In the past few years, my Internet correspondent Jeff Hendershott has been contributing what I think are pretty well-written articles about The Hobby. I figure it’s about time he got his own space on JonahWorld! - Jonah


Hendershott biography


Although Jeff Hendershott has “retired” from the ranks as a reenactor, he still likes to muse about the hobby on occasion.  “I enjoyed (almost) every minute while active and had a blast,” he claims.  “You can leave the hobby but, for better or worse, it really never leaves you.  I particularly enjoyed the friendships made, the funny times and the bizarre people who make us laugh.” Hendershott, an Ohioan, holds a Masters degree in history from the University of Akron and is a teacher by profession.

To spare us from looking at a picture of him (a self-described “Tubby Mustachioed Guy”), the image above is of Hendershott's great-great-grandfather, Hiram Bell, who served in the Western Theatre from 1861 to 1865 and is buried less than a quarter-mile from Hendershott's home.  Like his ancestor, Hendershott also served (while reenacting), in Company A of the 64th Ohio Volunteer Infantry Regiment.


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