Troop Surge

by Jonah Begone

From a 2007 Saturday Night Live skit. In it, President Bush is giving a speech about the troop surge in Iraq and names all the people he is going to be sending:

"In additional, I will use my authority to send to Iraq all other uniformed personnel residing in the U.S., who have training with firearms. Policemen, Corrections Officers, U.S. Marshalls, FBI agents, private security guards, Civil War re-enactors, and, of course, astronauts. And our nation's armed criminal element will have a role as well. The Crips. The Bloods. MS-13, and the Jamaican drug posses, have all been asked to do their part in Iraq, and I have no doubt they will answer their country's call. For this is every American's fight. And, if you wear a uniform, and regularly carry a gun, we need you in Iraq. whether you're a New Jersey state trooper - or Allen Iverson."

Perhaps President Bush read Mal Stylo's article Reenactors: America's Strength in Reserve! - Jonah