"...with horses, Prinz Ludwig's Regiment of Dragoons, Colonel Frederick Baum, commanding, could be made to serve a useful purpose instead of being the butt of the army's jokes, as they waddled about in their great boots, dragging their sabers behind them." (from March to Saratoga by Harrison Bird)

Mister Dismount-Ed

The Dismounted Cavalry Song

by Mal Stylo

(Sung to the tune of the "Mister Ed" theme song)

A horse is a horse and it follows of course,
That a cavalryman rides on a horse, per course,
That is, unless he happens to be,
Dismounted Cavalry!

What is the reason? I see no need, For all good horse-soldiers to perch on a steed, Quite a few are happy to be, Dismounted Cavalry!

Let others march around and drill and waste their time of day; The horseless cav will form for a charge and quickly hit the hay!

Go right to the source and ask this force, They'll tell you why they have no horse, It's 'cause it really authentic to be, Dismounted Cavalry!

Others are cruel and call them farbs, But the dismounted cav ignores these barbs, They know everyone secretly craves to be, Dismounted Cavalry!

The dismounted cav does its thing and ignores the yells and whoops, That dismounted cav makes no more sense than parachute-less paratroops!

A horse is a horse and it follows of course, That no true cavalryman rides a horse, The most authentic are proud to be, Dismounted Cavalry!

Dis-moun-ted Cav-al-ryyyy!

(I apologize to Mister Ed for borrowing the melody to his theme song, especially since he probably would not be allowed in the dismounted cavalry...)