The Adventures of Macey N. Gimbels and His Pard

What They Did and Saw Reenacting The War of the Rebellion

by Mal Stylo and Jonah Begone - Illustrated by Paul Rogers

This is a series of stories my pard Mal Stylo and I did for our unit newsletter back during the days of the Quasquicentennial (1986-1990). It is full of insider jokes but represents clearly, I think, the event excesses of those heady days when Giants Walked the Earth. Some chapters are written entirely by Mal, some by me. All were edited by me. Mal wants to resurrect these two, but I want them kept dead, with the 125th. What do you think?- Jonah

Chapter One - Introduction, a Babe and a Cosmic Trip
Chapter Two - Rebel Cola
Chapter Three - The 'Nam
Chapter Four - They Have Some Fun With A Jonah
Chapter Five - A Dress Parade
The Final Chapter - Le Morte De Les Pards