The Top Ten Hit Songs of 1864

#9. "Jumpin JEB Stuart" The 14th Virginia Cavalry
#8. "I Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Hardtack Anymore" The Young Rebels
#7. "Take the Last Train to Chancellorsville" The Powder Monkeys
#6. "We Fought the Yanks and the Yanks Won" Army of Northern Virginia
#5. "Bloody Water" The Shilohs
#4. "Can't Buy Me Guns" Jeff Davis and the Blockade Runners
#3. "Mrs. Brown, Some Yankee Shot Your Daughter" Sherman's Bummers
#2. "Cold Harbor" James Ewell Brown

And the Number One Hit Song of 1864:

#1 "Who's Makin Love to Your Old Lady While You Were Out in the Mud?" Fighting Joe Tex