Bore da Fellow Ruggers,

Like all American companies, I'm going to continue the trend of starting the holiday season earlier and earlier. This is going to be the Thanksgiving edition of our bi-weekly rant. I'm not trying to start the Christmas buying season early, but if you can believe it, I'm just feeling thankful. So, today's rant is going to be a little happy-feely!

First off, my wife just gave birth to the newest employee of and player for Hooker Rugby. Jacob Patrick was born October 23, 2000. At 9 lbs. 6 oz, we are pretty sure he'll be anchoring down the center of the front row. This being my second child, I feel educated enough to make this judgment… Any woman that can give birth without drugs can rival even the best rugby player on the pitch. No need to reply with your congratulations- purchasing goods from Hooker Rugby Supply, and contributing to Jacob's College fund will be congrats enough.

Continuing my thankful thoughts… I want to take a short second to thank the only national American rugby magazine, Rugby. Last month, they finally wised up and printed an article that yours truly wrote - which should be able to be seen on their web-page. For more years than most current US players have been alive, publisher and editor Ed Hagerty, along with his sidekick (and possibly the brains of the operation) George Ewing, have been informing and enlightening us all about the goings on of our domestic game. In my second year of playing (1986), my Mom got my little brother and I a subscription for Christmas. I've been an avid reader ever since! What fond memories I have of college, with a large stack of issues piled up in the constitutional, each issue having been read and re-read until the ink wore off or the paper evaporated. In very desperate times of need, this fine publication was even used for clean up of toxic waste. (I never did that, but my roommates did!) The fact is Rugby has always been there for me and my mates.

There are approximately 31,000 registered US rugby players, and probably another 15,000 un-CIPPed additional players. Rugby's readership is just over 10,000. In other sports, these numbers (one in five) would be pretty good. But, considering that this is the only national American rugby publication, I don't think it's enough. A small example of how bad it is - of the forty guys on my team, I think I may be the only one who gets the magazine each month. For years, Rugby has been the sole source for information and opinions for the US game. Having customers all over the country, I constantly hear players' opinions. From now on, I'll steer these opinionated ruggers towards Rugby.

I am not trying to make Ed rich or get free advertising for Hooker Rugby (but that would be nice). What I am trying to do is wake up the rugby players who don't subscribe. This is a great magazine that has also done a great service to our rugby community. Let's support each other and at the same time we can make our opinions be heard.

I almost forgot to mention a very exciting event that Hooker Rugby will be at next month. Below is a flier with details.


Dear Rugby Friends:

"Miami International Rugby Sevens"

Will be kicking off on Nov 18-19, 2000

Still time to register and obtain discounted airfares (Also consider arriving at Fort Lauderdale Airport, maybe even cheaper tickets).

Sponsorship from "City of Miami", "" and others

We have many international teams participating in a 3-format category event:

PREMIER: National Sides like Chile – Jamaica and maybe others; Invitational Sides like US Atlantis; GA- Burton….

OPEN: Club Sides from Florida, Venezuela, Argentina, and Bahamas…

OLD BOYS: Playing 15's in short periods of 20 minutes

International Referees – Beautiful Stadium Facility – Beaches and lots of parties and fun!

Be part of this historical event in South Florida.

Please visit our web site for full detail information:

See you in Florida!

Felipe Velazquez, General Coordinator

Email: Web Site: Cell: 305-498.9135