Dr. Anthony Waskie, Ph.D. was one of my pards when we were in the 110th Pennsylvania together. He was an all-around impressive fellow. Still is. He's a strapping, virile sort of guy with a booming voice I used to imitate. (The funny thing is, over the years as my voice began to lower with the onset of middle age - it happened to Sinatra - my natural voice began to move closer to my Andy Waskie Voice.)

Andy holds a doctorate and is a professor at Temple University. He speaks several languages, and, as I learned when I did a Google search, he's very active in Civil War activities in the Philadelphia area. Andy is the founder of the Gen George Gordon Meade Society of Philadelphia, Inc. and does a first person impression of General Meade in educational presentations.

My fondest times with Andy were during the 125th anniversary series of Civil War reenactments. When the excessive hot weather drill associated with being a member of the National Regiment became too onerous, he and I and a pard we nicknamed "Gnarly Charlie" would do what we called "the B.S. Alarm," a loud claxon sound. We did it a lot during those years.

Note: If you are looking for humor articles, look somewhere else on the JonahWorld! website. These are serious articles I transcribed and edited for the 110th's newsletter when I was a member, 1985-1987. As far as I know, the letters of Enoch T. Baker remain unpublished. Andy tells me he is at work on a full history of the 110th Pennsylvania.

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