The Origin of the Term "Farb"

by Jonah Begone

"FARB": This used to be the file where I kept my speculations about the origin of the word farb. I have since written a new article on the subject - which I think is definitive - after talking to some of the Centennials who were present at its birth. That article is entitled "The Founding Fathers of Farb," and is located here.

More reading

The Centennial Memoirs of Ross M. Kimmel (Recommended.)
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A few more phrases

TBG ("Tubby Bearded Guy"): I coined this acronym a number of years ago, and now it seems to be catching on. Lest its origins become clouded and obscure I shall claim it as my invention right here and now. (My gift to future linguists!)

I first used the phrase in an article entitled "Dining Tips for Reenactors" in a July 1991 issue of my unit's newsletter: "Try to avoid looking at the tubby bearded guy across the campfire plopping his #20 can of Dinty Moore stew into his pot." In June 1994 I had coined the acronym to CCG editor Grant MacMeans in a letter, and since it was used by Jack Barth in his article about reenacting in the March 1996 issue of Outside magazine ("The Red Badge of Make-Believe Courage"), it's now national!

FIRPER: Another one you might hear in the future is "FIRPER," or "first person." Mal Stylo coined this one in a unit newsletter in August 1990, and I've seen it catching on as well. Mal Stylo, Viet Nam war sailor, has been using naval contractions in articles - and I've been editing them out - for a number of years, but this one seems to have a life of its own.

Virtual Regiment: By the way, Grant MacMeans may dispute this, but I'm pretty sure I originally coined the term "Virtual Regiment" (to describe online reenactors). This was in 1994, when I was encouraging him to get online.