The Camp Chase Gazette

The Voice of Civil War Reenacting since 1972; the main page is here. They used to print my articles before they became humor-impaired and boring.


How to be a Retronaut

Civil War Links

From Cotton to Tee Shirts: The Role of Cotton in the Civil War.

John Tenniel and the American Civil War - Good stuff.

The Young - ...geared towards young people in Civil War reenacting.

The Civil War Courier

Thomas Eishen's Civil War Living History Groups page - All present and accounted for.

A Hello to Arms - One of Roadside America's Virginia sites, this one features a photo of Dan Sickles' leg bone and a ghastly trophy found at Antietam, the "Arm of the Unknown Soldier." Also shows Stonewall's arm's burial site.


Joel Craig's Bivouac - Some neat stuff, here. Check out "Unusual, strange and bizarre."

Anthony Farrow, a pard of mine in Britannia, suggests for 14th/15th Century accoutrements. So if you have a yen to reenact the War of the Roses, drop him a line!

No Quarter Given! Dead Men Tell No Tales! Ar! Avast Ye! and other such crap can be found here, on the pirate home site. Check this out.

Urban Legends

Do the Internet a favor. Before you pass on that e-mail notice cautioning readers against the dreaded "Good Times" virus or some horrible social ill like kidney harvesting, do a database search for it here, on the San Fernando Valley Folklore Society's Urban Legends page. Why propagate nonsense?


The Official Marine Corps Page - I proudly served as one of "Uncle Sam's Misguided Children" for four years, and got out a sergeant. Not one of those phony reenactment ranks, mind you, but a real sergeant! The links section on this is pretty good.

Brigham Young University

The BYU Home Page - I got my engineering degree here. The most difficult four years of my life - even harder than the Quasquicentennial!

The Ancient and Honorable Game of Rugby Football

Football is for sissies; ruggers play without pads and helmets! Rugby, you see, is a combination of soccer and smear the queer. "Full contact" is an understatement. I play lock forward, part of the "tight five" in scrums.

Here's a good start: The Rugby Reader's Review

The New Zealand All-Blacks are my favorite team. (By the way, they're named after their jerseys, not their racial composition.)

Bodybuilding and Weightlifting

According to this handy dandy bench press calculator, my one rep max (before I started rugby!) was 314 pounds. What's yours?