Those Red-Legged Devils!

Jonah Begone's research on the 14th New York State Militia ("14th Brooklyn")

Aware of my skills and prowess as a historical researcher, my pard Tony Mollo of the reactivated 14th Brooklyn asked me to do some study of the actual Civil War regiment he and others recreate so well. I readily agreed.

I was little prepared for the photographic legacy of this famous regiment! Sure, they were much admired and photographed when they adopted their famous Chausseur uniforms - that was to be expected. What was a surprise was learning about their early days, when they wore the common civilian clothing of the un-uniformed militia.

Thanks to my contacts at the United States Archive and the Sons of Union Veterans organizations, I have been able to procure the following images for your enjoyment. I have taken the liberty of annotating these images with text, to further your awareness of this famous Yankee regiment.

The Union Forever! - Jonah Begone

First image: The 14th's determination!
Second image: Fun in Camp!
Third image: Rebel Bribery!
Fourth image: Attack in Alexandria!
Fifth image: Virtue Tested!
Sixth image: The 14th at Drill!