The American Civil war, reenacting and paintball. Yup, paintball reenactors exist. The following is from a "Civil War Splatball Frequently Asked Questions file" I found on the Internet. My comments in brackets.

"Civil War Splatball is a combination of paintball and reenacting. It creates an atmosphere much like that of the actual war. The feelings of the soldiers, the plausibility of tactics, and the casualties are much more realistic. This hobby officially formed in August 1994. Civil War Splatball News was first published the following month.

Is this a joke? Many people have asked this, and the answer is a plain no. This is a serious hobby for those of us who wish to honor the fighting men of the Civil War. Is this related to the Militia or other para-military groups? We proudly answer this with a firm no. Civil War splatball soldiers have no intent to overthrow the Government of the United States of America. [Well, that's reassuring!] Persons with that intention are not invited to join. What Safety precautions are taken? EVERY event participant must wear protective goggles and face-mask. This is required at any event. Weapons are inspected before every battle and the competence of each officer must be proven prior to their command.

Where do I get my safety equipment? Look up "Paintball" in your local phone book for a paintball store near you. And, finally, three questions submitted by others on the Internet, obviously not taking this seriously [Imagine that!]: 1): How do you keep the ramrod from breaking the paintball? 2) Doesn't the discharge of the musket blow up the paintball? 3) Can I use my full-auto paintball SMG? And the answer: The only problems I've experienced in this area is in the ammunition for the cannon. We got around it by firing Latex house paint and just leaving it in the can."