I've heard of people reenacting Romans, Picts, Anglo-Saxons and even blue-woaded ancient Britons, but this is the first Stone Age reenactor I've heard tell of. - Jonah

Hey, is that a polyester pelt?

(From Far Eastern Economic Review, Sep 5, 1996)

Miyozo Yamazaki gives pleasure to himself and others by reenacting life during Japan's Stone Age. Yamazaki grew up in an area rich in Jomon era artifacts. Interested from boyhood, he joined an archeology study group thirty years ago. He decided to adopt the lifestyle ten years ago, using archeology texts as guides to building a house and living as Jomon people did. Groups of schoolchildren and archeologists visit him, although some argue that his portrayal is inaccurate and that those he portrays were actually much more sophisticated.