Fear and tremble, ye Rebs! It's...

That's right! In her red, white and blue star-spangled costume she sends Rebs flying in abject confusion, fear and, yes, admiration!

See! Her enchanted lasso snake out and encircle entire Reb companies!
See! Her magic bracelets repel Reb minie balls!
See! Fury and courage emanate from her crystal blue eyes!
See! Her long black tresses flying in the breeze!
See! Her magnificent figure held in place by an eagle-shaped wonderbra!

Treason flees where The Goddess of Liberty treads!

"The Goddess of Liberty" was dreamt up by Mal Stylo. He once wrote away for and received a stunning 8 1/2" x 11" black and white glossy of Lynda Carter (TV's "Wonder Woman"), which we bore into battle as "The Goddess of Liberty." Unfortunately she had a greater effect on hardcores than Rebs. (One was seen shaking his head sadly and muttering "Now I've seen everything!") Illustration by Union artist Brian Bolland

Mal - that idiot! - lost the photo. Not to worry, though. Here are some other shots:

I call this the contessa pose. Here she is, bound by Nazis, who knew a good thing when they saw it. - Jonah

Do you do Great War reenacting and need a Goddess of Liberty to call your own? Here's one, courtesy of Scott B. Lesch.