I found this on the letters page of the late, lamented "Radical and Extreme Hobbies Website." While I doubt the two mile line of gasoline buckets it confirms what I suspected, namely, that reenacting Viet Nam is a bad, bad idea. - Jonah

Please Let's Not Reenact Viet Nam

Just recently the Discover Channel covered a story about a group of military and non-military friends [Could these be... nahhhh. - Jonah] who call themselves the 69th Battalion (By the way there’s no such thing as a 69th Battalion). Anyway these guys are based out of Colorado (not confirmed) and they initiated a fake Vietnam battle not too long ago. We bring this story to the surface because these military dudes simulated a napalm drop. They had hundreds of buckets filled with gasoline, stretching for TWO MILES! The gas was sent straight into the air with a burst of DET cord. Simply put, DET cord is dynamite in the shape of a rope. We can only imagine the immensity of the show.