Jonah Begone - Exposed!

by Jonah Begone/Wes Clark

Back in the 1960's secret identities were a major plot point in comic books. Superman took extreme pains (elaborate ruses involving robots, time travel, etc.) to prevent people from drawing the conclusion that Kal-El = Superman = Clark Kent. Nowadays in comics, it's not especially important. In the Iron Man movies, Tony Stark cheerfully reveals that he is indeed the red and gold metallic superhero. No big deal.

And did Gene Simmons of KISS lose anything when he appeared in the media sans his bat demon makeup? Nahh.

So, in that spirit, I, Wes Clark, reveal that I am in fact Jonah Begone and always have been. I have retired the paper bag, in other words.

Of course, it has now been ten years since I moved JonahWorld! onto from the late, lamented GeoCities in 2002. I'm pretty sure I let the cat out of the bag way back then for anyone paying attention.

In that spirit, then, here are links to all my Wes Clark-related Civil War subject matter: videos and photo galleries with captions. You can think of it as more Jonah Begone material if you like.

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