Diplomacy, Jonah Style

Here's a brief interchange between a Frenchman posting to a Internet gun enthusiast group and me.

Frenchy: I was wandering through American cyberspace and ran across this weird talk group. Wow! Massive paranoia. Reading the various messages left me with the feeling of staying clear of you gun nuts, to avoid getting shot either by a criminal or by somebody mistaking me for a criminal. Not coming is the best policy. Fortunately those of you who come here leave your guns at home.

Jonah: Not coming here is the best policy for you. And if you Frogs were into guns the way you're into sex, cheese and idiotic women's clothing then you wouldn't have gotten overrun when the pitter patter of German hobnailed boots was heard on the road to Paris. Hope you're enjoying EuroDisney, by the way, and make sure you keep the grass trimmed in those American cemeteries.