Tecumpseh Sherman: Environmental Terrorist?

From Green Wire, an environmental newsletter:

"Dr. John Pinder of the University of Georgia recently completed a study of the environmental impact of the Civil War general William T. Sherman's infamous 'March to the Sea.' In Late 1864, Sherman and his 60,000 Union troops marched from Atlanta to Savannah, burning mills, destroying railroads and displacing residents. However, Pinder has concluded that the march had little impact on the area's environment. Pinder: 'It was like a monster under your bed. You doubt it's there, but you'll never know if you don't look.' (Savannah River Ecology Lab Release, 5/29/96)"

Better check your pup tent for gila monsters. I doubt they're there, but "...you'll never know if you don't look."

(Thank goodness for academics. With them around nobody has to think up new material for gag web pages.)