That is, lady-related stuff as interpreted by a guy. The criterion for inclusion
here is that a female is involved somehow.

Leather Lass
How To Preserve Your Heirlooms
Reenactment de Jonah pour homme
Olde Tyme Mastectomy.
Another Goddess of Liberty.
Celia Mater's When I Was A Farb
Elizabeth Young Considers the Meanings of Civil War Reenactment
Hoops up!
The Southern Lady
Hanoi Jane (Ladies, please read this before buying one of her exercise products.)
Hitty: her first hundred years (Book review)
Quiet women
Gender comparisons within reenactment costume: Theoretical interpretations
Ladies of Breeding
This is what a farbette looks like (The one on the left seems unfashionably slender for 1860's standards, I would think.)
Belle Boyd impressionist (Hubba, hubba!)
the Aurora Coffin Co. Babe
A Civil War "Night Before Christmas"
The Twelve Reenacting Days of Christmas
A Thrilling Ceremony!
The Origin of Patterns
An Incredible Story!
The Goddess of Liberty!
Gettysburg's PC Superintendent
"Lederbreeches in der Evenink" by Mike Shurig
Mrs. Begone's response to the WSJ Rob Hodge article

The illustration of the smoking farbette, by the way, is by the euphoniously named Floyd D.P. Oydegaard