The Hogan's Heroes March

by Jonah Begone

There's nothing like a cheery tune, is there? I was born in 1956, and so for boys in my generation the television show Hogan's Heroes (1965-1971) was a constant favorite. My World War II veteran father and I loved it - and even today, it still wears well. The comedic character acting cannot be improved upon... everyone was great! "I know NOTHING... NOTHING!," "Vot is this man doing here?," "Disssssssmissed!" Wonderful. The YouTube software suggests various episodes, which I'll still watch.

And that theme song! Bouncy, catchy... a real classic. It was written by the well-known Hollywood composer Jerry Fielding. And here's the thing: he added lyrics to the theme for "Hogan's Heroes Sing The Best of World War II," an Lp featuring Ivan Dixon, Robert Clary, Richard Dawson and Larry Hovis singing World War II songs.

I think Fielding's lyrics are absolutely hilarious! Here they are:

Hogan's Heroes Theme

Music and lyrics by Jerry Fielding

Heroes, heroes, husky men of war,
Sons of all the heroes, of the war before!
We're all heroes up to our ear-o's,
You ask the questions,
We make suggestions,
That's what we're heroes for!

All good heroes love a good, big fight!
Open up the bomb bays! Brighten up the night!
We are known for solving a quarrel,
You throw the roses,
We punch the noses,
That's what we're heroes for!

What's a hero do?
We're never gonna tell ya',
'Cause we wish we knew!
That's why we heroes are so few!
We've got a slogan,
From Colonel Hogan,
And Colonel Hogan's a hero too!

Never flinch, boys, never be afraid!
Heroes are not born, boys, heroes all are made!
Ask not why, boys, never say die, boys,
Answer the call, remember we'll all be heroes forever more!

Hahahahahaha! Great stuff! You can hear it sung here.

NOTE: No attempt is hereby made to infringe upon Jerry Fielding's or anyone else's copyrights. I reproduce the lyrics here in accord with Fair Use Provisions.