Harpers Ferry

Dangerfield Newby
The Spy
The Drummer Boy
The Weeping Child

Other places

Two Watered Down Ghost Stories
The South Mountain Preservation March Project
"Spook Hill" in Burkittsville, MD
The Midnight Battle (Turner's Gap)
Wings at Midnight (Turner's Gap)
The Snarly Yow (Turner's Gap)
Ghost Dogs
The Snallygaster (South Mountain)
South Mountain Legends
The Dwayyo (Frederick, MD)
The Survival (?) of John Wilkes Booth
The Lost Yankee at Willis House (Fredericksburg, VA)
The Case of the Confused Confederate (Fredericksburg, VA)
Things that go "bump" in the Bell Tent!
The Gaslight Ghost
Maryland Hospitality
The Strange Dream of John C. Calhoun
The Tragedy of Major Rathbone
Mary Surratt's Heartless Judge
Death Curve!
At the "Home of the Brave"
Maryland, My Maryland
He (Gideon Welles) Was There
Boston's Lady in Black