Victoria's Secret

by Jonah Begone

I happened upon this full color catalog recently, and I must say I am impressed. I have not yet seen the "Victoria's Secret" sutler's tent at any events but I certainly hope to soon!

Everyone knows the American Civil War occurred during the reign of Queen Victoria, therefore the clothing styles for civilians are described as "Victorian," hence, I suppose, the sutler's name "Victoria's Secret." (Funny name - what's the secret? Maybe these women are spies!) The wares pictured in the catalog are, I guess, commendably authentic. Well, maybe they aren't. Who cares? Wouldn't you rather look at female living historians dressed in the fine undergarmets of Victoria's Secret than see them dressed as grungy musketmen? I know I would! (Assuming the female living historians look like this, of course!)

I didn't see any Victoria's Secret women doing any first person impressions of Queen Victoria, which is good. She wouldn't be appropriate at any reenactments anyway. The women pictured in the catalog, however, obviously would.

Victoria's Secret is catering to the female living historian who wishes to be authentic, and in my opinion this effort deserves our full support. Ladies of Victoria's Secret, you can join in the honored distaff ranks of my unit anytime!