Klingon Event


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A friend of mine who will remain nameless hatched an ingeneous plot that was carried out this morning. The mission: to crash a Civil War re-enachtment dressed as a Star Trek Klingon. It is a little known fact that the Klingons aided the Confederacy during the war and would've been victorious had the Romulans not interfered and given the Union their cloaking device. I was assigned to be cameraman and security detail.

We entered the South camp first and were amazed at how friendly the soldiers were. They also told us that Abraham Lincoln was a slave owner and the Emancapation Proclamation did not free a single slave. Another guy later told us that if the South had won the war then we'd all be speaking German now. Uh-huh. After our Klingon got shot by a musket and had his teeth pulled by an 1800s dentist we watched the battle scene. The South prevailed due to the overwhelming Klingon factor. We then kicked around the Union camp with Lieutenant Worf getting another great response and a few death threats due to his aiding the Confederacy. Overall, the re-enactors were really really cool and no bodily harm was endured.


The photographic evidence is here.