Jimmy Carter's Civil War Poem

Yes, in addition to building houses Jimmy also writes poetry, after a fashion. Here's his unforgettable paean to those who fought and died for what they were killed for:

The More Things Change

In a musty attic box I found letters of my family in the War--
from places like Bull Run and Gettysburg
and places seldom mentioned in the books.

They said Jeb Stuart had praised some of them,
who served a cause and often gave their lives
not knowing how to tell the history they made, except a private's
point of view set down in a simple line or two:

"We have about a half enough to eat, green beef and flour,
but very little salt. Our company left Savannah heading north,
there was a hundred twenty-five of us, but since then
many of my friends have died so now they's only thirty-six left to fight.
I tell you, Mother, I am well but am not satisfied."