November 14, 2001

Gobble, Gobble Fellow Ruggers,

Iím overcome with joy to announce that this rant will NOT be filled with the creative ramblings that you have become accustomed to. Why, you ask? Because Iím too busy. I am simply too busy to sit down and come up with different ways to entertain you while you sit in your dorm room, white collar office, or take a break from looking at naughty pictures in your den. What we are going to do today, boys and girls, is give you an update on our collective charity efforts. For those of you that are new to the list, after September 11, Hooker Rugby Supply, in conjunction with the whole US Rugby community, started a charity effort that we are very proud to report has now raised OVER $18,000.00!!!!!

However, on a sad note, weíre not as busy as we want to be. The initial response was wonderfully overwhelming. Since then, weíve been steadily busy - adding to the total every day, but unfortunately, we are able to keep up. In about two weeks, we raised $14,000.00 and it has taken over a month to raise the last $4,000.00. When I did the math of the number of bumper stickers and t-shirts going out the door, compared to the number of rugby players in the US (CIPPed or not), I realized that there are still thousands upon thousands of rugby players out there who have not even heard of this charity effort. This is where Iím going to ask you to do your part. Before, doing your part was buying a bumper sticker or t-shirt. Now, I need more help. If every single one of my awesome customers who have ordered a bumper sticker or t-shirt got two more people to do the same, we could probably raise in excess of $40,000.00 by Christmas. They always say that Christmas is the time for giving, so letís prove it to the families of the fallen Rugby players.

In case youíre wondering, it has been decided where the proceeds of this effort will go. It took dear olí Mom to set me straight, but she reminded me that in my very first e-mail to you all, I told you that the money would go directly to the families. When the money started rolling in, my mind started to wander and try to think of different places that the money could be used (hence, the scholarship idea) but the bottom line is simple, no matter what, whether the families need the money or not, whether they have millions of dollars of charity money coming from elsewhere, this money will be going to them. After the new year, we will sit down and contact all of the families and divide up the money. Iíve been in contact with a few different teams that have collected money at tournaments, parties, etc. and have offered to them, and other teams as well, that if you wish to pool your resources with Hooker Rugby Supply, we will distribute those funds, in your name, as well.

Please keep in mind that Iím still running a rugby supply business and if youíre going to order these charity items you might take the time to browse the rest of my website as well. I would also like to say that it has been an honor and a privilege to lead this cause in your names.


Pat Laczkowski
Hooker Rugby Supply