There are two layers of weirdness to what follows: 1) Reenacting Viet Nam in the Ukraine, and 2) Finding yourself being reenacted by somebody in the Ukraine. I think Rod Serling, were he alive, would be able to use this. - Jonah

Hey! I'm Being Reenacted!

Posted to an Internet Civil War reenacting forum:

I just had a surreal out-of-body experience. I went onto the web site for the Ukranian reenacting group and looked at their Vietnam reenating impressions. I then checked the membership list. Roman Grigorenko is reenacting a US Special Forces Sgt., radio operator for Special Forces Team A-244 in Vietnam. In short, HE IS REENACTING ME !!!!! c. 1968 TALK ABOUT AN EERIE FEELING.....also, I know all the other guys, team commander, XO, Operation sgts, Engineering sgts, etc.

This is a bizarre is akin to someone saying he is reenacting the 2nd Sgt, company D, 16th LA. in a particular person. Only thing is that in this case, that person is still around. Actully, in the 1967-68-69 time period there may have been...oh...say 10 people who filled that position. Still, I was exactly that rank and filled exactly that position on exactly that A-Team (usually 12 men).

I feel the need for a strong drink, a foot warmer, three days of bed rest and perhaps a few prayers.

Jack Williams