Jonah "BeGone" Edwards

by Matt Siegel

From "Civil War Live". The point of this website is that characters are presented and you follow them through situations and decide their fate. I couldn't help but notice that one is named "Jonah BeGone."

"Jonah was 17 during the war. He fought for the CSA. Also he was from New Orleand LA, he was an orphan and left his "home" to join the army. He joined up in Gibson's Brigade in the Army of the Tenn. He was a normal infantry private except for one thing.... he was pretty anoying and couldn't do much of anything right, thats how he got the name "BeGone" because everyone wanted him to leave... he wasnt hurt by it though, he thought he wasnt doing anything wrong. Or did he?..........

Throughout Jonah's first month of service he couldnt figure out how to do the following and when he did it wrong it effected other people: -Set up his dog tent - clean his 1853 model Enfield rifle - do ANYTHING near the camp fire People started to get really mad at Jonah especially his captin Alan H. Waters... he would yell at jonah for anything he could yell at him for. He would write all orders for jonah on paper and make Jonah read his orders that would have been fine in Jonah wasn't illiterate. Then it was announced they were going to battle. On the march People yelled at Jonah and said "dont fight you will just mess it up" and they threw things at him. He started to think "what should I do?"

...and so on.