Celtic Reenacting in Germany

by Jonah Begone

What on earth are you looking at?

These photos come from the Facebook page of John Neimiec, a Pennsylvania reenactor I've known since 1985. We used to be in the same multi-period unit, Historical Military Impressions, Inc. (HMI), located in the Philadelphia suburbs. John is the Reenactor's Reenactor, and has uniforms for more impressions than I can count. I have a sneaking feeling that if a war happened sometime in history, John has a uniform for it. From both sides of the conflict.

The photos above are not of John! He found these. His explanation: "The pic of the Celt above was taken in Germany. I seen pics of same years ago of them storming a Roman fortification and they just wore body paint." (Yes, John has a Roman legionnaire impression.)

Looking at these images, the following things flashed through my mind:

1. Germans are still crazy.

2. Who painted on the woad? Obviously one cannot paint those intricate circles upon one's butt cheeks oneself. At least I don't think so - but I've never tried. I suppose this is when you find out who your real friends are. And what flights of fancy was involved in the designs in the front? Alas - we do not know.

3. Putting together a Celt impression can be inexpensive! (How much is a can of paint?)

4. Doing this impression in public is probably illegal. I'm certain that sharing photos of your past event weekend around the cooler at work will probably get you into trouble, too.

5. Can you imagine a battle reenactment of these guys versus armored Romans? YIKES.

6. Typing in "celt reenactor" in Google returns images of fully-clothed and bare-chested guys. This fellow goes the Full Monty.

Suffice to say that I shall NOT be doing this impression - save when exiting the shower in the morning.