less than $30 for the 100ml bottle. Wow. Well done, Lalique! (I also once had - and liked - my bottle of Encre Noire.)


I'm about 20% through my bottle; I have come to like this a lot! It's a nice vanilla variation.



04/21/18 15:01

I played rugby, so as much as I wanted to like this... no. The initial blast is quite nice and citrusy but it dries down to something somewhat soapy that smells like functional perfumery - something you spray on linen, for example. My wife thought it smelled like the dish soap she uses. It's not bad, but it's not really successful. Zero WOW factor.

I suppose you could say it's a "good work scent," which, to me, is like damning with faint praise.

The green notes make it smell like a cousin of Mugler Cologne.

What does real rugby smell like? Hot turf, sweat, blood, cotton, Ben-Gay and, sometimes, men whose hygiene needs some attention. (Especially if you're in the scrum like I was.)



03/20/18 04:17

On paper and then wrist: Smoky wood which eventually dries down to a woody vanilla. Very, very nice. If you like the smell of campfire smoke (and I do) and you can't find or afford the Cadillac of campfire perfumes, Naomi Goodsir Bois d'Ascese, then get this. $125/bottle at the Nordstrom near me. I got a sample so I'll be trying it as soon as I use up my five year old bottle of Bogart Pour Homme this week.


I'm now wearing my Nordstrom sample. Very nice stuff, woody/smoky. I would have thought it overpowering, but no. It wears very nicely. And I don't think I'm broadcasting it... Also, I would have expected to be cloying, but, no, it's not that, either.

I'd like a bottle!



02/01/18 17:27

I've been waiting for a long time to smell this one; I finally found it in an Ulta store. That green bottle certainly stands out!

So do the top notes - and not in a good way. Okay, it's settled: I do not like mint scents. They all seem to remind me way too much of toothpaste. The dry down is okay - A-Men - but, yuck, those top notes. Scope, Crest, Orbit gum, etc.

I pass.



02/01/18 17:24

Paugh! Boring, generic, unimaginative, synthetic, cheap. Smells like any number of other scents whose ultimate destination is a Ross near you.



12/30/17 16:04

Nice for my wife - not for me. Unisex? Nah.

We're both from L.A. If you want to invoke California (or even the *idea* of California) do it with salt, sage and eucalyptus. Juniper Ridge Big Sur does it.



12/30/17 16:00

Meh. It started out commendably dirty (what's causing *that?*) and interesting but turned... boring. Average.

Creed does it again. Viking is yet another example of why this House is so overrated.



12/30/17 15:56

A well-wrought cologne in the signature light Ellena style... but... there are all sorts of things in this style I like better. Terre d'Hermes, Terre d'Hermes Eau Tres Fraiche, Declaration...

There's cumin in this? I don't smell it.

Price point problem!



12/30/17 15:51

From the title I was expecting an animalic musk, but no - this is a cookie. It falls into the "yummy" category of scents. My wife swears there's an anise note which makes it smell like her Christmas Pizzelle. Whatever... this is a very nice gourmandy scent. Put me on the bandwagon: I like this stuff.



12/30/17 15:44

Tested on paper: Who knew a rum and patchouli accord could smell so good? Ah loves it. Wonderful. Next: On skin.


On skin: Ah, this is good stuff! I'm definitely getting more patchouli than rum on my skin. But now I'm also getting the vanilla notes. Interesting stuff!



12/26/17 17:58

Leather? And Russian leather at that? I don't think so. It smelled way too fresh to me. I didn't like this stuff at all. The concept is off the mark.



12/26/17 17:56

The greenest leather I have ever smelled. It's not bad. For a somewhat weird scent I like it, but, uh-oh... it gets soapy upon dry down. That and the price tag, whew.



12/06/17 19:25

I like it... but it's too much like Shay & Blue Black's Club London. Same vibe. So why repeat myself? It's quality, though.



12/06/17 19:23

The knowledgeable gal at the Scent Bar in LA said this would dry down to leather - but it didn't. A pity. It's just orange that doesn't last long enough.



12/06/17 19:20

This is the stuff! Pine, oakmoss, leather - and it lasts. (I don't get any mint from it.) Retro and masculine. But... I didn't buy it. $160/bottle at the Scent Bar in L.A. I'm kind of done with expensive scents, to be honest. But this is a good one!


I bought a sample. It smells terrific on skin, but, wow, doesn't last at all. There's a surprise. I don't know why I wrote that it lasted above... that wasn't my experience actually wearing it.



12/06/17 16:30

Hooray! I finally got to try this. (It normally isn't sold in the states.) I tried it on skin at the LAX Duty Free shop.

The first blast is lemony... and then it dries down to a nice, oakmossy scent. (Indeed, oakmoss is listed on the box.) But, sadly, it is very light. Chanel meets Jo Malone. It turned into a very weak skin scent on me in less than an hour.

I get Luca Turin's love for this, but longevity and projection on this one are dire. How thoroughly disappointing!

Well... I won't be wasting my time with it as planned when I go to Paris next year. I guess I can skip the Chanel Boutique.

I prefer the Chanel Monsieur Concentree sold in the States!



12/06/17 16:23

It smells fresh and limey, but no longevity on me at all. A pity. I like it.



11/22/17 05:38

Most people detect aldehydes, ink and magnolia in this one? Wow. I'll give it points for being daring and different, but... I don't like it. It's strange and way too powdery.

The very first thing I get from this is a blast of something sharp and very much like enamel or lacquer paint - that solvents nose burn. The drydown reminds me too much of the scented talcs my mother used to get from Avon when I was a little boy. It doesn't seem to last long... the long term scent here is mildly floral/woody.

No like.



11/20/17 10:40

Not bad. No WOW! factor, but not bad. I like the fruity opening - that seems well-wrought. It dries down to an inoffensive, somewhat generic scent. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't buy this, but I wouldn't turn down a bottle if it came my way.

One of those "office scents." Projection and longevity are average for scents these days, which is another way of saying disappointing.


On a second wearing I have changed my opinion because I've detected a somewhat sour note in this. It is not prominent and I don't know how I missed it before, but it is unpleasant, so, no.



11/15/17 04:23

Boring and generic. Destined for a Ross store near you.

The sample I have has "For Adult Use Only" on the card - hahahaha!



08/02/17 05:26

Hmmm. I'm not sure what I think about this one. Normally I like iris-based scents, but this one seems a bit too perfumey, too soft, too powdery. I don't not like it, but I'm pretty sure I prefer Infusion L'Homme best. (Or whatever they call it today.)



04/18/17 10:26

A sample given to me when I bought something far better. Generic, uninteresting, mass market, boring, forgettable, uninspiring. In no way, shape or form is this in any way "exceptional." About the only good thing that can be said for this is that it has a smell.



04/11/17 04:28

This doesn't smell like fine perfumery. It smells like functional perfumery. The original Neroli Portofino smelled like Spray and Wash - this stuff even more so.

It appears that the only reasonable way to extend a light citrus scent (and keeping it light) is via Hedione, as Roudnitska did with Eau Sauvage. This stuff is like a sledgehammer. My wife sniffed my collar and made a stink face.

And, wow, $100 more than the original? I pass!



04/10/17 18:23

The top notes on this one are pretty hard to take (yes, "poopy"), but it dries down to a quality oud like Hayat Kemi Blending Magic. Problem is, wearing this one is going to be harder. It's just... hard to take. This is not one of those rapidly-vanishing scents. And, happily, it's also not one of those medicinal ouds. High quality oud.

Much better than M7!



01/15/17 20:38

Yes, it seems like a soliflore orange blossom, but does it have Hedione in it to provide a white flower note? It reminds me of Eau Sauvage - but this is still a very pleasant scent.

My favorite orange scent remains Acqua di Parma Blu Mediterraneo - Arancia di Capri, but this is good, too. It lasts longer.



01/15/17 15:29

Well, that was a surprise! I have found that I normally like men's scents with iris (Prada Infusion d'Homme being the main example), but I sure don't care for this! It's too green, too wild, too strong, too floral. Scrubber, in fact.

Unisex? No, I don't think so. I think it is very feminine. Not for me at all.

And how exactly is this a "chypre?" No oakmoss, bergamot or labdanum. Patchouli alone does not a chypre make.



01/14/17 18:14

Oh, this is VERY nice. It may be the best citrus scent I have ever smelled. Anyway, it's up well there. It starts as citrus and dries down to... green. Greenish. I want a bottle!

My wife likes it, too.

Update: I have a bottle. Longevity and projection sucks! I like it but I won't be replacing it.



01/14/17 18:11

"Tom of Finland is beyond sexuality – he is sex, in all its fullness and magnitude, open and erect."

Oh, puleese.

Not a bad scent. I seem to almost automatically like scents that contain iris. And I'm no fan of the "clean/fresh" genre, but this one is tolerable.

Too soft and clean to be much of a leather scent to me.



01/02/17 13:31

More like Cartier Declaration than Terre d'Hermes, I think. (I have owned both.) I don't get the pronounced bitter orange note that forms such a distinctive part of the Hermes product.

I like it, but I think I'd prefer another bottle of the Cartier or the Hermes than this.

It's... okay. I'd wear it.



12/30/16 07:27

Oud is almost always a miss with me. Either I can't smell it as a distinct note (Tom Ford Tobacco Oud or Oud Wood), or there's a nasty cough medicine aspect to it (M7). Or, with an oud attar, it smells like a rotting log. The only oud that I have liked thus far is Hayat Kemi Blending Magic - $400/bottle.

But this stuff is complex, wonderful and I'd wear it! It's not really me - but I'd wear it.

Like the Hayat, the top notes are a bit overwhelming and unpleasant, but that soon fades away to a deep, completely unique scent. This is oud done right.

Yes, there is some skank here, but it's a good skank, if that makes sense.

Problem: My wife gets her hated "grandma's ashtrays" note from it. (Encre Noir and Creed Royal Oud also has this for her.)



12/29/16 13:41

A good sweet tobacco scent at a good price; no WOW! Factor, but it is good. I would wear this!



12/29/16 13:39

Pure "meh." Kind of clean/fresh/sporty.



12/29/16 08:01

I'm a smoke fan, so yes, I love this stuff! As eilismaireg pointed out, it's Autumn in a bottle! A lovely scent. To my nose it is not as campfire-smokey as Naomi Goodsir's Bois d'Ascese (which I also like a lot).

Don't be put off by the "patchouli" in title. There is indeed an earthy, potting soil aspect to this, but it's a well-blended mix of smoke and patch.

I don't detect much vanilla here... I guess it modifies the raw/soil note of the patchouli more than asserts itself as sweet. This is not sweet.

I think I like this as much or more than the Tom Ford Patchouli Absolu, which is very much a potting soil scent.

Yes - I want a bottle!



12/28/16 09:16

On me it starts out somewhat cloying (too sweet), and then the honeyed scent sours somewhat on my skin. And, uh-oh, it also gets unpleasantly camphorous on me. So... no.

The bottle is extraordinary.



12/27/16 05:57

I found this plain bottle on the shelf at Nordstrom, my favorite department store. I've never seen it there before. Hm. So, Nordstrom being Nordstrom, I filled myself one of their little sample sprayer bottles to try it out.

It smells nice - musky, woodsy - but there is no WOW factor at play, here. And it doesn't really seem to assert itself on my skin - I suspect projection is virtually nil.

So while I like it, I must admit that it's kind of a personality free sort of scent. It falls into the category of "safe for work," which is the same place one of my favorite scents, Prada Infusion d'Homme, inhabits. But the Prada has a much more welcoming radiance... I always feel well-groomed wearing it.

This Loewe scent is just kind of there but doesn't really do anything for me. Once again, I like it, but, no.



12/19/16 08:32

What happened to my original review?

Anyway, I bought this and wore it only to find out, over time, it struck me as just plain weird. I tried and I tired, but no, I could not come to terms with it. So I don't really like it anymore and shall be giving it away as a white elephant exchange gift this Christmas!



12/15/16 17:34

Another well-wrought scent from Prada. It's an iris scent, primarily, and as I like iris scents I like this! It works well on my skin. Maybe after I use up my bottle of Infusion d'Homme I'll buy a bottle of this...



11/26/16 19:00

I suspect the oud-rose accord isn't for me. I find this floral, sweet and cloying. I'm pretty sure I couldn't bear smelling this on myself all day.

I bet it's spectacular... on somebody else.



10/15/16 09:09

An inconsequential scent that smells nice (fruity and soft) enough upon application but very quickly dries and disappears from skin *and* clothing.

It makes a Jo Malone perfume seem like a powerhouse.

My wife's assessment was "Meh."



10/11/16 05:50

I tried this via a Nordstrom sample and, yes, I agree with everyone else: It's sort of a toned-down version of Tuscan Leather, which I own and like. As I have quickly scent-neutralizing skin, this stuff doesn't last as long as TL on me. So if it's the same price, why buy it?

It's... okay. It's a good leather scent but not one of my favorites. For Tom Ford cost I expect more Wow Factor.


Smelled it again in a big department store in Paris. Yep, same conclusion. The underwhelming little brother of Tuscan Leather.



10/09/16 06:59

I smelled this one on paper at a Nordstrom. Yes, it is green. Very green. At times it reminded me of grass, which recalled memories of me as a child lying on grass and feeling itchy. (I think I am mildly allergic to grass.)

I agree with the reviewer who thought this not unisex. After the assertive greenness of the opening it indeed becomes floral. It's not for me. I have smelled other scents with violet leaf notes and find them to be turn-offs.

It might smell terrific on my wife, however...



09/06/16 19:50

Awful stuff. It's a good thing I test sprayed a bit of my Nordstrom sample on my arm before doing a general spray or it would have made for a long, long day. The top notes have a piercing, cloying floral note that smells like the world's worst scented candle - or unbearably soapy, I'm not sure which. This pungency only lasts for a half hour or so and then the scent settles down, but I don't care for the floral drydown, either. (Suspicion confirmed: geranium is not for me.) This is one of the least attractive Hermes scents I've ever smelled.




08/15/16 06:58

When the Nordstom associate picked up the bottle to prepare a tester she noted the little leather zippered suit for the bottle and said, "That's cute." Indeed. Hot Topic cute. You know, Corporate Goth/Corporate Rebel cute.

I like the top notes! A smoky leather...very nice. The drydown, not so much. It gets kind of trashy within about a half hour... it loses its allure and character.

Longevity is indeed tragic. I sprayed two wet sprays of this stuff on my arm at 9:20 AM. By 9:55 it was a very weak skin scent and at 10:20 AM it was almost entirely gone. Why waste your money on stuff that doesn't last?

So far I have not cared for any of the Varvatos scents I have tried and this one joins the crowd. A pity. The top notes are great!

And I still maintain that the true rock and roll rebellious scent is Knize Ten.



08/13/16 20:34

This stuff is meh, generic, boring and doesn't last... and even if a tanned blonde in her 40's approached me and started sniffing at me I wouldn't buy it.

And the other thing I don't buy is story about the tanned blonde.



08/10/16 19:46

Wifty and way too light in the Jo Malone style. No longevity. Not for me.



08/10/16 19:45

Paper test: Interesting! Smoky and somewhat dirty. Comes off strong. I need to wear this on my skin...



08/10/16 19:43

Meh. Forgettable. Doesn't last.



08/10/16 19:41

Hm. I wonder about the notes. First of all, I don't get any eucalyptus - and bear in mind, I know what the stuff smells like because I used to play among eucalyptus trees and leaves all through my childhood in California. This doesn't smell like that. And gin? Again, hm. All of the gin scents I've smelled from Tokyomilk were sour and awful - and yet this isn't.

I read it as mildly floral. It's not bad... I could grow to like it. It smells upper crusty and British.



08/10/16 19:37

A classy citrus scent in a superlative bottle. It lasted about two hours max on my arm. There are better citrus scents out there for me - Terre d'Hermes and Terre Eau Tres Fraiche leaps to mind - but this one wasn't bad

That bottle is outstanding. Heavy and substantial. But who wears a bottle?



08/04/16 04:50

As I sprayed this one on the adjective that came to mind was "yummy." Even gourmandy. That's the vanilla, which is quite prominent. It goes through a phase when it becomes soft and powdery, but every now and then I'd catch something else - the skank element, which, in this, is quite subtle. I couldn't call this animalic...

Labdanum is described as "deep, powerful, leathery and ambery note." I don't detect any leathery note... if I do it's a soft, powdery leather.

This is an interesting and nuanced scent of obvious quality - I like it!

Longevity is good.



07/16/16 15:39

Nothing very interesting going on here. My very first impression was, meh, generic. The drydown is somewhat better with a vague woody note, but, overall, forgettable. Longevity and projection are poor.



05/11/16 04:59

Not a fan.

My initial impression is that it was like spraying sweetness on myself - not quite cotton candy, but not far from it. It's not my thing. I kept hoping and expecting that the rather more bitter chocolate A*Men base would emerge, but it didn't. The long term note in this is a sort of generic sweet coffee.

The lavender in this is pretty subtle to my nose.

Pure Malt is still the best of the series, in my humble opinion.



05/11/16 04:50

Let's see: Rasasi La Yuquawam is like Clive Christian C is like Montale Aoud Leather is like Tom Ford Tuscan Leather is like this one, Parfums de Marly Godolphin. Yes, I definitely see a resemblance between all these. And this one is another solid leather scent contender.

If I did a wrist by wrist comparison with this and TL I suppose the differences would become more obvious, but suffice to say that, like TL I love it and it's a very luxurious leather scent. Longevity seems to be about the same as TL. Nordstrom pricing is about $65 an ounce for this vs. $88 an ounce for TL. (The Rasasi is the best value here, but it doesn't last as long on me as TL. Eventually you get what you pay for.)

Geez, that bottle cap is heavy.



05/09/16 08:11

Tuscan Leather is one of my very favorite scents - I own a bottle of it and know it well - so, mindful of the comparisons between that and Clive Christian C I tried a Nordstrom sample.

(And I bet this constant comparison with Tuscan Leather drives the Clive Christian people nuts!)

Same general vibe, yes, but TL is more of a leather scent. CCC is leather with something else. There is a somewhat astringent, medicinal note in CCC that is not in TL that puts me off a bit. It must be the oud. Also, I find that I usually don't like amber - perhaps that's what's causing me grief.

In general, I like this (it is obviously a quality scent), but... no. I wouldn't buy it. My ranking of the TL's and TL smell-alikes is as follows:

1. Tuscan Leather
2. Montale Aoud Leather
3. Rasasi La Yuquawam Homme
4. Clive Christian C



05/07/16 17:45

The top notes are kind of dirty and richly sophisticated blend of scents, but on me it quickly turns into a very grassy smell. Grass on my skin makes me itch, so... no. I like it, but I'd never buy it.



04/27/16 19:07

I was sold on this one at the Scent Bar in Los Angeles. I've smelled many of the leather scents - it's my favorite note - but this one is superlative due to the woods and booze notes. It smells like... a club. A fine club. Very, very nice. A little more sillage and longevity would be good, but...


I've been wearing this off and on for the past six months. The more I wear it, the more I like it. This is seriously good stuff! Leathery, boozy... it hits the right notes for me.



04/10/16 06:16

Well, I sprayed on an entire 1 ml sample on myself and, after an hour or so, it was virtually gone.

When it comes to whiskey/boozy scents, I prefer Tim McGraw Southern Blend (which has longevity about as bad but is much cheaper) and, for a more complex scent, A*Men Pure Malt. This one didn't show me anything.



04/09/16 05:44

Meh. I can't decide if this smells vaguely like laundry soap or some forgettable beachy-tropical scent. Too generic, too mass-market.

Creed Virgin Island Water? Sort of. More like water.




04/05/16 11:01

I once owned a bottle of Royall Bay Rhum. $40 (and that was discounted), Nice bottle - didn't last. I like this stuff just as much. $7, much bigger bottle - doesn't last.

It's what I wear when I don't feel like wearing anything, or when my nose is congested and I don't want to waste my bottle of Tuscan Leather...



04/03/16 07:48

Commonplace, unoriginal, boring. Makes no real impression, has no "WOW!" factor. It has a scent, but it's almost indistinguishable from a freshly-laundered shirt. I suppose that's the musk in it.

Is it "safe for work?" Sure. If your goal is to get your co-workers to yawn in your face, this is your frag.



03/22/16 16:48

Yes, it invokes the sea. No, it is not pleasant. It dries down smelling like a stinky pier somewhere. The odd thing is that it is somewhat reminiscent of Outremer Oceane, which I like, but this stuff turns me off somehow. Some errant note, I guess. I would not want to smell this on myself all day.

So... not quite scrubber, but close.



03/21/16 07:17

The top notes are zingy, citrusy, sparkly, fresh and very pleasant. Sadly, it all turns to soap on my skin. There is good soapy (Prada Infusion d'Homme, Mugler Cologne) and bad soapy. This is one of the bad ones; sniffing it irritates my nose.

A pity. I really liked those top notes.

Longevity on my skin is a couple of hours.



03/18/16 08:07

As the name suggests, it is a woody scent, cedar coming to the fore, then pine notes. It is quite nice - I like it. In fact, I like it better than Le Labo Chant de Bois, which was previously my woodsy favorite, and almost as much as Creed's Royal Oud, which costs more than three times as much. And it is so much better than Mugler's Pure Wood. I want a bottle someday.

However, again, longevity on me is an issue.

I detect no citrus.



03/16/16 05:52

My local Sephora now carries some of the Comme des Garcons line, so naturally I got samples.

This is one of the relatively few incense-based scents I like. It's complex... my first take on it was woody-spicy, but then the stuff settled down and the incense came to the fore. But I read this as sort of piney-smokey. Like aromatic burning wood.

Somebody made a comparison to Encre Noire, and I agree, although this seems to be a sort of second counsin to that popular fragrance. This is more of an incense-smoke scent rather than EN's vetiver-smoke scent.

I don't detect mint at all, and any leather is very subtle.

Weird bottle!

Longevity is about the usual thing these days: disappointing. On me it's nearly gone in a few hours. On cotton, very faint. Can we please go back to making scents that last?


A second test:

This and Wonderwood are two excellent woody scents. I like Comme des Garcon's use of incense... this smells mysterious and somewhat campfirey. Dry, too. Austere. And I can detect the nutmeg. I like it.

Problem, though - it doesn't seem to last at all. A pity.



03/15/16 08:02

Lo and behold I found a tester of this stuff at a Nordstrom. No bottles for sale - just the tester! So I had a sample made.

I like the opening, I like the drydown. It doesn't especially smell like a coffee that I have ever had, but it does strongly suggest coffee. A sweet, milky sort of coffee, but a coffee nonetheless. And somehow it manages to avoid smelling like, say, I just spilled coffee on myself. It's a fully realized coffee scented perfume. Nice!

I don't like it as much as Pure Malt, but I like it better than Pure Havane, Pure Wood and A-Men.

Longevity is decent.


Second wearing: Same overall opinion as before. Not much WOW! factor but I'd wear it.



03/13/16 20:11

I wasn't sure I'd like this... It's a deep, rich, earthy, potting soil kind of scent. It reminds me of a small bottle of Tsar I once had (and traded away), but this doesn't have the geranium scent that was such a turn off. It's quite nice.

Really? This is just patchouli? Nothing else? I once smelled some patchouli essential oil and don't recall liking it much. How is this different?

Wore it for a day: Yep, I like this stuff. It smells great! Longevity is acceptable.



03/12/16 21:44

Smelled on a paper strip: The note most prominent to me in this is the vetiver, but there is also a smoky note, making this a sort of second cousin to Encre Noire. I like it... but bang for the buck is questionable.



03/12/16 21:40

Smelled on a paper strip: This is a strong, boozy, cherry liquor scent. The oud in it is near the medicinal, cough syrup quality of the original YSL M7... My first take on it was that I liked this, but I'm not sure I could smell it on myself all day. Big WOW Factor.



01/17/16 09:10

A helpful perfumisto at The Scent Bar in Los Angeles showed me this one, and because I bought some fragrance I got a sample! He told me that this is what a quality oud-based scent smells like. (I really wasn't sure. I thought oud was either cough medicine or a rotting log.)

The top notes, at first, repelled me... No, I didn't care for it. And then, amazingly, it changed into a truly marvelous scent... A lovely, deep, complex wood. So *this* is oud! Ah, I can see why it is prized now!

The development of this one is the most radical and pronounced of any scent I think I have ever smelled. Truly amazing! Finally, an oud I like!



I wore some of the sample and a female cop asked me what it was I was wearing. I told her and she wrote it down. I'll be very sorry to see my sample go away.



01/15/16 22:34

I smelled some of this at the Scent Bar in Los Angeles... Wowee. The Queen of Skank! The top notes are very, very dirty. It settles down somewhat, but wow... This is extremely difficult to like! This is the nastiest stuff I have ever smelled!



11/28/15 18:52

Wow, the top notes on this one have a kick! It soon settles down, however, in a mellow woody, gourmandy scent that smells a bit chemical and synthetic, but still, not bad at all. I like this stuff.

I'm pretty sure I like it better than original Pi.

Longevity isn't bad.



11/28/15 18:49

A timid fragrance that barely makes an impression. On my skin it is almost entirely gone in under an hour. About the only thing I can say for it is that, yes, it has a scent. A flop.



11/27/15 13:27

An excellent grapefruit scent at a good price, but, uh-oh... Longevity is less than an hour on my skin...



11/16/15 04:44

I liked it better than I thought I would. I'm not sure I'm smelling any cranberries, but what I get from this one is a sort of candy scent that is approaching the Joop! line of obnoxiousness but never crossing it. This one seems to be an amber variation scent. Normally I don't care for amber scents. It's one of the better fragrances in the Polo line.

This is for a younger man than I. It doesn't really suit me.

It makes my wife sneeze.



11/09/15 09:00

It's a tonka bean and vanilla bomb in the manner of LeMale. I like LeMale and so I like this... but it's not the vanilla scent I hanker after. I haven't found that yet. It's my favorite in the Luna Rossa series, however.

But credit goes to Prada for avoiding the usual thing and *not* making a "sport" scent clean/fresh.

HOWEVER... I have to admit that I'm not a fan of the drydown; the way this stuff ends up smelling after about two hours. It smells common and over-familiar.

More credit: this stuff lasts and projects better than average.

Nice bottle.



10/15/15 06:41

I tried this in a Barney's store in Las Vegas. It's a good lavender scent, but, for the money, I could probably be just as happy with the less expensive Pour un Homme de Caron, which strikes me as nearly the same sort of thing. (I'm sure somebody will chime in and state that this product has subtleties that the Caron does not, and I suppose that's true.)

Note: I am not an especial fan of lavender, which, to my nose, smells bitingly of some kind of astringent lemon-limey thing. But I recognize that I could get to like it in time.



10/09/15 05:31

Mildly woody, mildly spicy, mildly rummy, mildly citrus, mildly leathery. The emphasis is on mild - and this fragrance is very much in the modern style in that it is light. Sadly, it is also in the modern style in that it doesn't have much longevity or projection - and this is an Eau de Parfum concentration!

I like it, but it's nothing special and I won't be buying a (overpriced) bottle.



10/08/15 04:59

I like Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille and I get the comparison to this, but I find this stuff somewhat gagging and headache-inducing, and I'm not sure why. It has a cough medicine note that reminds me of original formulation YSL M7; at first I thought there may have been some of that same synthetic oud in this. What is it that's annoying me? The benzoin? I find I almost always don't like predominantly amber scents, so that could be it.

MysteryBuff: I have and love De Nicolai New York and Chanel Pour Monsieur Concentree and I love Creed Bois du Portugal, but this Odd Fellow's Bouquet doesn't appeal to me - I don't get the comparisons.

Yes, it does strike me as gourmandy... that was my first take on it until I got that it's mainly a ambery tobacco scent.

Longevity is better than average.


Second wearing on my hand: Yes, it's confirmed, this stuff bugs me. That ambery benzoin note is fierce on me.



10/07/15 04:56

Wow - this one is weird! It opens with an incredible mustiness that reminds me of Salvador Dali Pour Homme, then transitions into a rotting grapefruit accord rather than a floral note like the Dali.

It's like a roll in the hay - and not clean hay, either.

I'll hand it to Frapin for coming up with something unusual, but I don't want to smell like this.

Fortunately it doesn't last long on me or my sample would have resulted in a long, long day.



10/05/15 12:10

Okay, last week I was in Las Vegas, and one day my wife and I covered eight miles of shopping walking through Caesar's Palace, the Bellagio and the Venetian.

One stop was at the Prada store. I asked the SA if Infusion d'Homme was really discontinued and she gave me a blank stare. She then resorted to her cheat book and we noted that, no, Infusion d'Homme was not listed therein.

I heard that the old Infusion d'Homme is now Iris, so I sprayed some of their tester of that on my arm. Yep - smelled just like! So the SA gave me a sample of Iris - nice.

But hang on. I put some of it on one arm just now and some Infusion d'Homme on the other to do a side-by-side test. They seem different. The new one, the d'Iris, is weak and has a brighter, more citrus top note.

Curious, I dumped more of the sample on my arm... this stuff certainly isn't Infusion d'Homme. It's far more citrusy and far less interesting than Infusion d'Homme. More floral. More feminine. less barbershoppy and powdery.




10/04/15 09:27

A very fine nutmeggy-suede scent... soft and comforting. It's a bit like visiting a leather shop. It is one of the oddest fragrances I own in that when I first spray it on I'm a little annoyed by it; it seems somewhat off-putting. But then, after a little while I get used to the smell of it and realize, again, that I really like it. No other scent I have is like that.

Lacha has superior longevity - on me it survived a shower! That doesn't happen very often.

I found this one after an exhaustive try out of the scents at the Barney's store in Las Vegas. Had to have a bottle!

I do not detect any pepper, BTW.


I liked it before, but after a number of wearings I got to the point where, at the end of the day, I sniffed the top of my tee shirt and went Mmmmmmmm. I cannot mentally force myself to do this. It's my final confirmation of approval and all my favorite scents have this reaction for me.

It's a very nice stablemate to my Tuscan Leather. One is assertively leather, the other is mildly suede.



10/02/15 08:41

As the name suggests, yes, it is green - a sort of abstract, undefined green you find in Calvin Klein Truth.

I think it's okay but my wife doesn't like it.

Wow... Bad longevity, though. Lasts perhaps a half hour or so.



10/01/15 18:46

Suggested for me by a fellow in the Las Vegas Barney's store.

Nice, but that opening is way feminine... Not for me. Not my style.

Interesting in that I saw a datura plant today on an ancient Native American rock dwelling tour. Apparently the datura leaves can cause 24 hour hallucinations!



09/30/15 08:14

Pleasant, but way too timid to make much of an impression. I think the black tea note is the most prominent. Sort of a "Why bother?" scent. It barely registers.



09/26/15 16:45

A very pleasant scent, with the same sort of breezy citrus vibe as Eau Sauvage or a somewhat less soapy Mugler Cologne. I'd wear this stuff…

Now, the con: As is the case with all colognes, on me it doesn't last long.



07/31/15 05:16

Oh, my gosh this is horrible stuff! On my skin the top notes smell like some horrible, super-sweet candy and it dries down to a popcorny/foody smell. (And I do not mean that in a good way.)

Just awful. Scrubber!



07/29/15 06:38

Incense scents usually don't impress me, and this one is no exception. It goes on with the same sort of mysterious dry mustiness found in Salvador Dali Pour Homme and doesn't develop much on my skin. In fact, after about 40 minutes or so it almost entirely disappears. It's very timid. So this one isn't showing me much.



07/26/15 03:18

Much more bois than feminite, I think.

This has a very nice woody vibe and is in nature, I think, really unisex. It is light (longevity and sillage are not especially good on me) but not unmasculine. I liked it, but when it comes to woodsy scents, not as much as Le Labo's Chant du Bois or Creed's Royal Oud.

I don't especially smell the cinnamon note, either.

I've never smelled the Shiseido version.



07/24/15 06:25

Sampled via a generous fragrantican.

On me this is too "perfumey"; what I'm probably objecting to here is the jasmine. I could detect what I thought was a white flower/indolic note right away. It reminded me a bit of the classic Guerlains: Shalimar, Jicky, L'Heure Bleu. Not in a good way on me, however - this stuff was driving me nuts all day.

But! On somebody else this is probably stellar!

The vanilla here is vanilla bean, rich and strong.

So I like it. Just not on me.



07/23/15 05:06

A very accurate and delicious vanilla scent; it reminds me of Outremer's Vanille. People seem to like this a lot and I can see why - it smells great! In the bottle there's a bit of a vanilla liqueur note; it smells a bit boozy. This isn't a part of the spray, however.

The only problem: on me it is very timid. On skin it disappears quickly. I sprayed most of my 1 ml sample on my shirt, and it was only faintly noticeable. If I got a bottle of this I'd be using a lot, I think.



07/06/15 09:04

Root beer float!

I was in a Sephora one day and tried this on a paper strip out of curiosity (full disclosure: the bottle and concept lured me). Wow! This stuff smells great! Yes...a root beer float. That describes it as well as anything else. It's yummy.

After another couple of visits and re-tests on paper strips I wondered - how would this smell ON ME?

Well... it still smells great! Just like some sweet, delicious gourmet food. And there's the problem. Do I want to smell myself smelling like a sweet gourmet food? Or a root beer float? You would think this is a non-issue, but it is as it influences my self-image. Bad ass or teddy bear? (I am a big, tall guy.)

I wear A-Men Pure Malt, which is very foody/boozy just fine. But somehow that's different.

I'll have to ponder this one. I've been looking or a vanilla scent, but as things stand it's probably Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille, not this. But my opinion could change!

And this stuff smells great! I need to get another sample for my wife... (Update: I did, and she agrees: root beer float. But she's not a fan.)



06/17/15 05:56

Found in the men's section of a Nordstrom - why, I have no idea. Unisex this is absolutely not!

Sorry, folks, but I fully agree with Luca Turin: this is an obnoxiously heavy and gagging floral scent that, yes, Hermes would do well to discontinue. Is it for men? Sure - if the man in question is on a stage performing dressed as Mae West or Cher.

Wary and suspicious, I sprayed one shot to my arm. It came at me for the next few hours, and alarmed my daughter-in-law who smelled it all the way up the stairs. It greeted me the following morning from my pillow, sheets and comforter. Egad.

To paraphrase David Bowie, this ain't a perfume. It's genocide.



06/16/15 17:30

A trickster at Nordstrom put a bottle of this in the men's section, so I obtained a sample.

Whew! The opening is way too perfumey, way too floral, too feminine. But wait... it dries down to what could be a second or third cousin to Bel Ami. Soft and somewhat leathery. But there are no leather notes listed... it must be a clever olfactory trick of Hermes.

And, on me, a third phase is somewhat soapy - which I do not like.

We tried a spray on my wife's arm - she doesn't like it.

So... not for me. It's a distinctive, quality scent, though, no doubt about that.



06/16/15 15:06

Some trickster put this in the men's fragrances section of Nordstrom, and I see why. I got a sample.

It starts with a gentle iris note that reminds me a bit of Prada Infusion d'Homme. A dressy, squared away laundry scent. But after awhile it becomes sharp and bright, and here's where we part company as it strays and settles into the usual clean/fresh/sporty territory of many men's scents. If my bête noire dihydromyrcenol isn't in this, I'm smelling something very reminiscent of it. Or the same effect, anyway.

But I must say, if I were forced at gunpoint to wear a clean/fresh/sporty scent it would be this one.

Unusual bottle.



06/16/15 05:00

Hooray! I found another Bvlgari scent I like! (In addition to Au The Vert.)

This one is very nice... the rum and spice accord is right on the money and smells great! The top notes are enchanting. I see this has iris in it... another reason I like it. I like smelling iris on myself (Dior Homme, Prada Infusion d'Homme) and on my wife (who loves Guerlain's sadly discontinued iris-heavy Shalimar Parfum Initial).

And yes, I do detect the resemblance to Spicebomb.

The only problem: as is the case with most modern fragrances, sillage and longevity is wanting. Even sprayed on cotton this becomes quite soft. On skin it's a skin scent right away on me. At the end of the day it's utterly gone, even from cotton.

This is an Eau de Parfum? Really? It has Eau de Toilette performance.



06/13/15 09:06

Bleah. It smells boring and generic on a paper strip, and on my skin it turns pungent and sour. Fortunately it didn't last very long.



06/12/15 05:37

Wow, that opening takes some getting used to! It almost smells like eraser... black pepper and vanilla? Is that what I'm smelling?

It dries down nicely, however. I can detect a soapy House DNA in this one, not unlike Infusion d'Homme, which I like.

I wasn't greatly impressed with the original Luna Rossa, which I found generic and boring. I cannot say that about this scent. I like it!

Once again, great bottle.



06/09/15 05:46

It had to happen eventually: I finally found a Declaration flanker I didn't like!

The original d'Un Soir is subtle and charming. This one is crass. That opening is pretty unbearable; I agree with the others - it ventures too far into gagging Tom Ford Black Orchid territory.

And yes, there is a bit of a candy accord at play early on. It reminded me a bit of a fragrance I can't stand - Joop!

The original is much better.



06/06/15 12:39

Ugh! I like vanilla and I like (most) musk; I think it's the amber that's the deal-breaker here for me.



06/06/15 08:49

One of the relatively few accurate grapefruit scents out there. Sadly, on me it disappears very quickly. It becomes a very subtle skin scent (nearly gone) in about an hour. A pity!

This is really unisex; men could wear this easily.

Nice bottle!



06/05/15 18:59

Well, it's bold - I have to give it points for that! But that huge incense note is a real turn off for me. On my skin, incense-heavy fragrances I have tried just smell... weird. There is only one exception: Tom Ford Sahara Noir.

I couldn't live with this scent coming at me all day.



06/02/15 04:52

For the life of me, I don't know why this fragrance gets so much attention. It goes on smelling of pineapple - and if you're lucky you also get a smoke note. I did with a previous sample but I didn't with the present sample. I guess this is what's at the heart of the whole Aventus batch variation controversy.

At any rate, on me it dries down to a boring sweet/fruity thing. Also, it doesn't last. And it doesn't seem to project.

I'm convinced, when it comes to nude emperors, this is the one with its junk hanging out.



06/01/15 08:57

A nice orange scent with an additional zing of ginger. I like it... but longevity and sillage is pretty bad on me. I get an hour, tops, with this.

Oakmoss? In this? I don't detect any!

It's a pity it's so timid.

Actually, when I first put it on the very light white flower floral aspect of it reminded me of Eau Sauvage, except with orange instead of lemon. But Eau Sauvage lasts longer.



05/30/15 21:15

Is this the stuff that's being marketed now as "Signature?" Looks like the very same bottle and both are oud scents.

Anyway, a sales assistant at a Nordstrom begged and petitioned me not to walk away from the Bond No. 9 counter before I sniffed this on a paper strip. So I did. What gives? I could barely smell anything at all and so I told her this.

So she gave a sniff herself and her face betrayed her - there was nothing there. So she muttered something about it being light and changed the subject.

A weird experience. Did we get a Bond bottle full of perfumer's alcohol?

BTW, the Nordstrom at the Pentagon Center in Northern Virginia has WAY too many sales assistants. They won't leave you alone.



05/30/15 21:04

Pfaw. Mass market, predictable, unoriginal and not at all interesting. A tester was sitting near the cash registers at a T.J. Maxx with a Mont Blanc Legend tester. They smelled almost identical on paper.



05/18/15 04:39

Wow, this stuff has a punch!

The best description I've read for the opening is "acetonic." Yes - and to my nose easily confused with a camphorous note. After a very sharp fanfare, the scent settles down to a leathery patchouli. The vetiver is there, too, but this isn't as rooty or as pungent as Guerlain's 1959 vetiver. But it is intensely green. I'm reminded of a grove of bamboo near my backyard where I grew up, but this is more of a suggestion than the same literal smell.

I suppose there's sandalwood in this mix, but it's not as prominent as the patchouli or the leather. As time moves on this becomes more balsamic and softer. Or is that the sandalwood? This one's hard to read!

This fragrance is bold and individual, and not to be blind bought. Longevity and projection are above average.

I like it!

My wife, however, declares that it's somewhat "Pine-Solly."



05/13/15 17:32

A somewhat weird scent on me. Lemony/peppery. Almost, but not quite, sour. Almost, but not quite, a rancid note. I don't think this one works with my skin chemistry at all.

When offered the top of my hand where I placed it, my wife simply shook her head "no" after a sniff.



05/13/15 05:26

The topnotes on this are wonderful, a very sharp citrus.

But... uh-oh. On my skin the lemon scent is virtually gone after about a half hour (no kidding - I timed it), replaced with a very faint and somewhat unpleasant soapy smell. No sillage unless sprayed on clothing.

I think Creed's Bois de Cedrat is still my all-time fastest evaporation king, but this one's a contender.



05/12/15 17:52

A generous fragrantican sent me an evaluation sample of the La Yuqawam; I own and greatly enjoy the Tuscan Leather. I put a little on the top of each hand and made a fool out of myself continually sniffing.


These two scents, indeed, smell very similar, just as people claim. My wife, doing a comparison sniff, confirmed this. With more inspection, however, she claimed that she preferred the Tuscan Leather.

The La Yuquwam has a more pronounced berry note than does the Tom Ford product - it is right up there as a top note. Certainly, any jasmine or woody notes (listed as notes) are hard to detect among the heart or basenotes.

The Rasasi product has a bit more of a smoky cork note to it.

The Tuscan Leather lasts a lot longer on my skin; I'm guessing that the concentrations differ. The Rasasi behaves like most Eau de Toilettes on me.

Overall I prefer the Tom Ford Tuscan Leather - but would gladly wear the Rasasi product!

There is a considerable difference in cost!



05/11/15 08:31

Atelier joins the ranks of Hermes (Eau de Pamplemousse Rose) and Guerlain (Aqua Allegoria Pamplelune) at getting the elusive grapefruit note right! There are so many nasty, synthetic efforts to create an olfactory impression of a grapefruit out there - so full credit to Atelier.

Another reviewer called the top notes of this "hyperrealistic," and I concur. It's like squeezing a grapefruit onto yourself, which I unexpectedly found to be a nice experience.

The drydown is a gentle ambery note. The same structure as the Varvatos scents, really: a citrus top end on amber. Iris? Okay, but I don't get that.

I like it a lot! A nice scent with a real zing... This kind of scent isn't normally my thing but I can see myself wearing this on warm days.

Longevity: As usual with citrus scents, a problem. I put it on at 11 AM and it's 2:30 PM now and it's pretty much gone. I can barely smell it on my cotton tee shirt top. Pity.



05/10/15 05:28

Sampled via test card at a Nordstrom.

Ugh! There's that nasty, sharp, synthetic, deal-breaking grapefruit note again! Sour and unpleasant. I encounter it from time to time in other scents; it appears that few fragrances get the true olfactory signature of the grapefruit right.




05/10/15 05:20

Urged to try this one by somebody on this page's forum, I duly visted a Nordstrom for a paper strip and a spray.

I was hoping for a sort of distant cousin to Tuscan Leather, which I like very much. Or perhaps some variation of a light white musk of the type found in Mugler Cologne. Anyway, that was the expectation.

What I got was a sort of hard-to-define collection of notes that didn't make me think of either. Worse, it didn't play well with my skin chemistry, becoming rather sour or "off." There's a note there that is just not flattering or pleasant on me.

What's more, it's very light. I'm a big guy... this is like wearing a tie made out of Kleenex. It just doesn't work.

My wife didn't like it, either. It reminded her of a cheap musk that somebody she used to know used to wear.

So... no. Not for me.



05/09/15 06:32

Guerlain is my favorite house. But there is no getting around it, this one is disappointing. My take on it is that it's a bit too mainstream. No WOW! factor at all. It's Guerlain merely filling a market expectation, but not redefining it or doing anything really new.

It's nice, but I don't expect or want nice from Guerlain - I expect more.

It goes on "yummy"; the almond notes are certainly there. It disappears pretty quickly on my skin. In fact, longevity is awful.

This one has me wondering, if you like almonds why not find a bottle of Givenchy Pi in a Ross and get about the same thing for less?


Another try: My wife likes this one a lot on me. She thinks it's "yummy."



05/06/15 11:37

If fine fragrance is an art, this is obviously a Tijuana Bible.



05/04/15 07:23

After seeing this constantly suggested on this website's men's forum, I decided to pay for a sample to see what all the fuss was about. (It was less than two bucks and made my fragrancenet shipping free, so I consider myself as coming out ahead.)

I still don't know why people recommend this.

A synthetic trash heap, that's what this is. It went on smelling very generic; the top notes are undoubtedly the same-old same-old stuff you constantly smell in the mass market bottles for sale at a Ross. (I'm looking at you, Usher, Giorgio and Michael Jordan.) It then dries down to a nasty, sour smell that reminds me of nothing so much as what my daughter calls "trash juice," the liquid matter that occasionally oozes out of trash cans.

Phew! Nasty.

I'm not afraid of "dirty." After all, I love the castoreum in Antaeus and the civet in my wife's perfumes. But this isn't a well-wrought dirty in any way, shape or form. It's just... trash.

Fortunately Dirty English doesn't last. (Because it's cheap, people!) This is the one time a scrubber didn't last forever on me, and boy, am I glad.

Better yet, it's discontinued.



05/02/15 14:58

I'm sure there's a difference between this and au the vert (which I like), but I'd have to have them on side by side paper strips to judge.

I like this one, but, wow, is it ever light! I tried a sample on myself and it just sort of disappeared. It's way too subtle and dainty for me.



04/20/15 20:21

I get the oranges at the beginning, and it does have some zing, but I prefer the orange notes in Terre d'Hermes more. The drydown is similar to the A-Men gourmand. But this is not my preferred orange scent.

I prefer this to A-Men Pure Wood and A-Men, but I like Pure Malt better.

Longevity is so-so. A few hours.



03/30/15 09:58

A friend of mine found a vintage bottle of this and was kind enough to make me a 1 ml sample.

I'm not a fan of the top notes... it was somewhat alarming going on me. (That, "Oh, no, what am I doing?" feeling.) It struck me at first as being overwhelmingly... floral? Can that be? It then settled down into the musk note.

Sadly... I do not care for it. It just smells too dated. I'm okay with Kiehl's Musk Oil and the white musk in Mugler Cologne, but this one comes across as being just too cloying.

I don't get the tobacco note that's supposed to be in this.

I'm not especially a musk person, I am finding out.



03/27/15 06:16

I tried some of this in the Norway store at EPCOT; sprayed some on my arm. I didn't like it at all because it's way too floral for me.

When I got to the Italian section at EPCOT, the guy at the fragrance section sprayed the other arm with a sweep of Prada Infusion d'Homme. I bet you could smell me coming from a mile away that day.



02/23/15 12:25

I'm trying to figure out if Creed is telling the truth about this perfume's history.

So. Does anyone here definitively recall owning a bottle of this prior to 1975? Please PM me if this is the case.

Of course, if you owned *any* Creed fragrance prior to 1975, please also PM me.

If you *didn't* own a bottle prior to 1975 and wish only to take me to task for being a "Creed hater" or some such thing, don't bother. Same if you want to inform me that prior to 1975 they were only making scents for the rich and famous. I've heard that.

I am seeking evidence (not hearsay or copy from Creed's website) of Creed being producers of perfume prior to 1975.



02/18/15 12:27

Strong, gagging and unbearable. The Rose from Hell.

I got a sample of this stuff for my wife when I bought Tuscan Leather. Ugh. She can crack open the bottle downstairs and I swear, I can smell it upstairs... why can't stuff I like have that kind of sillage?



02/09/15 08:41

This is a curious one! It reminds me a little of Halston Z-14 and a little of Van Cleef and Arpels Tsar. Spice and cinnamon are the two notes I get most strongly - but then there's that x-factor that the incense also imparts for me. I'm never quite sure what to make of it. I can smell the pine/fir... it smells mildly Christmassy to me.

And there's a hint of floral, too. Is that the carnation note? Normally I don't like carnation - it's what spoiled Tsar for me - but here it's restrained.

A very nice scent!

Not a powerhouse like Bogart Pour Homme, which is nuclear strength. But I like the strength of this one.

I'll have to get a bottle!

A few hours later: No, I won't. That carnation-incense accord, which becomes pronounced with the passage of time, is a deal-breaker for me. As the hours passed that accord kept "coming at me" (to use my wife's phrase). A pity.



02/07/15 19:07

One spray and I knew it had that overused and fake-smelling grapefruit note in it. I almost always react negatively to it.

I like Spicebomb but hate this.



02/07/15 19:01

A very pleasant beachy scent. I wasn't a fan of the initial blast, but the drydown was quite nice. The only problem: strength. I can tell just from a paper strip that this stuff won't last on my skin at all.

For me, the king of sea scents is Outremer's Oceane and Backpacker's Cologne Big Sur, but this one could take third place.

C'mon, Jo - up the concentration!


A wearing:

It's ephemeral and timid in the usual Jo Malone style. Like some perfumer dipped a piece of wood into a mildly salty alcohol solution and called it a perfume. No silage to speak of. Little longevity.

I like it, sort of, but it's just sort of not there on me. Yes... I can see why some might call it boring. Given the above and the Jo Malone price point, I won't be buying a bottle of this.

I'm not a fan of the House of Jo Malone, as you can see, and this one doesn't convert me any.

I see there's grapefruit listed as one of the notes. At least it's not that obnoxious, weird synthetic that gets used nowadays in place of a more convincing grapefruit note.

Sage? I don't get that at all. Sage is a note that never fails to invoke in me memories of the California coast and I don't detect that in this. The Sage King is Backpacker's Cologne Big Sur.



01/19/15 18:24

Leather? I don't smell any leather at all. Just an indifferent sandalwood/generic woody smell. Not impressed at all with this one.

But at least it doesn't have that weird apple pie note the original has. (James Bond/apple pie?)

No longevity.

Nice bottle, good tactile feel. I also like the mechanism that blocks the spray opening. Now put something worthwhile in it!



01/05/15 07:46

Meh. Aquatic, blue, somewhat sporty... doesn't last long. You could safely spill the bottle all over yourself. Very mass market, unimpressive. Not my thing at all.

Lime? Really? Okay, I guess there is some in this, but it doesn't strike me as a lime scent at all. Very synthetic.

Guerlain Homme is SO much better than this, with the same intended vibe.

I suspect that the Tommy Bahama line isn't for me at all.



12/30/14 07:37

Hmmmm. On my arm, yes, it is a nice, lemon meringue scent. Pleasant. My wife's verdict, however, was harsh: "lemon dish soap." And, indeed, on my neck where I sprayed, a bit of perspiration seemed to have rendered it somewhat soapy.

The jury is still out on this one.

p.s. When I first put it on, it made my wife sneeze. Not good.



12/28/14 21:05

My mother-in-law's favorite perfume. It smells wonderful! I can see why it's so popular for women.

But for me - not so much.

I like the powdery vanilla, but I think the incense notes are the deal-breakers for me. There's something in this that kind of hits me in the side of the head. I couldn't wear it.



12/28/14 09:52

After seeing "DHI" getting endlessly recommended around these parts, I finally decided to try it via a Nordstrom sample.

I can see what all the hype is about; this stuff is quite nice and one of the very few florals I am willing to wear. (Although I suppose it's really a gourmandy floral.)

The vanilla/cocoa drydown is very pleasant. And it's long-lasting! That's rare. Well done, House of Dior!



12/28/14 09:39

I'm not a fan. It has that nasty, unconvincing grapefruit "fresh" note that smells synthetic and somewhat sour on me.

There's nothing original or even very pleasant here. I much prefer Dior Homme Intense.



11/24/14 11:07

For years in stores I would spray some on myself thinking that it was classy somehow (I was subject to the marketing from my youth: "So fine a gift it's even sold in jewelry stores") and my wife would report, "I like it. It's okay." But no Mmmmmmmmmmmm from her like I got with Antaeus, Santos, Bel Ami or Tuscan Leather.

So last year I got myself a little bottle of it at a colossal discount store in North Carolina off I-95; I may have paid $3! I'm wearing it today, as it turns out.

karlovonamesti nails it: "A cheap, hollow forgettable fougere." Yeah, that's my opinion, too. I don't like it and I don't dislike it. Just sort of "meh." I have moved on.

I suppose I might say that it represents a sort of absolute minimum of acceptability for a men's fragrance. Any lower than shalt I not go.

(Actually - I can't see myself ever wearing this ever again. There are far too many better scents out there.)



11/06/14 08:14

An overpriced, soft, cuddly, somewhat generic floral scent with poor longevity.

It reminds me of Hermes Equipage.

Not for me.



11/01/14 17:21

I'm not a fan of this one... it smells faintly ike some kind of cleanser, or perhaps a laundry soap. When I sprayed it on my arm the very first thing I thought was, "This smells institutional!"

So... no.



10/18/14 10:57

Not bad - but not especially good, either. It begins very astringent and sharp, then settles down, more or less, to the same fougere vibe as the original Drakkar. But I'm pretty sure I prefer the original.

Longevity on me is not good; in about an hour it becomes a very subtle skin scent.



10/14/14 17:31

A pleasant surprise. I was prepared not to like this because I generally find Issey scents to be too vague, too watery and too faint. This one, however, isn't bad. To me it's primarily woody/peppery and more a relative of Cartier Santos Concentree than 1 Million.

I like it.



10/11/14 08:40


Doesn't have much character or personality. Generic woody/ambery. And it's gone from my skin in about an hour or two.

But then, I didn't like the original Pasha, either.

"...freshness in green and fresh citruses, balanced perfectly with warm and cuddly aromas": How is this even remotely "noire?"




10/10/14 04:50

The top notes and heart notes are pleasant enough, and this has a kind of Son of Derby/Son of Polo Green vibe going for it with additional sweet boozy notes. Nice. The basenotes begin to smell a bit cheap, synthetic and overly-familiar, however. Not a fan of those.

The real problem here is longevity and sillage, which is tragic. This stuff is just way too faint. It's still barely on my cotton shirt an hour after spraying.

So... no. If this kind of formulation is your thing try Polo Green, Derby or even Mugler Pure Malt instead. And if you're on a budget, try Tim McGraw Southern Comfort (another boozy scent that doesn't last long - but it costs less).



10/09/14 05:06

Inoffensive, light, safe for work - and boring. Yes, for beginners. Yes, generic. Yes, disappointing.

Soon to be found at a Ross near you.

I can understand the comparisons to Chanel Bleu; I don't care for that one, either.

Still, this one did firm up a suspicion I had: I need to avoid fragrances with pineapple notes and the great majority of the ones with grapefruit notes (exception: Hermes Pamplemousse and Rose). Those just do not work for me at all.



10/08/14 14:42

My wife is away for a week so I'm taking this opportunity to try certain women's scents. I don't normally like them (I am not a floral person at all), but.. what the heck.

Look - there's my wife's Guerlain Shalimar Parfum Initial sitting on the bathroom sink. One spray, that's all. It's a powdery vanilla Guerlain; I'm sure that might be good. Smells good on her. Why not? One spray.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!

Well. I won't ever make that mistake again.

p.s. It smells terrific on my wife, where it belongs.



10/08/14 14:38

At the urging of some women on the men's forum here, I tried this. (I don't normally like women's perfumes or florals.)

My wife is away for a week. I got home from work and took off my dress shirt; I could smell some of the Declaration L'Eau on it from this morning but none on my skin or tee shirt, as I suspected might be the case.

I looked at my wife's bottle of Chanel No. 5 and it looked at me. After some hesitation I sprayed one spray.

BANG! MOM. Seriously, MOM. My wife wears this all the time and she smells like my wife wearing Chanel No. 5. I wear it and I get an instant olfactory impression of my mother! At some point in my life she must have worn this - I don't remember when - but when I wear it I smell exactly like my mother.

Moral: When my daughter was a cute little four year old, she used to suck her thumb. One night, when I put her to bed, she was sucking her thumb, and I told her that that thumb was vanilla and this one - taking one thumb out of her mouth and putting in the other - was chocolate. What did she think?

She pulled the thumb out of her mouth, said, "I don't wike it," and put back in the original thumb.

Chanel No. 5 on me and smelling like my mother? I don't wike it.



10/06/14 10:40

It opens with that horrible, synthetic, not at all convincing grapefruit note I have smelled way too often in modern mainstream perfumery (Hermes Eau de Pamplemousse Rose gets grapefruit right - this one doesn't), and closes with an equally annoying marine scent that sours on me very quickly.

This stuff is nasty and repulsive, cheap-smelling and common. It's a cacophony of unfortunate ingredients. And, what's more, its mother dressed it funny in a silly bottle that looks like the little plastic "just being there" awards my kids used to bring home from elementary school.


("Haters gotta hate." Translation: "I don't agree with you." Can we please retire this phrase?)



10/04/14 15:18

I was prepared to like this one: I own and love Pure Malt and I also like A-Men.

The initial blast of Pure Wood is nice - I get the caramel A-Men base quite strongly. But it soon subsides and one can indeed detect wood. But the notes are very quickly experienced and disappear. It dries down to... what? I'm not sure. A indefinite sort of woody note that becomes faint pretty quickly.

I am just not impressed. Not much wood here, and there's little WOW factor. And it's way too faint - on me it becomes a skin scent very quickly.

Much better woods are found in Le Labo Chant de Bois and even Tom Ford Sahara Noir. As for Mugler, I'll stick with Pure Malt.

I don't really "hate" it, but I don't especially "like" it, either.


Update: I wore some again, and on the second wearing the woody notes seemed more pronounced. My daughter likes it a lot on me. I still prefer Pure Malt...



09/12/14 20:55

After all these reviews I was really prepared to smell something, well, amazing. So I get to the Scent Bar in Los Angeles, where they have a bottle. A paper strip is dipped in and handed to me. With some wariness I raise it to my nose and... nothing. I can smell nothing. What's going on, here? So I give the strip to my wife. She, too, smells nothing. The sales assistant sniffs - nothing. Is this a joke?



09/11/14 19:52

Yes, indeed, this is what the California coast smells like! I used to work at Camp Pendleton (near San Onofre) when I was a Marine, and vividly remember this green, pungent, sagebrush and camphorous (eucalyptus) note. Takes me right back... very evocative.

It goes on quite strong, but then settles down. On cotton it will last for many hours - on skin, not so much.

$60/ounce? Not a bad price to revive one's twentysomething memories!


Update: I bought a bottle. Had to have it.



09/11/14 05:58

It's a very nice, unusual, exotic, woody scent which opens green and mellows into my olfactory memory of the wooden items (boxes, etc.) and oils available at The Akron, a place in my home town not unlike Pier One Imports. I can see why Luca Turin - and everyone else - rates this one so highly.

It is the smell of faraway places, of jungle woods.

Alas!, it is faint. I put it on two hours ago and it is gone, even on cotton. I'd need to use a lot more than the tester I got at the Scent Bar in L.A., I think.


A different tester: Uh-oh. After a couple of hours this one got unpleasantly soapy on me. Not so good.



09/02/14 05:48

The title suggests that it's an orange scent, and indeed it is. It's not a bad one - and it lasts somewhat better than average - but I don't think there's anything really special here to justify the $200+ price.

I do not smell civet - not at all.

If I want an orange scent that lasts at a reasonable price, I think I'd pick up a bottle of the justifiably popular Terre d'Hermes.

Pretty bottle.



09/01/14 06:48

Nothing real exciting here. It's nice and I like it... is there such a thing as a neroli soliflor? If so, this is an example of one. I don't smell anything here other than citrus (but it's a good citrus!) and an undefined "green" note. No, it doesn't last long on my skin. I didn't expect it to. It's good for an hour or so, which is pretty standard for colognes and citrus-based scents.

It does not smell like Spray and Wash, which is what the sharper and more pungent Tom Ford Neroli Portofino is for me, so this neroli is a success!

Would I buy a bottle? No. I'd opt instead for Eau Sauvage, which is a more refined and longer lasting citrus scent. Or Terre d'Hermes Eau Tres Fraiche, which has the same vibe and decent longevity.



08/11/14 11:33

I have a sample of the extrait, not the EdP - but I don't see it on the database.

It smells great, but on me it's all rose, powder and vanilla. Way soft - and I usually don't care for soft. This would smell wonderful on my wife and I think I'd prefer to smell it on her than on myself.

Oud? I don't get any of that at all. A slight leather note, yes, but, again, it's very soft.

I'm somewhat conflicted about Habit Rouge and its variants, I see.



08/07/14 05:52

When is extreme not extreme? When the word is used in the perfume industry, that's when.

I got my sample of this from the Guerlain boutique in Toronto, so I know it's legit. Problem is, it's very timid. I have a bottle of the 1959 Guerlain Vetiver that inspired this, and it is almost an all-day fragrance, even on my fragrance-neutralizing skin. It's rooty, pungent, woody, green and all around delightful. This "extreme" flanker, however, has great top notes and that's about it.

Seriously, about an hour after I sprayed it - on cotton, yet - it's essentially gone. What gives?

What a disappointment! I'll be sticking to plain old original Guerlain Vetiver, which is a masterpiece.



08/04/14 07:02

I first tried this one at the Guerlain Boutique in the French section of EPCOT and was won over. It's a delightful citrus and mint scent; it reminds me a bit of Dior's Eau Sauvage and a bit of Cartier Roadster - but it smells distinctively elegant and well-wrought, like a Guerlain.

However, my fragrance-absorbing skin does it again: longevity is not good unless I spray it on my cotton tee shirt top. This is the fate of all such light cologne scents on me, I am sorry to say.

So - I'll just stick with my inexpensive 4711. Same vibe, costs little, use lots.



07/30/14 04:48

I like the top notes! Dried fruit and incense, which to me always smells woody, so I interpret this as a fruity-woody scent. Nice!

But Pure Malt it ain't. I have a bottle of that. Pure Malt is much more complex and better.

The deal-breaker arrives as it dries down about a half hour later - then I get that all too common synthetic note that I associate with the inexpensive scents always found in Ross. It's sort of a pungent "yellow" note. I suppose it's used in perfumery to suggest tobacco. Anyway, I dislike it. It says "I'm cheap."

Projection and longevity is about the usual thing, which is to say disappointing.



07/26/14 16:31

"Lovers of Tuscan Leather will be enamored by this one."

Well... not quite. I vastly prefer Tuscan Leather, which smells like sheer luxury to me. This is a good leather scent - make no mistake - but it doesn't have the amazing WOW factor that TL and, to a somewhat lesser extent, Montale Aoud Leather have. Instant Mmmmmmm.

This is a very good leather scent, but I'd rather have a bottle of the Montale or, best of all, TL.

Longevity and silage are better with TL, too.


Subsequent wearing, years later: Yep. Exactly the same response. A good leather but no WOW factor and I don't like it as much as Tuscan Leather.



07/26/14 16:25

Very strongly cacao, very gourmandy and very nice - if you like that sort of thing. I've decided that I do; A-Men finally sold me. (I have the Pure Malt flanker.) My wife also likes it, but thinks it a bit too soft for me; she thinks it would work better as a woman's perfume. I'm inclined to agree.

Not sure whether or not I'd buy myself a bottle of this.

It reminds me somewhat of CK Shock, only without the tobacco note.

Interesting bottle!



07/26/14 16:17

Tested on an arm: Will wonders never cease? I normally don't like fresh, clean light "blue"/"water" scents - but I like this one. It starts out citrusy and eventually makes its way to the mild spices of familiar Declaration territory.

That means that I still like the original Declaration (I have a bottle) and all of the flankers.

I'm not sure if I could wear this one, however. I suspect it's better on a younger guy. Longevity and silage are about average for a modern scent.


All day wearing via a Nordstrom sample: Scratch that last part about longevity. I own a bottle of Declaration - it's one of my "go to" frags - but the longevity on this flanker is just not as good. I'll stick with the original Declaration, thank you very much.

Pretty bottle hue, though.

I prefer Terre d'Hermes Eau Tres Fraiche or Eau Sauvage for the same sort of vibe.



07/14/14 07:16

Like Hermes Equipage, this is one of those soft, cuddly, reassuring scents. It's... okay. Not really my thing. (Yes - we need an "indifferent" selection. I don't like this but I don't dislike it, either.) I suppose there might be a situation where I'd want to wear this - but it's not coming to mind. Sunday in a suit? I'm a hard sell when it comes to florals, even understated florals such as this.

Still, I might revisit this fragrance.

I think my favorite in this Hermes series of colognes is the d'Orange Verte.

Longevity is pretty bad unless you spray on cotton.


Second wearing: Even on cotton it's pretty bad. I get, maybe, two hours.



07/05/14 14:24

Not bad. No wow factor here, but not bad. I read it as primarily as a juniper berry scent. It doesn't last very long on my skin, but you can also use the Cade bath gel, shampoo and all the other associated products to boost the scent, I suppose.

I get the impression this is good for men who don't especially care about fragrance, or for very young men.

I prefer Eau des Baux from this house. I suspect most do as well.



07/05/14 14:20

Very much like AdG except it seems to last somewhat longer on my skin. I'd have to do a direct comparison... they smell pretty much the same. Maybe this one has a tad more spice notes?

I think I prefer this to the original - but that's not saying a lot. I'd probably never buy a bottle of either.



06/17/14 05:11

Apparently most people smell orange in this, some get grapefruit, but to me it's more lemony. Whatever they are, the citrus top notes are really zingy and nice - precisely the thing you'd want on a hot, summery day. It dries down to a cedary note (the Iso E Super, I'd imagine) and a light floral base. (Wait. There's geranium in this? Geranium was what was objectionable to me with Tsar, or so I thought - but I don't detect anything here I don't like. Perhaps it wasn't the geranium after all...) A wonderful scent!

It is more reminiscent of Eau Sauvage to me than Declaration, but I suppose I'd need to try both on subsequent days to test.

An excellent summer fragrance! I think I need a bottle...


Second test wearing (on an incredibly hot day); Yep, this is the stuff I want for days like this. This one now goes into my "want" list.



05/30/14 17:32

I got violet but no oakmoss; my guess is that they've eliminated it in a reformulation. Anyway, it starts with an interesting vintagy fougere vibe but, sadly, turns unbearably soapy on me. (I really dislike soapy notes.) I couldn't wear this - had to scrub.



05/12/14 09:31

Yet another blah, way overpriced Bond No. 9 scent. This one is woody, but is not very interesting. On me it's rather timid.

Much better to my nose is the woody incense of Tom Ford Sahara Noir or Le Labo's Chant de Bois.

Not a supporter of same sex marriage so... not a fan of the concept, either.



04/27/14 08:02

It doesn't smell fresh, spicy, floral, interesting, intriguing, original or even natural. It smells like a hodge-podge of synthetic notes which I suppose *could* be an apple, or mint or lavender if one exercised a suspension of disbelief. But to me it's just a jumble of unidentifiable smelly things.

It's just sort of generic and BLAH.

It could work for a very young man, I suppose; the ad video suggests that. A young man who is handsome enough or wealthy enough not to need to smell especially interesting.



04/17/14 05:24

I was going to wear this for a day via a sample, but I got suspicious and sprayed some on the back of my hand first. Good thing! This is a loathsome and gagging medicinal rose scent; it would have been a very long day if I had to smell this on myself for eight hours or more.

Simply put, it is the worst rose scent I have ever smelled. Way too floral, way too sickening. People write that some fragrances give them headaches... that has never happened to me, but if it could, this is probably the one to do it.




04/16/14 05:51

A very timid fragrance... on me it's almost not there. It's mildly suggestive of a summer oceanside, but, sorry, it really doesn't make much of an impression.

Much more bang for the buck with the same sort of vibe can be gained with one of Guerlain's superlative L'Homme mojito fragrances. This is summer done right!

This reminds people of Creed's Silver Mountain Water - I suppose I agree. I thought that was a nebbish, indifferent fragrance as well.



04/15/14 06:52

This is one of the better Bond No. 9 scents I've tried; on me it's primarily a wood scent. It's not the clean pine plank note of Tom Ford Sahara Noir nor is it the strongly woodsy note of Le Labo's Chant de Bois - it's more subtle than those two. I don't detect any gin, which is probably a good thing because in the Tokyo milk gin scents it sours on my skin. I also don't detect any grapefruit - once again, probably a good thing. The only respectably real grapefruit scent I've ever smelled is Hermes' Eau de Pamplemouse Rose. The others just smell badly synthetic and common to me.

Unfortunately it's not so good with longevity. It turns into a skin scent rather quickly, and then is apparent only on cotton after a couple of hours - which causes me to question the value of this rather expensive fragrance.

The bottle is... interesting. If you like grafitti.

My Dad was from Brooklyn. I suppose, were he alive, he'd wear this simply because of that fact.



04/14/14 07:32

Not especially interesting or attractive.

It smells a bit like the underside of a piece of furniture I have.




04/14/14 07:28

Extreme what, exactly? I pass on this one. The original or the Parfum flanker are both better than this.



04/14/14 07:26

It smells too common for me. But it's one of the better common smelling scents out there, if that makes any sense.



04/14/14 07:21

Sort of a vanilla, citrus, floral kind of thing. I like it, and I'd wear it, but if my olfactory memory is correct, I think I prefer plain old Habit Rouge - which I struggled to understand.

The drydown on this is all Guerlain... Which is to say, elegant and first-class.



04/08/14 21:12

The citrus top notes started out with some promise, but it quickly turned into that nasty synthetic blandness I have smelled too often elsewhere.




04/03/14 05:06

Somewhat suspicious of this house, I tried this on my wrist before spraying the sample all over myself and having to live with it a for a day. I'm very glad I did! That generic clean fresh note smells just like a dozen other fragrances I have tried. There is nothing interesting or unique in this at all. Boring. I'm giving my sample away.



04/02/14 17:30

The girl at Sephora assured me that this is a unisex scent when she made up the sample. It isn't, not at all.

It's a white flower scent - and a mediocre one at that. There are any number of better white flower/tuberose fragrances: Chanel #5, Alien, and Amarige spring to mind... this is way too flowery for my use. By the way, as other reviewers have pointed out, there is no discernable green notes in this green bottle.

Fortunately, longevity and sillage aren't all that great, so I didn't have to live with this for long.

I must confess a certain degree of bias against this perfume house and its politically correct, sloganized concept fragrances. How come no "I (Heart) High Taxes" or "I (Heart) the Nanny State?"



04/01/14 04:51

Spraying this on myself I was immediately taken back to an impression of the flowery powders (Here's My Heart? Topaze? I forget.) my mother used to buy from Avon when I was a small child. At the risk of insult to describe exactly what I mean, this therefore smells old-ladyish to me. I can see how others might describe this as "elegant" on a gentleman, but this just isn't for me at all. Too fussy.

Another problem: Unlike all other fragrances I have sprayed on myself after shaving, this one burned my neck. There is apparently something in here that my skin has a mild reaction to.

If I have to wear something powdery I much prefer Royal Copenhagen Cologne.



03/31/14 11:15

I like this one! The nutmeat note isn't as obnoxious as Parfumerie Generale's Praline de Santal, it's subdued and pleasant, and the rest of the gourmand mix makes for a nice drydown. (I think I get somewhat more leather than chocolate, however. I just barely smell the coffee notes.)

Given that, at first, I didn't care for gourmands I've obviously come a long way in liking this one. It's persuasive.

The bottle is pleasant to hold, too.



03/29/14 20:24

I didn't smell any wood - I just smelled a fresh note that is common in too many fragrances. This is uninteresting and boring. Also - it didn't last very long on my arm. I am not impressed.



03/29/14 20:15

Eucalyptus? Really? I'm from Southern California and I used to play among eucalyptus trees and leaves all the time when I was a kid. I know very well what they smell like, and I detected none in this. On me this was a very subtle, mild incense note and that's about it. It's barely there, it doesn't project and it doesn't last long.

I was really underwhelmed.



03/23/14 14:33

Smelled on a paper strip: I can't make up my mind whether or not I like this. It's very herbal - a cousin to Pino Sylvestre. I need to wear this for a day to decide.

It does smell vintagey... I like that.



03/23/14 14:24

Intensely green - awful. The Patchouli from Hell. It reminds me of grass. Since grass makes me itch, this is not a good fragrance for me at all.




03/23/14 14:21

Whoa! WAY too rosy and floral for me! I didn't see this coming at all, from an Aramis. I don't get oakmoss, or civit or anything else - just flowers.



03/04/14 07:55

I got a sample of this and it stood out for two reasons: 1.) It's made in Ireland, and 2.) It's sold in Hallmark stores in the U.S.

It's... nice. Yes, it is evocative of the breezy, salty sea. This supposedly has oakmoss in it, but, nahhh. I don't detect that at all. For me it is a linear sea smell.

But of all the oceanics/aquatics I've tried, I still like Outremer's French-made "Oceane" best, which is available (in the U.S.) in Anthopologie stores for a pittance. ($18 large bottle, $10 small bottle.)

Oceane also wins the sillage and longevity award.

NOTE: It has now been about four hours since I applied this, and the basenote on my cotton tee shirt has turned decidedly nasty. Oceane doesn't do that. I am changing this from "like" to "dislike."



02/28/14 04:54

I like it - the top notes are very fresh, citrusy and nice - but the basenotes just don't last. This scent is gone in about an hour, even on cotton. (And I'm not playing that Creed Aventus "If you can't smell it it must be olfactory fatigue" game.)

If it comes to a summery, beach-invoking boozy scent, I am far more impressed with Guerlain l'Homme, Guerlain l'Homme Intense and Guerlain l'Homme l'Eau Boisee. Those mojito scents have the same summery, beachy vibes and last far longer.

The cost differential gives the win to Guerlain.



02/27/14 06:27

Extreme? Really? This reminds me of Inigo Montoya's celebrated quote in "The Princess Bride": "You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means."

The original Tom Ford for Men was promising, but ridiculously faint and timid. One would suppose that for an "extreme" flanker Ford organized a focus group or two, learned that his original stuff evaporated to nothingness in an hour or so and decided that a stronger juice would be a marketable idea. Hence, "extreme."

But no. As is stated elswhere here by other reviewers, this stuff is also timid and has little longevity and no sillage.

A pity.

It reminds me of one of those Gucci scents, faintly leathery. It's nice - but it really doesn't justify its cost - or the word "extreme."



02/26/14 05:34

Nasty, gagging and loathsome. That chocolate-patchouli-incense-orchid accord is Satan-spawned. Nauseating.



02/25/14 07:27

While at JR, the big discount place alongside I-95 in North Carolina, I smelled this on a paper strip for the first time.

I have been avoiding the Copenhagen line for no good reason, really. I have it in my head that they probably smell badly dated and are fit only for older men who have gone to seed, or do not possess the mental dexterity to try something else after a few decades of dedicated use. (You know, you've seen old men wearing vinyl shoes. Those guys.) And, besides, this stuff is blue. Experience teaches me again and again that I don't like scents for men which are blue.

And doesn't the Royal Copenhagen line have a rather bad reputation among perfumistos and perfumistas?

But, hey. It's... kind of nice. Very soft, very powdery. I suppose merely spraying a liquid baby powder on myself is not advisable, but... I need to give this a better try.


Tried on wrist: Wow - liquid vanilla baby powder! I like this, but I'd probably never wear it. It smells too much like baby powder. It's in the same category as the cuddly Hermes Equipage, the soft Hermes Narcisse Bleu and Avon Wild Country, which smells not wild but like baby wipes.



02/11/14 05:29

I'm greatly impressed with the Guerlain Homme and Guerlain Homme Intense versions, so it stands to reason I like this as well. It's the same mint-lime-rum mix as the other two but with a bit more vetiver notes, which means it's greener and somewhat more pungently woody on the top. Quite nice! I got my bottle in the winter, and it's great now - but I'm sure this will really shine as a summer/hot weather scent.

A Guerlain masterpiece!

Come to think about it - have I encountered a Guerlain that I haven't liked? I don't think so...



02/10/14 13:44

Pfew, scrubber!

In the past decades I have gotten good at being able to judge whether or not I'd like a film just by the cast, plot, advertising, etc. I'm beginning to attain that ability with fragrances. I put off trying Nautica scents because I suspected I wouldn't like them. I couldn't be more accurate with this one! On me it smells pissy and cheap. (My daughter agrees: cheap.)

I can't imagine any man that this would smell good on.

And the usual law applies: Because I hate it, longevity seems to be excellent.



02/10/14 07:57

Nothing to become maniacal about, but not bad. It doesn't strike me as being especially unique or individual, and went on smelling somewhat mass market and uninteresting. The key is in the drydown, when it eventually arrives at a nice, understated woodsy note. At least it does on my skin.

This is one of those countless "safe for office" scents which I normally scorn. But on me it smells calculatedly pleasant, like one of those Jack Black "Mark" scents.

I wouldn't run out and buy a bottle, but I wouldn't spurn one, either.

No sillage to speak of, longevity is a few hours.



02/08/14 19:58

This is an odd one; I sprayed it on my wrist but had a difficult time detecting it from my skin. It almost seems like it replicates my skin to some extent. There seemed to be no real scent here, other than a somewhat shabby and faded patchouli of some variety.

Whatever it costs, it's not worth it to me. It just doesn't stand out as a separate fragrance from my skin - as odd as that sounds.

I didn't detect any strong citrus notes.


Worn for a day: My initial impression was correct. This is yet another one of those Bvlgari scents that pretty much just isn't there. It's too timid to make much of an impression on me. On spraying I can detect the faintest of citrus notes, then it pretty much just disappears until the long term scent arrives, which is a rather blah aquatic - and that only on cotton, not skin.

So... I say no to Bvlgari's copper hockey puck.



02/08/14 19:55

It's blue, it smells generically blue in a crowded genre, nothing new here for me.



02/08/14 09:01

A delightful scent that is a perfect olfactory impression of oranges. I don't know if these are, in fact, oranges from Capri, but they don't smell like oranges from Florida, so I'm buying the whole Italian pitch. This stuff is great!

Sadly, like 90% of all the fragrances I try these days (and almost 100% of the citrus-based ones) it lasts a hour or two then, pow, it's gone, like the clutch on a Fiat.

Caramel basenotes? No... I don't get any caramel basenotes.



02/07/14 20:40

I was looking for the suede notes, but all I really got was a sort of sour, pungent note on my skin right away with this one. My wife thought it smelled cheap on me.

Original Stetson is much better.



02/07/14 07:11

This is a subtle orange scent. It doesn't knock you off your feet with the full force and weight of a sunny orange grove like Acqua di Parma Blu Mediterraneo Arancia di Capri, and it doesn't linger as a note like Terre d'Hermes. It also doesn't have an ambery orange haze like a Varvatos fragrance. On me this juice is about half orange and half cedar - and sadly, timid and faint. It seems to disappear quickly on my skin and remains as an elusive note on cotton.

So... I like it. But if I'm in the mood for orange-cedar I'd select the Terre d'Hermes variation, which is apparently strengthened by vetiver. (It's worth noting that, like this, TdH also has a cedar note - the Iso E Super.)

My wife, when queried, made a "Meh" face after leaning over for a sniff.



01/30/14 04:59

I don't drink, so I don't know what a Mojhito is or what it tastes like, but I know that I greatly like this fragrance! It is a delightfully fresh citrus and mint scent that smells very good on me, indeed. It's a nice break away from the heavy leathers and animalics I normally favor. An excellent warm weather fragrance that also works in cold weather. (I am testing it on a very cold day, indeed.)

I also like the Intense flanker, but I'm not sure which I like better. I'd have to smell them side by side. But Guerlain does it once again. This stuff is heavenly. I want a bottle!

Note: I detect nothing animalic or peppery in it at all. For me it is a bright citrus-mint-vetiver scent.



01/24/14 04:47

At first I detected really nice woodsy notes that became smoky/leathery/piney - very pleasant! Promising! However, this phase lasted for all of about a half hour, then it got faint. I'm writing just over an hour after I sprayed it on, and I can barely smell it on my shirt. This stuff doesn't even last on fabric, let alone skin.

Bottega Veneta: I barely knew ye!

As another reviewer wrote, this has tragically bad projection and longevity. It's yet another timid fragrance in a market saturated with fragrances that don't project and don't last. Punch up the concentration a bit and maybe we'll have something to work with...



01/17/14 04:45

I find this blah and forgettable. It goes on smelling vaguely spicy/gourmandy and just sort of barely exists, leaving not much of an impression. Timid, unimpressive and overpriced. Is it "safe for work?" Yes. Very much so. In fact, corporations could issue it to employees.

And come on... the juice color... an albino noir?



01/11/14 16:15

I really dislike that apple note - it smells cheap and unconvincing. Boring... the usual thing... blue... not for me. Smells like a generic body gel.



01/11/14 16:10

Unoriginal, mass market and smells like a hundred other fragrances. I don't like it at all, and my wife made a stink face when she smelled it.



01/08/14 09:42

Well... I like the bottle. I was in the Marines... sure, I'll try it. Where does one find this stuff? It's not in the National Museum of the Marine Corps (Quantico, VA) gift shop, where one might expect it to be. So if not there, then where?



12/26/13 20:50

No getting around it: this and Tuscan Leather smell very much alike. (And they are both first cousins to Montal's Aoud Leather.)

But this is way overpriced, compared to Tuscan Leather which is merely overpriced.

The stuff smells great, however. Fantastic. $375/bottle great? No.



12/26/13 07:34

I read this mostly as a patchouli scent with a little oakmoss. Longevity is, indeed, poor. I suspect this will be a much more successful scent for the spring or summer than in the dead of winter.

It's kind of blah; it doesn't really stand out from the crowd.

It was a blind buy - in fact, a Christmas present. I won't do a blind buy ever again, so this was probably worth the money.

I "like" it - but just barely.


I traded this and some Halston 1-12 I didn't like for some vintage Antaeus. MUCH better. No more blind buys!



12/20/13 05:13

From 2013:

Hey, the Seventies called: they want their aromatic fougeres back!

This stuff, in addition to having a pretentious name, is badly dated. Think disco. Yes, it smells like Drakkar Noir. (But I actually like current formulation Drakkar.)

In a word, this is obnoxious. Up to this point I thought that, being a 57 year old guy, I'd like just about any fragrance for men from my youth. Wrong.

When I was more or less freshly sprayed and walking around like Pepe LePew this morning, a guy plunked himself down in the seat next to me on the Metro. I wanted to turn to him and say, "Do you want to reconsider? You'll be sorry."


Fast forward to 2020. In "Perfumes - The Guide (2018)" Luca Turin writes, "...still unsurpassed in my experience as the worst-ever masculine." Hahahaha!



12/19/13 11:11

Hideous. It has that awful, screechy, fake grapefruit note I hate amid a din of clean/fresh stuff. People smell musk, sandalwood and cedar in this? I certainly don't.




12/19/13 11:07

I love Quorum, so I tried this one. Yes - it goes on smelling pleasantly like Quorum, but then quickly goes horribly astray with the geranium and carnation floral notes. (I don't like carnation at all.)




12/15/13 06:45

Smelled on a paper strip: Nice, but somewhat indifferent. It didn't make much of an impression on me. My take on what I've smelled from these newer Tom Ford scents in the smoky bottles is that Tobacco Oud is the star, but I need to wear a sample of this for a day.



I'm not sure I get this one at all. It's just kind of... BLAH. It doesn't smell woody to my nose as much as it smells faintly of tobacco notes. It doesn't seem to evolve much, either - it seems quite linear. One reviewer detected a sort of coconut oil... I'm almost getting that, but this really doesn't smell like anything I'm familiar with. As for an oud scent, okay, this smells like a first or second cousin to a bottle of oud attar I once smelled, but, once again, it doesn't strike me as remarkable in any way.

This is not one of the stars of the Tom Ford line up as far as I'm concerned. I like Tobacco Vanille, Oud Tobacco, Tuscan Leather and Italian Cypress best.

Oud Wood seems to have little sillage on me and longevity is disappointing.



12/15/13 06:41

Smelled on a paper strip: My first take was that, 1.) Tom Ford seems to do tobacco scents well (Tobacco Vanille is great), and 2.) He managed to avoid the nasty medicinal note that oud scents sometimes have. I need to wear a sample of this for a day.


Update wearing sample:

Mmmmmmmmm. In attempting to figure out what fragrances I like I've developed what I call my "Mmmmmm Test." It is simply this: Spray on. Wait. Smell skin and shirt. If you spontaneously go "Mmmmmmm" you have a winner. If you do not, try again.

I got my Tom Ford Tobacco Oud sample from - where else? - Nordstrom. It was Mmmmmmm at first sniff. This is a wonderfully evocative tobacco scent, more suggestive of a cigar than pipe tobacco, I think. It is fairly strong and linear. If there is a change over time it is that the tobacco notes fade a bit and the oud becomes apparent.

But I'll be honest: I write this not knowing precisely what oud smells like! As I have smelled it in many fragrances it varies to the point to almost unrecognizability. But I will say this: the oud in this Tom Ford scent is not the nasty cough medicine note that it is in vintage M7. (Thank goodness.) And it's also not the rotting wood note found in oud attar.

No, what we get here is something that reminds me of my favorite tobacco scent, the now sadly discontinued Monotheme Tabaco Latino (not on the fragrantica database). A deep and sweet cigar note. Very nice. I don't know to what extent the (almost certainly synthetic) oud influences the overall presentation - but this is great stuff.

And - sigh - as usual with Tom Ford fragrances, it's overpriced. What I'd rather do is find an old bottle of Tabaco Latino. Anybody got some they hate and simply cannot abide having on their bathroom shelf?


Update: I found a bottle of Monotheme (Mavive) Tabaco Latino for sale on amazon and got a bottle. TOBACCO HEAVEN. This is the stuff! Beats Aramis Havane, Mugler Pure Havane, Tabac, the two Tom Ford scents listed above and CK Shock.


Update: I sprayed some of this on my arm and it was coming at me for the next couple of hours. Strong and loud tobacco. I like this less than the first time I tried it. Not sure I could live with it


Another sample wearing: I love this one, and now I fully appreciate the whiskey notes, but do I need it? I've decided: No. It doesn't do any tobacco things for me that Tabaco Latino doesn't do.



12/09/13 11:35

Like Guerlain Heritage, this is one of the great sandalwood scents. Very woody and yet... it's also delicious, like a gourmand. I get a nutmeatty, praline note from it. Very, very nice.

Longevity on me isn't bad - about four hours. Not much sillage. And I don't smell roses, either. But perhaps they're in there playing an invisible part. A success!



12/07/13 16:22

I've smelled some faint and timid scents before, but this one takes first prize! My wife could barely smell anything and neither could I. It barely has a scent.

Essentially - this is perfumer's alcohol. That's it.

Okay, perfume industry: are you done atoning for the 70's and 80's yet? Can we go back to fragrances which actually have some smell, longevity and sillage again?



12/07/13 16:17

This is not a bad scent, but compared to Guerlain's Vetiver (1959), it's a disappointment. It just doesn't have that zingy vetiver pungent brightness. In fact, on me it smells more like a vanilla scent or a gourmand than it does anything green.

I am increasingly finding out that Luca Turin is correct: Guerlain's is the reference vetiver.



12/07/13 15:58

When I was a kid I remember lime scents for men smelled wonderful; they smelled like you had just sliced one open. This does not. It smells more like a gently limed soap, or even a bit like key lime pie. In other words, there's something getting in the way of the citric freshness. There's no slap.

Longevity is not good - on my skin it's gone in under an hour. (Not unlike the bottle of Royall Bay Rhum I once had.) And silage on me is non-existent.

So... no.



12/05/13 10:16

Just sort of sweet and indiscernable. To quote Luca Turin about some other fragrance, about the only thing one can say for this is that it has a smell.

If you want a musk, please bypass this and get Kiehl's.



12/05/13 10:11

Is there leather in this? Not that I can smell. In fact, I'm having a difficult time picking out any real notes in this. It's just sort of generically "masculine." Kind of ambery. Boring. Projection is poor, and as for longevity, it becomes weak pretty quickly.

"This rebellious scent..." Haw! Hahahahaha!



12/03/13 12:19

It goes on smelling sweet like a cake, which is kind of nice. Then, after about twenty minutes, there's a period when it begins to sour a bit on my skin, then mellows out acceptably. All this in about an hour. Poor longevity, no sillage. Another one of those modern frags that has me wondering, "What's the point?"

Green is my favorite color so I must admit to liking the bottle and the simple typeface!



12/03/13 12:15

All I get out of this is a very subtle mint of no sillage and poor longevity. (It's almost entirely gone from my arm in about a half hour.) This stuff is okay, I suppose, but I might just as well spill some mouthwash on myself and let it dry. So... dislike because, what's the point?



12/03/13 10:44

It starts out nice, with a mildly leather note that reminded me of some Gucci scents. Masculine and deep.

Then, after about an hour, that miserable apple note takes over. At least I *think* it's an apple note, or, probably more accurately, the aroma molecule that's intended to be an apple note. But to me it smells synthetic and unnatural. I've smelled it before in too many other scents and I just don't like it. So that ruins this fragrance for me.



12/02/13 16:32

Earlier this year I hated A-Men. Then it grew on me, and I got to like it. So I wasn't sure what I'd get from this. I see it talked about a lot on the fragrantica forum - almost always in a good sense - so I gave it a try.

I like it! Love it, even! Actually, I think I prefer it to A-Men. Yes... it's malty/woody with a bit of the A-Men caramel base. (Or am I just imagining this, since it isn't listed as a note?) It's an unusual scent, but a good one. I don't get any pronounced fruit notes, which is all to the good since I don't care for fruity scents.

I think I shall get a bottle someday!


Update: I got a bottle of this for Christmas! It's wonderful... a lovely boozy/woody/peaty/caramel fragrance. My favorite gourmand scent by far! What's more, everyone I've asked likes it on me.

Longevity is about average for scents these days: a few hours. This is this scent's biggest drawback.



12/02/13 16:25

"Beau," my foot. It's Mal. Pungent, sour and nasty. I gave it a half hour before scrubbing it off.



12/02/13 05:58

Is this the Tuscan Leather beater/alternative? Well... perhaps. As the numerical scores on the user-perceived notes suggest, this could be considered a berry-leather scent while Tuscan Leather is a leather-berry scent. Charles Street is sweeter. It goes on with an interesting, boozy, berry liqueur note that lasts for only a few moments - very interesting. And I like the subtle coffee note.

A winner!

But. Truth to tell? I prefer Tuscan Leather.



11/29/13 05:59

It's claimed to be for women but is really unisex, I think. It's meant to invoke the smells of the circus: hay, candy apple, caramel. Does it? I have no idea; I've never been to a circus. It's sweet and very odd, I'll give it that. The notes are hard to place. Is that a sweet leather I'm getting? Or a slightly woody caramel? I like it - but probably not enough to buy it.



11/27/13 05:01

I told luckyscents that I was interested in a fragrance that suggested a campfire, and they told me about this one. So I bought a sample. Yep - campfire it is! Smoke and wood. Since I love the smell of a campfire I quite like this one.

I see one of the basenotes is described as incense, and to my nose it smells like the same clean wood/pine plank smell I detect in Tom Ford Sahara Noir and Tauer 02 L'Air du desert Marocain. (To Catholics it smells like Mass, to me it smells like pine plank.) This fragrance goes on very smoky but after about an hour the main note is this one.

I barely detect a tobacco scent and for me there is no whiskey note.

My wife hates it, and gives it the same verdict she gives to the smoky notes in Encre Noire: "Dirty ashtrays at Grandma and Tony's!"



11/26/13 04:49

It's amazing how a perfumer of talent can take the usual suspects - bergamot, amber, cinnamon, pepper, lavender, cloves - and create something that stands head and shoulders above the usual crowd containing exactly the same ingredients!

Simply put, this is one of the best, if not THE best, spicy men's fragrances I have ever smelled. Wonderful.

Yes, it is somewhat reminiscent of Creed Bois du Portugal and, yes, some of the notes are like the ones in Chanel Pour Monsieur Concentree (which I wear and love). And yes, this can be considered an upmarket Old Spice. But so what? I love it!

UPDATE: I bought a bottle. This stuff is wonderful. I can see why Luca Turin wore it for ten years.



11/25/13 06:37

My search for the perfect leather fragrance continues with a wearing of the very well-regarded Knize Ten. I like how it says "Toilet Water" on the label.

I'm not sure I like it. I certainly don't understand it! The reviewers who don't like it claim this has a public washroom and oily leather jacket vibe, and I get that. That is to say that there's some institutional cleaner notes in here which suggest a public washroom. There is a mildly skanky note to this stuff that's throwing the whole fragrance off for me.

OR, conversely, it can also smell vintagey, old school and and elegant.

This was reportedly worn by James Dean and David Niven - which captures the dichotomy of this fragrance nicely.

It doesn't pass my Mmmmm test. (That is, after a while putting my nose to where I sprayed it and going Mmmmm.) So I won't be buying a bottle.


Well, on a visit to the Scent Bar in Los Angeles I did buy a small bottle. But with it on my hand and repeatedly sniffing, I realized that I couldn't live with this stuff and returned it for a Shay and Blue leather scent. So my experimentation with this famous scent is over. No. Done. I don't like it at all.



11/07/13 11:53

It smells too much like the pine trees people hang from their rear-view windows, or the stuff in the can you spray on artificial Christmas trees. It's kind of crass. Needs more oakmoss or herbs, maybe. A little less literal representation, a little more art is what's called for.

Pino Silvestre does a much better job with the pine idea; so does Tom Ford Italian Cypress and D&G Anthology L'Amoureux #6.

Still, it doesn't jam a pine tree up your nostrils like Slumberhouse Norne, so that's something.



11/07/13 11:48

Not a fan of the violet notes, here. I like the way they're modulated in Dior Fahrenheit, but not with this one. I guess it's the spice-violet mix which leaves me cold. Not for me.



10/25/13 05:00

I'd be able to tell the difference between this and the regular classic Colonia if I were to smell them side by side, but my memory of them is that they are similar. Both are wonderful citrus colognes in the grand old fashion. This is quite nice.

Perhaps there is a more prominent rose note in this than usual.

As was noted elsewhere, this one seems to last like an EdT, at least on clothing.



10/24/13 05:55

I've seen this recommended so often on this page's forum that I had to smell it.

It's... softly ambery. That's all I read. I need to try it again to really appreciate and understand it.

Longevity on my skin is mediocre.

I really like the bottle!

Bvlgari Black?!? Really? I don't get that at all. BB smells like rubber, then nothing. This is much better than that!


Okay, I tried another shot on my arm. It's vaguely gourmandy; I must be getting the Tonka bean note. I don't smell much leather in this one, and it smells somewhat citrusy/bright. This one is hard to figure!



10/23/13 16:34

I was curious to see if this would smell like a cousin to Aramis (which I don't like); it doesn't. I sprayed it on paper and within an hour after getting home it was mostly gone. I need to test it on skin to really appreciate it

Longevity isn't promising.



10/23/13 16:31

Pissy-lemony-aldehydic. Not good. I'm fairly sure what I smelled was the reformulated stuff.



10/23/13 16:28

I got a vintage bottle of this (marked cologne - made in the US) at a yard sale. It goes on smelling like Lemon Pledge, strident and nasty. My wife thinks it smells like Scrubbing Bubbles. The basenotes are mainly okay, but there are some clunkers in there.

In preparation for a day's wearing I put some on my wrist. No - I do not think I can endure this on myself all day.

It has a skunky, sour off-note that reminds me of Paul Sebastian Fine Cologne (YUCK) or a sweaty old man. I rarely use this term because I like most old scents, but this stuff smells dated.

"Swept floor": Hahaha! Yes, it smells like that as well.

I'm glad I only paid 75 cents for the bottle!

UPDATE: I gave it away.



10/23/13 16:20

I liked the initial orange blast but not the impermanence of the scent, which only existed on my cotton shirt after about a half hour. Poor longevity. I was hoping the amber would extend the experience, but it didn't.

My daughter and wife both agreed: "Too citrusy."



10/23/13 16:17

What a disappointment this was! After seeing it continually suggested in the "Club" postings I was hoping for something good. What I got instead on my arm was an initial blast of interesting mildly skanky notes, followed by a drydown of some nasty, overused synthetic chemical smell. This is an oud scent? Nahhhh.

The whole thing disappeared within an hour.

It has been discontinued in the Juicy stores in the U.S. No big loss.



10/19/13 18:13

It's... okay. An indifferent scent, not bad. It didn't make much of an impression on me for either good or bad. I guess I like it.



10/16/13 11:46

It goes on pleasantly citrusy but then takes a wrong turn down a chemical back alley and smells really synthetic.



10/16/13 11:43

Bleah. A watery-fruity thing. At first it smells like some fruit spill you might wipe up from a kitchen counter, then it turns synthetic and chemical.



10/16/13 11:33

Nasty, cheap-smelling and unoriginal. It covers all the bases.

The bottle is nice to hold, however. Nice tactile quality.



10/16/13 11:25

I was already a Guerlain admirer, but this one further cements the relationship! A nice lime-minty-rum-cedar concoction which smells very good indeed on my skin. A great summer scent, but it also takes me places in the winter.

I want a bottle!



10/16/13 11:14

Goes on interestingly spicy, but on my skin there's a nasty sour note that takes over for a while. Then it settles down to a very mild leather mixed with a cheap, synthetic note I smell way too often in modern perfumery.

No. Scrub, scrub.



10/16/13 11:07

A nice lemon scent, but, golly, on my skin it was gone in a half hour. No lie. $300+ ? No.



10/12/13 16:20

Smells soapy, like a powdered detergent. Not a fan of this at any price.



10/10/13 07:41

A perfectly-conceived and executed product turned into a joke.

Encre Noire is not about "sport." It's like Porsche coming out with an SUV (which, by the way, I call the Porsche Bandwagon): "Let's jump on this trend, whether it fits the product's concept or not!"

Bad idea, Lalique.


I suppose I'll smell it when it comes out, but it's not something I'm looking forward to. I am indifferent to this bit of marketing.



10/08/13 11:56

This one is in the clean/fresh segment of the olfactory spectrum, with a sort of metallic sharpness. I don't care for it; I think the Southern Blend flanker is more my style of the Tim McGraws.



10/08/13 11:51

The shock for me was that I liked this! I had low expectations - Calvin Klein scents are generally not favorites - and the spray paint graffiti on the bottle didn't suggest a quality mix, but, as is sometimes the case, the juice triumphs over the marketing.

This is nothing more nor less than a decent tobacco/gourmand scent. You can get a 100 ml bottle at a Ross for $25.


I bought a bottle. My wife isn't a fan, but I like it. At first it's very gourmandy, then it turns into a pretty good tobacco scent. Once again, a surprise considering the bottle and how it's marketed.

Longevity is not especially good - at about the two hour point this stuff starts disappearing - even on a cotton tee shirt. As always, one gets what one pays for.



10/08/13 04:57

One of the most timid fragrances I have tried so far; it barely registers on me at all - and that's with spraying a healthy amount on cotton! It seems to be taking the industry's current passion for faint scents to a new extreme.

Perhaps it's just as well... if they cranked up the concentration level it would smell undistinguished and conventional. It smells like a leather jacket and perhaps some lavender from about a mile away, caught on the briefest of breezes.

Don't bother. If you have to have a Gucci scent, get the inifinitely better Pour Homme II.



10/07/13 05:10

Citrus and a bit of cedar wood... It's not bad, but it's not especially good, either. An indifferent scent; not distinctive at all. I think it's really designed for a younger guy.

Problem: After some hours that overly-familiar and nastily synthetic smelling citrus aroma molecule comes to the fore - bleah. That ruins it for me.



10/05/13 12:38

Timid and nondescript. To me it has an indifferent, not well defined gourmand note that doesn't project.



09/30/13 05:54

Bandit is a well-known women's perfume that celebrated perfume reviewer Luca Turin claims is butch enough for a man to wear. And it is. It's a mossy, dirty chypre... it's okay. I like it. However, I find it rather soft despite its well-known skankiness.

I prefer Estee Lauder Azuree Pure, which people claim Bandit reminds them of. That's the one for me, I think.

Aramis? People think this reminds them of Aramis? I don't see that at all!

Note: My favorite leather scent is Tom Ford Tuscan Leather - but in cold weather Elsha works very well, too.

I wish I could get my florals-only wife to wear this...


Tried it again on a paper strip. This stuff is the Oakmoss Queen! I'm liking it more and more.



09/29/13 15:55

This isn't the worse scrubber I've ever tried (that would be Paul Sebastian Fine Cologne) but it's not far from it.

Holy Mackerel! On me it opens with an intense cat pee/bitter pungency and dries with an overbearing jasmine soapiness. I could only take so much of it before I ran into the bathroom and scrubbed my arm down with soap and water.

Wow. Haven't had that kind of response in a while!



09/26/13 18:25

Paugh. Synthetic and cheap - it smells like a hundred other poorly-composed fragrances. Somebody called it piss on a haystack; that's pretty accurate. This stuff is awful. I totally don't understand the love for it.

A scrubber.



09/25/13 18:04

Smelled good going on but after about twenty minutes it began to take on a pissy, acrid, sour note on my arm.

Surprise! After a few hours everything sort of modulated and that edge went away and it smelled good. But, no, I can't deal with that middle section.

I don't care for this, and it reinforces my opinion that most "sport" scents aren't for me.



09/25/13 07:19

At first I thought this was mainly a tobacco scent, but, yes, I can detect the black tea in it now. A nice mix of both. The best Gucci fragrance for me - I like this stuff.

Also, in addition to Outremer Oceane, one of my favorite blue-colored fragrances. (Those tend to be clean/fresh/sporty/acquatic, which I don't care for.)

Sits close to the skin on me, like 95% of the stuff I try.

The bottle has a very nice heft - feels solid. Good work, there!

My wife did a prolonged Mmmmmmm when she smelled it on me. She doesn't do that very often. Maybe I should get a bottle of this, huh?


Second wearing: I like this stuff even more. For a recent scent, it's unusual. Not the same old thing at all. Lasts on my skin, too - a notable feat for a newer fragrance.



09/24/13 09:34

I like the way this one smells simultaneously like violets, (synthetic) oud and incense without any one of the notes predominating with a sort of smoky suggestion overall; a skilled blend! I'm also happy to note that the medicinal note that synthetic oud can take on (YSL M7) is absent from this creation.

It's not quite my thing, but I like this one better than the Fahrenheit original... Very pleasant and very wearable with good longevity.



09/21/13 17:39

Well named, this is a very bright fragrance (but not as bright as Egoiste Platinum) - but I don't care for it. Smells clean/fresh/sporty. Not my thing.



09/21/13 17:09

I tried this on an arm. Interesting, but I'm not sure whether or not I like it! Given all these reviews I'm surprised that I'm indifferent to it - but I am.

I need to wear this for a day.



09/21/13 17:04

I wanted to like this one, and I liked the top notes. It smelled great going on! But after about 30-40 minutes on me the whole thing heads south and turns sour. Scrubber.



09/10/13 04:53

Not bad, but not original at all. It starts out with citrus and becomes woody, like a million other scents. Inoffensive, understated, safe for work. But I think I'd rather wear one of the Jack Black "Mark" scents, which seem to be the best of the inoffensive-understated-safe for work legion.

In terms of this being a vetiver scent, Guerlain Vetiver and Encre Noire are light years better.



09/09/13 04:27

Nasty and cheap. It goes on promisingly enough, but after about twenty minutes it dries down to a synthetic note I have smelled before in poorly wrought scents that represents nothing in nature I am familiar with. The basenotes are mildly sour, mildewy and awful; it smells like I've splashed some kind of - I don't know - commercial fabric cleaner on myself.



09/05/13 05:18

As gourmand (food) scents go, it's not bad upon a first spraying. It has cinnamon-apple notes with a hint of cocoa.

But what kills the deal for me is that, after about an hour, as it wears down it begins to smell cheap and common.



09/04/13 05:21

Not very impressive. It's an overly subtle and undistinguished woody/spicy thing. I can smell it every now and then during the day, but it's too common, too little, too seldom.

Unobtrusive, inoffensive - boring.

And, a side note: I am now convinced that the term "noir" in perfumery means nothing. It's a marketing gimmick.

Interesting bottle, however...



08/26/13 10:45

Calvin and I don't normally get along, but this one is well wrought and suits me. It's spicy/dirty... there's a touch of Estee Lauder Azuree Pure in this one. At first I thought it was a bit oakmossy or animalic, but, no, it's something else. What am I smelling? The musk or patchouli? I don't know... but I like it. It has an austere, understated vibe. It smells mature but not old, vintage but not dated.

A good fragrance... but the only thing that keeps me from loving it instead of merely liking it is that it turns mildly soapy after an hour or so.



08/18/13 05:20

A straight up traditional cologne that, on me, lasts about ten or twenty minutes. It's nice - but it's nothing spectacular and I agree with the reviewer who suggested that Guerlain du Coq is a better deal. So is Acqua di Parma's Colonia.