The Bloodiest Day


What was the bloodiest day in American history? In other words, on what day did more Americans get killed outright than on any other day?


September 11, 2001 - Terrorist Attacks


Official Count of victims (Source: Washington Times, 5/31/02)


New York: 2,823 (those killed in the World Trade Center and aboard the two jetliners)

Washington, D.C.: 189 (those killed at the Pentagon and aboard American Flight 77)

Pennsylvania: 44 passengers and crew on United Flight 93


Total: 3,056


September 17, 1862 - Battle of Antietam


Source: “The Bloodiest Day” by Ronald H. Bailey and the staff of Time-Life Books


Federal: 2,108 killed

Confederate: 1,546 killed


Total: 3,654


Antietam “wins.”


(Especially if you count the missing and the wounded who later died.)