This kind of reminds me of a World War II movie, where a very Aryan-looking German general tells a subordinate, "Failure vill not be tolerated!" The other remarkable thing about this article, to me, is the relative worth of the Romanian lei to the U.S. dollar. It's hard for me to grasp that five million of something can equal 150 of something else. Romanian wallets must be very thick.- Wes





Dinamo Board Bans Team After Record 151-0 Defeat

(Reuters, Oct 25 2002)


BUCHAREST (Reuters) - Dinamo Bucharest's rugby union team has been banned by their own board from international competition for the next two years after a record 151-0 defeat by Saracens last weekend.

All the players and the coach were fined for their dismal performance.

The English side ran in 23 tries in the second leg of their European Challenge Cup first round match. Saracens won the first leg 87-11 in Bucharest, making for an aggregate score of 238-11, also a record.

"Dinamo's board decided to ban the rugby team from taking part in any international competition for 2003 and 2004," Dinamo president, General Marcel Popescu, told Reuters Friday.

Popescu said coach Mircea Paraschiv was fined five million lei ($150) and each player three million ($85).

Popescu said the Dinamo match against Italian club L'Aquila in the European Shield in December would take place, however.


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