From some binder-related e-mail between Chef Enoch and I, preparing for the CCG reunion at Cedar Creek '96 (which reunion, by the way, did not work out):

> How about binder? Always in good taste.
> The Chef

As I wrote before, at events I tend to think in terms of fast food joints.

Jonah Begone
A gastronomically simple man

Ah, but that is the beauty of binder: It is all things to all men. A gourmet repast for the epicure, a quick snack for the harried, a fast-food treat for the tasteless; breakfast, lunch, supper or Sunday brunch. Suitable alike for the hardcore and the farb, Confederate and Yankee, heathen and the spiritually enlightened, binder brings all of us in the brotherhood of The Hobby together under the great tent-fly of understanding and common interest.

Come on now, let's all sing the binder song! You know the melody--Coca Cola used it several years ago in their commercials:

I'd like to cook a pot of binder
for everyone to eat,
it's full of good ingredients,
like chemicals and meat.

And if you don't clean up your plate,
and swallow every bit,
we'll hold you down and force-feed you
until you cannot sit.

[Chorus--come on, you know the chorus . . .]

And from a later posting: The trick of efficient camp cooking, as I have repeatedly preached, is to kill the appetite as quickly as possible (thereby eventually eliminating the need for cooking). A really good pan of almost anything with a layer of heavy grease floating on top, can, on a good hot day, kill the appetite before it is tasted. The digestive system need not be harmed. As for trying binder, the choice is yours: A pot of binder or 10 minutes in an uncleaned port-a-john that has been sitting in the sun all day.