Condom and Nookie

Planet Rugby's "FACT OF THE DAY" for 6/30/00

A quirky coincidence saw Jean Condom of France and Nookie Tindall of Australia play in their final Test matches for their respective countries on this day in history.

But for Planet Rugby's remarkable database of international rugby facts, this opportunity for schoolboy humour could have been lost forever in the mists of time, as the players' swansongs took place some 17 years apart.

Condom, France's highest-capped lock, finished his career in Nookie's home city of Sydney on this day in 1990. Seventeen years earlier Nookie made his one and only appearance for his country in Brisbane during the Wallabies' 16-11 defeat by Tonga.

Condom was used time and time again as he put in 61 memorable performances for Les Bleus while poor Nookie ended up as a one cap stand - although he did manage to score!