You might be obsessed with Gettysburg if…


By David Fictum and others on the Internet



You might be obsessed with Gettysburg if…


…you see a hill or mountain (be it in Gettysburg or anywhere in the country) and say "We must deprive the enemy of the High Ground!"

…if you know all of the waiters/waitresses at Lincoln Diner or O'Rorke's Restaurant all by name.

…if you are a reenactor (what reenactor hasn't seen the movie Gettysburg numerous times, been to Gettysburg to attend an event, or read a lot about the battle?).

…if you know the roads of Gettysburg by their names during the battle better than their modern names.

…if you can be dropped anywhere on the battlefield randomly and within a few seconds know where you are and tell others what happened on that part of the battlefield.

…if you have went to Gettysburg battlefield and argued with a park ranger, and won the argument.

…if you make pilgrimages to Gettysburg to buy things at particular stores you like in town.

…if you ever marched or camped on the battlefield in wool or jean cloth uniforms.

…if you can recite all the words from any of the following scenes in the Gettysburg movie: The Lee and Trimble conversation ("Give me one BRIGADE! AND I will take that hill!"), The Lee and Stuart conversation ("I told you there is no time for that! There is no time!"), Any of the camp scenes with George Pickett in it, any of the conversations Buford had.

…if you have gone onto the Gettysburg battlefield and reenacted any of the famous scenes from the movie Gettysburg.

…if when you are on the battlefield and talking with fellow Gettysburg enthusiasts, tourists come up to you and ask questions.

…if anytime you picture significant people in the battle of Gettysburg, you actually picture the people who played them in the movie Gettysburg.

…if you actually know where the scenes of Gettysburg were shot when they weren't shooting on the battlefield.

…if you own two or more of the Gettysburg movie music CD's.

…if you list Gettysburg as one of your favorite movies on your Facebook account.

…if you have spent more than three days of your life in Gettysburg visiting sites on the battlefield or related to the battle.

…if you go the battlefield and bring your laptop with you and watch scenes of the movie Gettysburg on your laptop at the actual places the movie depicts.

...if every time you see "Dumb and Dumber," you think, "and that guy played Joshua Chamberlain" while you shake your head.

…if you were in the movie Gettysburg (as a reenactor that is).

…if you know and can spot when one of the following people were in the movie Gettysburg: Michael Kraus, Brian Pohanka, Ken Burns.

…if you have timed yourself running the path of Pickett's Charge.

…(and you might be in jail too) if you have grabbed rocks, wood, or any other pieces of nature off the battlefield.