Dirty Mike Shurig's
1999 Christmas Card

Happy New Millenium!

Y2K is almost here,
Things will get nasty,
That's what we fear.

When the computers crash,
And everything goes down,
Chaos and confusion
Soon will abound.

There'll be no water,
Heat or electricity.
No law and order,
Just total anarchy.

But we'll be snug in our bunker,
With guns and ammo galore.
If you don't know the password,
Don't knock on our door!

We're stocking up on food,
Bottled water and beer.
Twinkies and HoHo's
To last for a year.

So when the ball drops,
And the new year begins,
We hope life will be safe,
For you and your kin.

From Michael, Sue, Murphy,
And their little dog, too,
Happy New Millenium!
To each and all of you!