October 23,2001

Fellow Ruggers,

Were now in about the ninth hour of a 24 hour telethon and Im your proud and tired host, Jerry (Rake Me) Lewis. To date, weve sold over 5,000 bumper stickers, both domestically and abroad. As promised, we now have a t-shirt to go along with your new bumper stickers. Before I tell you about the t-shirt, I would like to thank Sean Flynn and Steve "Wildman" Moore for the t-shirt ideas that were using. Id also like to thank Shane Thomas, of Knockout Sportswear, for doing an incredible job on the artwork. Finally, I must thank Lisa Rosen of TK2 Online. She graciously volunteered to set up online ordering for the charity items, free of charge. Traveling to as many tournaments as I do each year, I dont know how often I hear about how this rugger has no rugby t-shirts, or that rugger has a whole dresser full of them. Im proud to say that no matter how many t-shirts you own, this is the rugby t-shirt that you MUST have- not just because its awesome, but because it supports the most noble of causes.

On a high quality ash gray t-shirt, we have a small re-design of the terrorist bumper sticker on the left breast. It reads: "Terrorists Beware, I Play Rugby." On the right breast we adapted the famous Shakespeare quote to read: "For he today that sheds his blood FOR me will ALWAYS be my brother." Under that is the date 9-11-01. Now for the coup de gras (sorry to use the big words) on the back: Weve placed a menacing rugby player in a navy uniform (carrying a USA flag rugby ball) under glass. The text below our hero reads: "Notice: In Case of Emergency, Break Glass." Short sleeved t-shirts available in sizes S-3XL ($18). Long sleeved t-shirts are available in sizes M-3XL ($23). To see the design just visit our web page.

Ill be honest, I never really had any expectations on making any serious money for this charity. So far, Ive been pretty amazed at our rugby family. Everyone who has ordered has nothing but positive things to say. Well darnit, save the positive things for yourselves. You guys are the ones ponying up the cash; Im just making it easier for you. I have defined a goal now - I would like to raise over $20,000. If weve raised almost $7,500 selling bumper stickers, this goal should be reached and even surpassed.

Ive had a few teams out there tell me that theyve been able to raise funds of their own and they were asking me what to do with the money. Staying on that honest theme, I still do not know what were going to do with the money. Weve narrowed it down to two different options. The first is to find the families (of the players who were killed) who are most in need, and divide the money and give it directly to them. The second is to create a series of scholarships in the names of the rugby players who were lost on September 11, 2001. Without a doubt, when the time comes, every option will be weighed and the right decision will be made.

Lets get back to the fundraising. To order, simply go to our web page www.hooker-rugby.com and click on the Sept. 11th banner link. If online ordering is not your thing then just give us a call and we will get one right out to you.

Pat Laczkowski
Hooker Rugby Supply